Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1082
Em!” Xia Tian nodded. Boss of roast duck restaurant is serious, thus it can be seen, he now actually how official. Xia Tian does not dare to wink the eye, the fear misses any thing, the surrounding chef has all anchored the movement in oneself hand, looking at steadily looks at the roast duck restaurant Boss movement. The result that although they look at each time is the same, but they want to take a look. Roast duck restaurant Boss has not spoken, but careful is doing work in the hand, does not dare to have slight careless, as if in his eyes only then the duck is the same, alone gate Unique Skill. Who can only study one time, second start, how regardless of you saw that will not have the first sensibility. Therefore Xia Tian does not dare to have slight careless, he opened the X-Ray Vision eye, the fear has missed any faint trace the detail, he has thought before was the duck that processed admits in the oven to roast, but he knew at this time mistakenly, in each roast duck had the painstaking care of roast duck master. So will be why careful?” Deeping frown of Xia Tian, he discovered that the roast duck restaurant Boss technique is not the average man can achieve. Very exquisite, including unusual is good, if not Xia Tian that each texture processes opens the X-Ray Vision eye, he cannot see these textures, say nothing has processed, but roast duck restaurant Boss does was different. Even! Expert, Boss of this roast duck restaurant is Expert.” Xia Tian said with emotion one should always strive for better at this time, outside the person some people, especially this in Shi Expert, usually they will not begin greatly with the person faintly. Even if had conflict, they will directly also exercise forbearance. But their cultivation are, making Xia Tian feel the terrifying. It looks like roast duck restaurant Boss the technique, perhaps entire China few individuals can achieve, the quick roast duck entered in the oven, but roast duck restaurant Boss still did not have slight careless, his unexpectedly rotated with the hand the hand, the roast duck is revolving in the consideration. The speed is exactly the same.

This technique average person cannot achieve, because oven inside iron bar has more than ten jin (0.5 kg), the normal person will transfer five minutes of definitely wrist|skill to hurt, but roast duck restaurant Boss has actually been transferring, the speed will be exactly the same, does not have the slight mistake, will be more precise than the oven. Moreover his not blushing air/Qi does not breathe heavily. The movement on hand is also very relaxed, probably takes is not having the thing of weight to be the same. 15 minutes, are not many much. The roast duck has drawn a charge, when the roast duck draws a charge, Boss of roast duck restaurant takes the kitchen knife directly, has dug up from iron bar the roast duck directly. Must start.” The eye of Xia Tian opens the eyes big. He knows that finally must start. This set of blade skill I call to dismantle blade skill him, favored, be only first has the sensibility, how regardless of later I conceal to you, you will not have any feeling.” Boss of roast duck restaurant reminded intentionally. Xia Tian had not answered, because he worried that this will make him divert attention. Xia Tian Spiritual Force strove to excel compared with average person, at this time he complete spirit all will concentrate, to observe this set dismantles blade skill. Moved! Boss of roast duck restaurant moved, his right hand as if has not moved, resembled, but the blade actually moved, the blade in roast duck restaurant Boss hand cut directly on the body of duck, afterward put in order a roast duck to be dismantled instantaneously. Neat! Perfect! At this moment, Xia Tian has closed the eye, he entered a blade skill world at this time, each blade as if has plants the change surely, under each blade the position of blade seems dark in has.

But probably should not exist. In own mind, Xia Tian has trained thousand ten thousand, 100,000, 1 million. Even are more! He did not remember actually one have practiced many, when he opens the eye, the chefs are busy at their matter. You awoke, Boss makes me tell you, you finished apprenticeship, you will not need starting tomorrow to come again, he said him with your fate already completely.” A chef said that at this time Boss of roast duck restaurant already not in shop. Em!” Xia Tian nodded. He understands that the meaning of roast duck restaurant Boss, he has learned the roast duck restaurant Boss true line today, process that although has not acknowledged as teacher, but had the Master and Disciple fate, but he does not know the roast duck restaurant Boss name and status to the present. This is the fate that roast duck restaurant Boss said. They are acquainted, roast duck restaurant Boss Professor he has dismantled blade skill, that this fate to the end, from now henceforth, Xia Tian will not come to this roast duck restaurant, because Boss had pointed to the door. When Xia Tian walks, the day was black. His that contemplated unexpectedly to contemplate one in the afternoon. After going out of the roast duck restaurant, Xia Tian to roast duck restaurant deep bowing, he was taking a taxi to return to residence afterward directly. After he returned to residence, has put out the day cold sword directly, although he has not practiced to dismantle blade skill truly, but he has practiced several million more than ten million times in his mind. These practices are the same with the sensibility of normal practice.

In other words, he that afternoon time has practiced others for a lifetime not the number of times that is possible to practice. A normal person day relates 1000 times, takes 10,000 days to practice more than ten million times, but Xia Tian only used a afternoon to practice in his knowledge sea more than ten million times, thus it can be seen he now was not a novice. He was regarded as the day cold sword the blade uses directly to use one time to dismantle blade skill first! Successful! With Xia Tian thinks, after more than ten million practices, Xia Tian can definitely utilize to dismantle blade skill at this time skilled, perfect, dismantling blade skill of his Su utilization is not weak in the roast duck restaurant Boss technique. No wonder roast duck restaurant Boss will make the chef tell that him he has finished an apprenticeship.’ Originally everyone when first time watches dismantles blade skill, will enter in this condition, the duration of just entering is different, the average person can only enter for one minute, can enter for ten minutes, that represents has the talent. One hour, that is the talent. Roast duck restaurant Boss waited for the Xia Tian two hours, Xia Tian not to sober, therefore he directly left, he thinks that Xia Tian has finished an apprenticeship, in the past he studied dismantled blade skill the time also enters this condition two hours. But Xia Tian enters this condition eight hours. What now makes me try to dismantle blade skill to transform the swordsmanship is.” Xia Tian has closed the eye, in his mind will have dismantled blade skill to remember skilled, will have dismantled blade skill to turn into part of body. Started!” At this moment, Xia Tian both eyes open the eyes.