Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1084

This document is a list. Goes to the personnel list of Anonyme Island: In Hidden Sect ten Earth Grade Expert( uniform Earth Grade intermediate stage strength), the Quicksand five dark health/guard( the uniform Earth Grade late stage strength), the Maoshan Yin-Yang protector( the Earth Grade late stage strength), Wudang seven child( uniform Earth Grade intermediate stage strength), in China various places to hide the strength( conservative estimate ten to 20 Earth Grade Expert) \; North Korean ten Expert( uniform Earth Grade intermediate stage) \; South Korean 15 Expert( Earth Grade late stage, 14 Earth Grade intermediate stages) \; Island Country shade level Expert leads( Earth Grade late stage Expert, ten Earth Grade intermediate stage Expert, 30 Earth Grade Initial Stage Expert) \; Thai Expert( Earth Grade late stage Expert, ten Earth Grade intermediate stage Expert) \; Vietnamese Expert( five Earth Grade intermediate stage Expert) \; Mongolian Expert( three Earth Grade late stage, ten Earth Grade intermediate stage Expert) \; America( two Earth Grade late stage, ten Earth Grade intermediate stage Expert) \; Roman Expert( Earth Grade late stage Expert * is careful this person, he is a famous actor warrior.) Sees this report time, Xia Tian deep inspiration, he knows the person who comes actually by far the list are more, moreover on this has only recorded Earth Grade above Expert, the Earth Grade following person that definitely is innumerable. Is this fight, China is likely impossible to send out the warship to deal with, otherwise the honor has lost completely, moreover later this stage did not have the China any matter, in the event of this matter, the procedure of that world was the same. Let Expert solve, the intermediary force of which country's at this time was to compete is firmer. If which country sends out warship to defend directly, looks like this time matter occurred in China, if China sends out the warship and aircraft carrier copes with these Expert, that these Expert definitely are not the matches, then the later these countries definitely will join up to cope with China together. Moreover once later had anything to move the China person to go, that will rally together to attack. Therefore this phenomenon occurrence, the procedure of that world is the same, lets the sneak attack of warship careful other country, lets off fishing boat and passenger steamer that which pass. This time goes to Expert many scary of Anonyme Island, moreover here also many Xia Tian enemies, for example Hidden Sect, Quicksand, Maoshan, Wudang, North Korea, Thailand wait / etc. Expert, naturally, he and Hidden Sect, Wudang is not a mortal enemy. However most makes his noteworthy is the Quicksand five dark health/guard and that Roman Expert, he never knows that Quicksand also has figure of this rank to exist, five dark health/guard, what thing is this? If possible, Xia Tian cannot make them live absolutely is returning to China.

Person who that Roman Expert was labelled the asterisk, but also prompted saying that specially must be careful this person, was he a famous actor warrior, what the wrestler is? Teacher, what happened?” Asking that allow Song has doubts. You have a look, is mentally prepared, if regrets now also with enough time.” Xia Tian said. They look directly to that material that they just looked to the material are the complexion big changes, the strength that other national surfaces present so is terrorist, that reality? It looks like China, to put it bluntly, in China these many people, has Xia Tian is the regular army, other is the respective influence. This above writes is also the strengths that each country sends out, in their countries also will definitely have many influences to participate. In other words, the tour of this time Anonyme Island, it can be said that the Earth Grade Expert major market day collects, usually wants to see a Earth Grade Expert that is very difficult, but this unexpectedly came these many Expert. Considered? Considered, we.” Xia Tian looked that asked to them. Teacher, we go.” After allow Song and Chen Lin have looked at each other one, nodded directly. Good, I hope that can you be able to live coming back.” Xia Tian said that three people boarded craft directly, embarked, the tour of this time Anonyme Island must embark finally, Xia Tian mission was heavy. This time goes to the people in Anonyme Island is Expert.

But the China government only sent him to go, naturally, China No. 2 figure wanted to give Xia Tian faction more people before, but Xia Tian had not agreed that therefore China only set out him, other was Expert of all influence. Comes time, China No. 2 figure ordered to him, does not allow Expert of other countries to carry off any thing in the China territory, in other words this time will come Expert of Anonyme Island is the Xia Tian match. Xia Tian must prepare for a person resisting this time comes here all Expert. A person resists dozens Earth Grade Expert . Moreover the majority is the Earth Grade intermediate stage and Earth Grade late stage Expert, even if were Xia Tian cannot help but has also held breath cold air, this fight regarding him was the unprecedented challenge. However he cannot flinch absolutely, because in his life has not flinched. Especially in situation of this protecting our homes and defending our country, he will not flinch, war! On after you island, can follow behind me, but do not make others visit us is the same place, otherwise you were dangerous, remember, this was I teaches your first mission, that saves the life, the tour of this Anonyme Island saved the life, so long as you can live departure, that completes mission.” Xia Tian looks at their earnest saying. The tour of Anonyme Island! Is a protection war. Xia Tian protects the fight of Anonyme Island, yesterday evening he felt that lightning is very strange, now he understood finally, that lightning chops to Anonyme Island, generally has the lightning to fall, that absolutely is not accidental.

Looked like Xia Tian couple days ago divided lightning. Only the person of going against heaven's will, or the thing of going against heaven's will is born, has to meet the day tribulation to lower. That lightning of yesterday Xia Tian the day was more terrifying, although Xia Tian that three day tribulation the might was very big, but also merely affected Capital, however yesterday evening lightning actually directly affected entire China. Thus it can be seen, yesterday evening had certainly any terrifying matter. On Anonyme Island. You study, if has not been ready, lands on the island directly, that will only die, therefore you cannot relax any vigilance from now on, must maintain the highest vigilance by oneself, must consider how can not die, regarding these world-class Expert, their murder methods invisible, sometimes you possibly are sleeping, in god, or in convenient, may be the fatal disaster, do not believe own eye, because you cannot see others, does not represent others unable to see you.” Xia Tian visits them to say very seriously.