Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1081

Hears the Xia Tian sound, all people ran. How although Xia Tian has not said punishes, but they by the Xia Tian method shaking, them have been possible to be afraid Xia Tian to play any new pattern, therefore each dares to relax. 100 jin (0.5 kg) carrying a heavy load of is truly heavy regarding these Dragon Group people, moreover before them, does not have any to carry a heavy load, suddenly added 100 jin (0.5 kg) carrying a heavy load, definitely is unable to adapt, just started they can also support with Inner Strength reluctantly, however here person is Profound Grade late stage and Profound Grade greatly complete strength, how long their can Inner Strength support? Less than two minutes started some people to fall behind. „Were you too tired to move any further?” Xia Tian arrives at the side of that person suddenly, then a face strange smiling face visits him. That person just wanted to rest, saw the Xia Tian that devil same smiling face, stands to run away hurriedly. Was right, a moment ago what actually I want to say that punishes not heavily, does not dismiss you, I just must come 1000 pairs of smelly socks from army there, was incorrect three people washing that 1000 pairs of smelly sock first.” Xia Tian spoke of here time said again: Forgot to remind you, these socks were they trained put on half a month not to wash off.” Hears the words that Xia Tian spoke, the person who these soon fell behind is running of breaknecking. Boss, you such suddenly added such big exercise quantity to them, won't have an accident?” Steals the day very much to have the research to the body limit of person. Naturally cannot.” Xia Tian has put out a vial: Dinner time you give in their water one person to put compounded drug, must see that they all drink, in this vial should have more than 1000 compounded drugs, enough you use, cannot make them rest, you go forth to battle in turn, carry a heavy load cannot escape, if who dares to escape dismisses to me, the time of then midnight sleeping is shortened to me, is all right comes an emergency muster.” Stole day of Xia Tian to raise up the thumb: Boss, your this move was too ruthless.” They are not the average people, in top of the head goes against China to be strongest the special troops title the person, if could not insist the person, they cannot be joined to this title, Dragon Group was my father's past army, I do not hope that he turned into a beach mud, outside Heavenly Connection the hole must open immediately, I gave you to prepare some compounded drugs, do not relax vigilantly.” Xia Tian had to throw for has stolen day one bottle of compounded drugs. Em!” Steals the day to nod.

Xia Tian confessed that all later found the place to study the swordsmanship to go, his present daytime study the Eight Trigrams step, hope that Eight Trigrams step about, in the afternoon and evening studies the swordsmanship, although his swordsmanship blindly ascertained, but can also play some roles. Finger of Consonance Second Layer had many changes, Xia Tian has studied was very long, but is unable to start the third change throughout, therefore he planned to give up the research first to Finger of Consonance. Studies the swordsmanship directly. On this day Dragon Group these members almost tired were silly, in they think just before the end of the training, steals the day actually to request them unable to take off carrying a heavy load, moreover must study some basic techniques with him first. When they must protest, steals the day very humane makes them have the mouth food first, gave back to their to prepare one water, but does not know why must think they all drank up the water. They think they reached the limit, after they have eaten meal, discovered one can also insist that therefore the new exercise started. After stealing the day has studied for two hours, the secretary who steals the day has taught them one hour of computer, finally allows them to sleep. At midnight! When they rest most fragrant. dīng! All people, in 15 minutes training ground set.” The broadcast sound transmits together. Hears the broadcast sound time, the Dragon Group member who these slept soundly crawled hurriedly, 15 minutes, only then 15 minutes, they may wear now carry a heavy load, the teacher is late repugnantly.

Once they are late, may be dismissed directly. Therefore nobody cannot dare. Although they are sleepy and tired, but they must get up, they are Dragon Group Expert, unexpectedly with training the way of recruit trains them, this makes them not be feeling well, but they do not dare to say. Actually regarding their these Dragon Group people, arrogant is they biggest problem. They have thought own head goes against China to be strongest the special troops the title, therefore they can act in a self-serving manner, they think, so long as they have gotten rid, that does not have the matter that could not solve. In fact, outside the person has the person, one should always strive for better. They continue such to get down, support and protect to turn into second Hidden Sect. Expert in Hidden Sect can be said as, but Hidden Sect has been familiar with content with the status quo, therefore they bullying strength low person, did not have other skills. Once meets true Expert, they can die is very miserable. Otherwise Xia Tian impossible almost to have put down Shan Yunzong entire sect Men by strength of the person. Actually now majority of China Expert is also so, the China national defense capability is very strong, therefore they felt that here is a cozy nest, the time one is long their operational capacities disappearance gradually. Island Country this point be better, these Expert of their country China does year to year in all directions do the destruction outside, therefore their these Expert operational capacities are very strong.

Island Country these skills from China plagiarize in the past, but they actually understand to research and develop, making these skills fiercer, however China these Expert are different, they teach to the disciple skill time custom hold back one trick, each generation holds back one trick, skill gradually is getting more and more sloppy. Moreover spells the time of assigning, the Island Country person has the belief, they know why they fight, this is the Island Country Samurai spirit, Xia Tian must make this group of Dragon Group personnel know why one fight. Their fights not after oneself has the qualification of boast, but to protect our homes and defend our country, protects the person who oneself should protect. Next morning, Xia Tian went to the library, in the library is still that many people. Afternoon time, he directly to roast duck restaurant. Boss of roast duck restaurant early was waiting for that the arrival of Xia Tian, Xia Tian has passed through the disinfection cover, then has changed a clean chef clothing, here the request to the health is strict, if the previous time matter is not that manager covertly starts, cannot occur absolutely. Since the previous time matter occurred, Boss of roast duck restaurant planned that temporarily did not incur to be in charge, even if the move must undergo screening layer upon layer. Then I make a time roast duck, you must favor, first time is important, I teach the person also only to teach one time, you can comprehend many many.” Boss of roast duck restaurant said.)