Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1083

Opened instance of oneself both eyes in him, the sword in right hand has brandished directly. If normally, he wants to turn into swordsmanship that blade skill is the impossible matter, but is now different, this set dismantled blade skill he to train more than ten million times, early has thoroughly comprehended this set of blade skill. Also all kept firmly in mind in all transformations of blade skill. Therefore at this time he uses the swordsmanship time does not have any difficulty. ! Became! Xia Tian successful will dismantle blade skill to turn into the dismantling swordsmanship. This set of dismantling swordsmanship likely is not others' these fancy swordsmanship, its sword incurs is not complex, but during these swords incur are containing the endless might, dismantles two characters the meanings to disassemble the object. Xia Tian use dismantling swordsmanship can disassemble the person. Succeeded!” Xia Tian at present one bright, his unexpectedly really success. This feeling was really too marvelous, if his each same Kungfu can practice crisply to turn under that Realm, practiced more than ten million times same Kungfu in the afternoon, he was simply invincible. After the swordsmanship practiced, Xia Tian planned rest well one. At this moment, a lightning has delimited from outside, illuminated the daytime the dark night instantaneously. I come back also has moon, lightning that which comes?” The body of Xia Tian appears near window instantaneously, the Eight Trigrams step biggest wondrous use is round trip free, this type can appear in the Eight Trigrams position instantaneously, the window happen to the Eight Trigrams position. Xia Tian looks to out of the window, without any sign. The sky is clear, moreover there is a moon, but Xia Tian truly saw the lightning a moment ago, that lightning came from the East: I am impossible to misread, then the bright lightning, certainly what happened.” Ok, I have am not Superman, does not need to safeguard the world peace.” Xia Tian said that the body dodges, returned to the bed. Afterward Xia Tian starts cultivation Heaven Absolute Wake.

Along with his strength promotion, he also had the brand-new understanding to Heaven Absolute Wake, although he does not know that actually Heaven Absolute Wake is the rare book of any rank, but he believes that Heaven Absolute Wake absolutely is the most special cultivation rare book. Next morning. Big windmill squeek long extension, here scenery really attractive, the day is attractive, attractive, one group of joyful little friends. Senior Official, what matter?” „The East China Sea mutation, I suspected that has the important matter to occur, now Expert of many country catch up to there, I hope that actually you nosed what happened.” Exact location?” Anonyme Island, I will send for delivering you to pass with the ship, you needed any thing directly to say.” Such good opportunity, I go to Dragon Group, then takes plane to go to the wharf.” Good, when the time comes naturally some people aid you, you remember, Anonyme Island is the China territory, regardless of above has anything not to allow these people by foreign country to be robbed, if you need, I can mobilize the entire Dragon Group Advanced army to help you.” Does not need, if links the matter that I could not solve, you called many people also to be useless.” Good, more quickly embarks is better.” China figure said that on the 2nd hung to select the telephone. Xia Tian is hurried to pack the thing, afterward walks toward outside directly. Well, Tashita, is so skillful.” Female star Wang Bing also happen to must go out. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. Also goes to Beijing? I happen to make up today the previous time play, do you go not to have a look?” Female star Wang Bing asked. Next time, something must process.” After Xia Tian went downstairs, directly hired a rental car.

On the face of female star slightly is disappointed! Xia Tian went to Dragon Group directly. After Dragon Group, these Dragon Group members see him, is the complexion changes. Whose yesterday's did physical fitness train result to be best?” Xia Tian looked that to stealing the day asked. Chen Lin, allow Song leaves ranks.” Steals the day to give a loud shout, a man and a woman walked from inside directly. I must carry out very dangerous mission, this mission is Earth Grade Expert also possibly momentarily will die, do you dare to go with me?” Xia Tian looked that asked to them. Dares!” They also shout. Good, takes off to carry a heavy load.” Xia Tian said directly. They have taken off oneself carrying a heavy load, afterward Xia Tian threw to their two compounded drugs directly. Has eaten them, then follows me.” Xia Tian said that walks toward outside directly directly, Dragon Group outside had the car(riage) to wait for them, this time mission is important, the airplane ticket is China No. 2 figure forcefully purchases. After they have eaten Xia Tian to their restoration compounded drug, followed Xia Tian directly. „Did you see? This is the repayment that they put in obtain laboriously, although they may not live coming back, but I can guarantee, after coming back, anyone of you are not they match.” Steals the day to look that said to the remaining 80 people. instructor, the strength is little practices, some where you said is so relaxed.” Immediately some people said. Seven days, the Boss he used less than seven days, let turn from a Profound Grade greatly complete strength has been able with the ability that the Earth Grade intermediate stage put together hardly, did you say with ease?” Steals the day to look that said to the people. instructor, you are deceive people? How is this possible?” This is also not most terrorist, with has a man and a woman who we travel together, they at that time separately were Profound Grade late stage and Profound Grade intermediate stage, but after coming back, they collaborated, Earth Grade late stage Expert can also spell fully.” Steals the day to say directly. Attract!

All people have all held breath cold air! I told you, do not question the Boss, because he can achieve compared with terrifying that you imagined, although I do not know that you can leave behind many people finally, but I can affirm, so long as stayed behind, before the strength can be several time or ten times.” Steals the day to say. Hears to steal the day the words, all people all got hold of the fist to double the training. Big windmill squeek long extension, here scenery really attractive, the day is attractive, attractive, one group of joyful little friends. Hey!” Is I.” Poster, I just wants to contact with you, I have mission to leave.” Goes to Anonyme Island.” Em!” I was also just about saying that with you this matter, two black market 12 health/guard also went, have not injured accidentally the person on one's own side carefully . Moreover the person who this going were many, various countries' Expert had, my a while will give you information, like this you can also be more convenient.” Really was thanks the poster, our black market also had this skill.” That was natural, black market proliferates entire day, but in other national black market are more difficult.” After the black market poster has hung up the telephone, Xia Tian also arrived at the airport, afterward a black clothed man has given Xia Tian a document, when Xia Tian opens the document: Lying trough, cracks a joke.”