Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1080
The vision of all people all look to the entrance. At this time China No. 2 figure with two people, a man and a woman. Boss.” A man and a woman walked directly. „Did thing bring?” Xia Tian asked. All has brought, in hall.” The men said. Introduced with everybody, they later can also be your instructor, their taught you strongest unblanking, stole the skill, another taught you computer and high-tech thing.” Xia Tian has referred to that a man and a woman. These Dragon Group members have not spoken, they is a face strange looks at that a man and a woman, they do not know that Xia Tian the person who which from finds, does not know that actually these two people are. They are the Dragon Group person, the China strongest special troops, is no one can, when their instructor. Although Xia Tian is their teachers, but Xia Tian cannot abuse the authority, asked two little brothers to come to them to train casually, therefore on their faces had very discontented facial expression. You are not convinced probably.” A Xia Tian face smiling face looks to these people. These people have not spoken, however on their faces writes the expression that are not convinced, saw that their expression Xia Tian turned the head to look to that man of his side. Looked your.” Xia Tian said. That man moved. The speed is fast, has fired into the crowd directly, they noticed that this man clashes to them, wants to resist hurriedly, but they discovered that they had not been attacked. The quick that man returned to the Xia Tian side, in his hand is taking a big string thing.

Crash-bang! In man's hand thing still on the ground, Dragon Group these members hurriedly tried to find out on oneself, the thing that because in that male manpower takes is their things. At this time all people all inconceivable looks to that man. ! China No. 2 figure claps: Good, worthily is the first under Heaven god secretly day, good method.” Many thanks Senior Official praise.” Steals day respectful saying. Steals the day! Hears this name time, all Dragon Group personnel all surprised looks to stealing the day. Because this name they have listened. Any person who adds on first under Heaven this title, they must know that they have not thought this looks person unexpectedly like personal servant little brother is the first under Heaven god in legend steals. Actually are their this new teachers who? Introduced to you again, this person was the first under Heaven god steals, from now henceforth you can call him instructor, he was responsible for Professor all of your his meeting, I will act according to your performance allocations, score low direct elimination.” Xia Tian said. Now to you introduced that this beauty, she is the strongest assistant who steals the day, she is also in the world one of the most famous computer hackers, she can Professor your computer knowledge, regardless of before you, can the knowledge in computer, the person who if this pass, I that regards directly outside arranges.” Xia Tian said here time said again: Was right, forgot that told you, in I will be divided into your remaining group of people arrange arrange with outside, the person who in arranges when the time comes I personally will supervise to instruct, I can guarantee, soon, your overall strengths are outside arrange ten times of person, therefore keep it up everybody.” Attract!

Hears the Xia Tian words, all people all held breath cold air, Xia Tian unexpectedly asked the first under Heaven god to steal to them in one of the most famous computer hackers with the world. Xia Tian unexpectedly said that the person of entry will obtain his personal direction. Moreover what is main was he said that passes through the person who he directed not to accept person ten times of direction compared with these. This words sound to look like when boasting to be the same, when they see such two big figure are the Xia Tian little brothers, they also started to anticipate, anticipated that actually Xia Tian how can stiffen them. Now all people go to the hall to put on your equipment, after 20 minutes, here gathers, falling behind does not pass an examination directly, you have remembered to me, I am sensitive to the time, other mistake I will possibly forgive, however above the time, I will not forgive absolutely, anyone, arrives late must dismiss.” What Xia Tian this time said is dismissal, but is not outside arranges. Hears the Xia Tian words, all people all ran to outside, because they do not think that were eliminated. Steals the day to show a faint smile, followed. Dragon Group also has a number of old monsters, do you want to experience!” China No. 2 figure looked that asked to Xia Tian, his very satisfied Xia Tian procedure, he knows Dragon Group starting today, will turn into the China genuine strongest special troops. Before the Dragon Group disease he already knew, just these many Expert he did not hate to give up. But Xia Tian made him see a superior proper boldness. Actually the choices are very sometimes simple. Is a few words. No matter what Dragon Group it such develops, that soon, Dragon Group will turn into a corrupt organization. Does not have the interest, I am not interested in old fogy, cope with that group of old stick-in-the-mud I to kill generally, you hope that I have killed these old fogies?” Xia Tian asked.

Considers as finished, these old fogies may be the expenditure very big thoughts please come back, you have killed 1-2 accidentally, I may see their family members with any face.” China No. 2 figure heard the Xia Tian method. The war of Hidden Sect with the war of black market, that may come from the blood. Senior Official, here gave them to be good, you went back to rest, you were so busy, were exhausted, I must be reviled by the entire China person.” Xia Tian knows that Senior Official busy, his almost one year 365 days in busy, sees the big figure leadership of various countries also to handle some domestic matters. Good, I first walked, if there is any issue, calls me.” China figure said that on the 2nd directly left Dragon Group, two guards have left with him together. Xia Tian looked at that two guard one eyes, nod of silently, truly can protect China No. 2 figure by their strengths. These two people should be Expert of Zhongnanhai, the strength or the imposing manner are completely different, is Expert, crawls Expert that from the pool of blood.” Xia Tian looks at back light saying of that two person. Stole the day to wear these people to come back quickly. At this time these person of full armor, carry a heavy load, carrying a heavy load of whole body, regardless of the male and female treatment is the same, Xia Tian that carries a heavy load is Bai Yu to him, others do not get so far as, therefore he can only let steal the day to make the equipment of this entire personal appearance. One set equips 100 jin (0.5 kg)! Runs to me, the slow person of running can.”