Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1085

Teacher, your meaning is, will we come up some people to kill us?” allow Song asked. No, now you were monitored, in other words, once steps Anonyme Island, you might be killed anytime, because you are others' game.” Xia Tian looked that said to them. Actually is very terrifying.” Chen Lin nodded. This is any terrifying, remembers a few words, you are the game or hunting and killing entirely depend on you, the wolf good world eats the meat, the dog good thousand li(500 km) eats Shi, so long as your skill is big, then you and opposite party will transform the angle you to turn into the hunter, the opposite party turns into the game.” Xia Tian said. Teacher, I understood.” allow Song said. Careless and fault of any faint trace may make you lose one's life, I do not hope that your first mission is defeated, therefore you must be careful, moreover this time buried treasure was not several days can finish, these days you possibly wanted live also missed compared with the stray dog.” The Xia Tian reminder said. These many Expert, if hits, that is not the simple fight . Moreover the situation in Anonyme Island he looked, the area of Anonyme Island is not small, the person who although goes to are many, but wants to bump into the enemy is not that simple. Teacher, if we bump into the enemy who oneself have not been able to solve, you will appear?” Chen Lin asked. Not, because all people in this on island all are my enemy, you face is just the tip of the iceberg, if these small difficult could not solve continually, you did not have the qualifications become the Dragon Group full members.” Xia Tian said. Teacher, your meaning is we, if completed mission to turn into the full member?” On allow Song face one happy. Em! This time mission inspected, I do not need you to kill people, but I need you not dead, moreover I am impossible to protect your, I do not have that energy, if these people want to carry off the thing from the China territory, I forever will keep in their lives this island.” Xia Tian expression ice-cold saying. Hears the Xia Tian words, their bodies are one cold, because the Xia Tian words were really too aggressive. That list they also looked a moment ago.

That may from each national topest Expert, but Xia Tian unexpectedly said that must all kill them, this simply was too terrifying, even if was China one of the any people four big Expert came unable to accomplish. These many Expert person of tired. But Xia Tian unexpectedly dares to say such words. However allow Song and Chen Lin do not have any does not believe that because China Senior Official, since dares to send a Xia Tian person to come, is confident to Xia Tian on representative China Senior Official, at this time they felt that their teacher was more mystical. Came the safe, Xia Tian to open the book that snatched from corrupt wolf there idly, turned for quite a while is anything does not have similarly, the corrupt wolf closed right up against this book to practice that many Inner Strength manifestation, but how Xia Tian actually saw unable to look at mystery. Finally can only give up, he takes a book the books that in Witchcraft Sect obtains directly. Although the Witchcraft Sect people do not use the sword, but for these years, in Witchcraft Sect the Swordsmanship ancient book may be many, therefore Xia Tian took one to carry on the ginseng to read casually: Was right, what weapon you use?” Teacher, I with blade, she with dagger.” allow Song said. „, These two books, you studied first, wait till the place my person to make a good weapon to you again.” Xia Tian threw two books to allow Song and Chen Lin, when they saw the book title, the whole person was shocked. They can look, this is the rare book. Regarding present China, a complete rare book, that absolutely is the most precious object, because present rare book drained were too many, but Xia Tian has given afterward them two rare books, when they open carry on to watch was more surprised. These two books are the super Martial Arts rare books.

Thanks the teacher.” Their excited saying. Attractive, before arriving in the destination, can look at many to calculate many, waited till the place you not to have the opportunity to look!” Xia Tian said that look the Swordsmanship rare book in own hand. This Sword Technique is called the day to strike technique! The might is truly powerful, but requires the cultivation time to be also long, Xia Tian absolutely does not have that time to go to cultivation, in this book said that can in 30 years cultivation become this person of swordsmanship is the talent extremely high person. Moreover this today strikes the technique probably also to comprehend a higher level the swordsmanship. But Xia Tian where has 30 years , he if practices this Sword Technique 30 years, he had been killed tens of thousands chapters by others, his these enemies wish one could for day to kill his ten. Although practiced this set of swordsmanship already without enough time, what Xia Tian looked after was, faced the sensibility of Swordsmanship, these sensibility were Senior painstaking care for a lifetime, only then for a lifetime can write this sensibility to Swordsmanship sensibility person. This is the Senior wealth. Person unexpectedly can comprehend this degree the Swordsmanship, simply was too fearful.” Xia Tian looks when that each character seems hiding a significance of Swordsmanship, he had been shocked completely. Writes person who this today strikes the technique simply is one generation of sword gods, he own all was for a lifetime used to study diligently Sword Technique, he has achieved Realm that a person of sword has united, he was a sword. Does not have the wife for a lifetime, is childless, all in the careful study Swordsmanship, he has thrown except for all desires, in his mind only then the pursue to the Swordsmanship, other all does not have. Without dispute, without competion, does not have what title, the simplicity is a few words, the sword!

In his eyes besides the sword, anything does not have, this comprehension to sword has surpassed all, this is the genuine sword is crazy, Xia Tian this whole life could not achieve his Realm. This person uncertain strength strong, however the use of understanding and sword of his sword absolutely is in the history one of the strongest several people. Xia Tian slowly has gathered the book, then he closes the eye. He just homemade dismantling swordsmanship, now makes him see such good Swordsmanship sensibility, this made him have a brand-new experience, although he before will dismantle blade skill to practice more than ten million, but he only then practiced, sensibility. This has the style not to have Core Law! Cannot play the style maximum might. The Xia Tian dismantling swordsmanship is also same, he planned utilizes using Heaven Absolute Wake Core Law, but he discovered at this time Heaven Absolute Wake forever is the external force, cannot display the dismantling swordsmanship the maximum might. Ha Ha Ha Ha, unexpectedly can like this.” Xia Tian innermost feelings excited laughing said.