Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1079

Since Dragon Group has been founded, population in increase of keeping, scale in expansion of keeping, the situation first occurrence like today. Which person does not dare such to dismiss the Dragon Group member. Because this will cause the stir. National there also will cause a stir. Although their mission are not usually many, if presents mission time, the population not necessarily was sufficient, the person who sometimes, goes to has been short, insufficiently does radically. mission is unable to complete. Therefore the Dragon Group member are more also indicates that the China elite are more. But now Xia Tian comes up to dismiss more than 30 people, then makes the remaining more than 200 people contend in martial arts, lost departure, after this gets down all of a sudden, originally after 300 people of Dragon Group , can only remaining more than 100. This is the big event. Ten minutes, I only give you ten minutes, if after ten minutes, you have not overthrown the match, you completely were dismissed.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, if two strength similar people hit, does not exhaust fully, that dozen of several hours an issue does not have, therefore Xia Tian must the scheduled time. When the true life and death wrestles, to only then with you in that your, I one, that will not be will exhaust all methods, your method difference, you will die, your general idea, you will be surprised, your god, you will die. Therefore ten minutes, should be able to make them use their method. Xia Tian has looked in side, if which block is about to have killed, he will come up the stop. However Xia Tian is very finally disappointed, has not wrestled by the fate. After surroundings these people hear the Xia Tian words, started to put out to press the bottom Kungfu to come.

Quick, these people randomly have become one group. These people who moreover one side, makes the push-up also in going all out is doing. After ten minutes. Makes the push-up the remaining two people were still only continuing, one is under 25 years old, another opposite did not have that person of match a moment ago. You have passed, your 11 exit to draw money, then leaves.” Xia Tian enough has looked after their, has not made them go with these old fogies to go all out, otherwise their cannot stay behind. Xia Tian wants is that vigor that they insist, but they had two people to insist finally. That side fight also stopped, there are many people not to decide the victory and defeat, finally decides the victory and defeat has 80 people. Your 80 go through a strategic pass, other people exit to draw money to leave.” Xia Tian to is lying down on the ground, the person who these have not decided the victory and defeat said. This, Xia Tian unexpectedly has dismissed close 200 people directly, they understood finally, Xia Tian is not cracking a joke, this is leaves, moreover he not cares about the population to tail off probably. Can stand, carrying off that will unable to stand, sees off, later you will turn into two kinds of people thoroughly.” Xia Tian light saying: „After 15 minutes , the remaining 82 people come back to gather.” Aggressive! Xia Tian was really too aggressive, 300 people of teams, unexpectedly had been dismissed 218 people by Xia Tian directly. Now only remaining 82 people. Enormous and powerful Dragon Group member only remaining such several.

Brutal, Xia Tian this tells them again the brutality of reality, will not be dynamic without the pressure, only then in this case, they effort will strive not to fall behind, moreover from now henceforth, their sluggishness, not having the time sense also thoroughly to change. After 15 minutes. 82 people all return to the unit! Being late without any person, they did not dare the provocative Xia Tian dignity. They know that Xia Tian is not cracking a joke, he will dismiss these people really completely. Really is troublesome, the person is a much less.” At this moment Xia Tian said suddenly that hears the Xia Tian words, all people have all held breath cold air, turns into 82 people from 300 people, but also are many. Looked that such Xia Tian must all dismiss the Dragon Group person. This, starting today, the person who so long as makes mistakes dismisses, this can also save my lots of trouble, for example, late, the clothes are not neat, sluggish wait / etc., these are make mistakes.” Xia Tian said. Hears such selects the minor matter to dismiss, these person of complexions are very ugly, but they do not dare to contradict Xia Tian, otherwise must be dismissed today. Knows why I can dismiss that many people today? To not set up prestige, not for act high and mighty, because I want the versatile talented person, soon, I will turn into to hit ten strengths you.” Xia Tian looked that continues to say to the people: I heard before you, makes some mission, takes ten person 20 people to go together, this too wasted the resources simply, starting today, I will increase your mission quantities, mission were each time most can only two people go together, therefore you must seek for your teammate today, later trained should better also in the same place, naturally, has slept does not need in together, after all had the woman comrade.” Ha Ha Ha Ha! Hears the Xia Tian words, the people smile. I want to ask a question, if you when carry out mission, suddenly has bumped into besieging of three Earth Grade Expert, how will you do?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the people. Xia Tian these words gave to stump them, suddenly, they do not know how should answer.

I told you, ran away!” Xia Tian looked that on the scene said to the people: Regardless of fights with anybody, you must maintain a sober mind, you must remember a few words frequently, even if Earth Grade Expert, his body is the meat is also long, is not the alloy, is not the steel and iron variant, so long as their hearts are intimate a blade, similarly must die without doubt.” Teacher, the strength of what rank are you?” Immediately some people asked. I can only say that I can relaxed cutting kill below Earth Grade late stage all people.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Attract! Hears the Xia Tian words, all people have all held breath cold air. Cuts to kill below Earth Grade late stage all Expert with ease, that said that Xia Tian is Earth Grade late stage Expert? Xia Tian seems so is but young. Teacher, you are not blow?” At this moment, some people raised question. What did you say?” As if the devil same voice of appears near that person of ear together, that person frightens the whole body to tremble immediately: In this case, you lost the revolt to realize, if I am you, in my act high and mighty, or most self-confident time, gets rid to sneak attack fast.” Whiz! The body of Xia Tian returned same place, afterward his vision looked shows a faint smile to the left side: My person came, they have brought very good gift to you.”