Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1086

Xia Tian understood finally. The so-called Swordsmanship, is person's sensibility to a sword. These sensibility that he writes down are just is used to give the person to study diligently, but he true sensibility will actually write in the character, each each stroke is to the true sensibility of sword, Xia Tian thinks here time, opened the day to strike the technique hurriedly sensibility there. Right, is really this, is really this.” Xia Tian excited saying, his unexpectedly saw through the day to strike the technique the secret. The X-Ray Vision eye opens instantaneously! Each, each stroke instantaneously expanded, turned into a person in the appearance of brandishing a sword. Right, is this!” Xia Tian innermost feelings excited saying, he finally found the day to strike the technique the secret, now he can the swordsmanship that finally learns one set to take gets rid, although he homemade dismantling swordsmanship, but dismantling swordsmanship only then such several, sneak attack to be naturally excellent, however upright and frank hit the function not quite to be obvious. But now he has the day to strike the technique, although just started to comprehend, but Xia Tian looks is the day strikes the technique the essence, therefore others spend Kungfu that 30 years can learn, he can learn quickly. This is just like a person with the written records computation, another person calculates to be the same with the computer. The level is different. Dismantling swordsmanship Xia Tian never with person to fighting, therefore he not clear this move of might actually big. However currently he has the day to strike the technique. The day strikes the technique is a super swordsmanship, is a sword creates crazily, that person of painstaking care for a lifetime in this today strikes in the technique, but Xia Tian truly understood this book, Xia Tian has believed that besides oneself, nobody can understand this inside essence truly. Because they, only if understands that the creation day strikes technique that person of life sensibility, will think in the character storehouse sword move, although front these sword spectra also real, but these sword spectra want practices truly to take 40-50 years, even if the talent extremely good person, takes 30 years. What age now was? The information age, you make person Tiantian practice the sword, practices for 30-40 years, who can bear?

In the ancient times, anything did not have, they can practicing the sword work as are the pleasure , after can practice the sword had, struggles any first under Heaven, but now this world, your 30-40 years in practicing sword, when you became an official has been derailed with the world, you took a sword to walk on the avenue shouted everywhere wanted first under Heaven. The guarantee in less than ten minutes, you must be grasped by the police, even if you are fierce, police that you do not have the means that but can you shoulder the cannon? Goes to and shell with the flesh and blood resists? Two characters! *** Courts death! Therefore when seeing the synopsis of this book, everybody gave up, that naturally was disinclined to realize from experience of swordsmanship inventor to feel, moreover they did not have the thing of X-Ray Vision eye going against heaven's will. Naturally is unable to find the day to strike the technique the essence. Xia Tian looks is enthralled, he uses to know the sea is the drilling day repeatedly strikes the technique, this set of swordsmanship will open the swordsmanship for him the path. Airplane to! Just after under airplane, Xia Tian saw the person of picking. Senior Official, the warship has prepared to you, you can ride the warship to the place directly in the past.” Military officer respectful saying of army, although he does not know that Xia Tian is any position, but person of this ordering but central subordinate, therefore he called Xia Tian directly is Senior Official. Xia Tian first time was called by others is Senior Official. Sounds the feeling to be very irritable, actually he now truly was Senior Official, because of him but now the military rank of major general. China youngest major general. Warship?” Hears the warship delivers him the time, Xia Tian also stares, unexpectedly sends the warship to deliver, this simply is the super treatment, Xia Tian behind allow Song and Chen Lin were also shocked, their first time heard that makes mission also to need the warship to escort.

Here is the China territory, our warships do not have any issue in their sea area navigation, therefore directly sent the warship to escort you.” That military officer said. „! Now there what situation?” Xia Tian asked. Aircraft carrier has been ready, the present sea area was monitored completely, preventing some people to sneak attack, but the fishing boat and merchant we will not block.” The military officers said. Em!” Xia Tian nodded. Anonyme Island. This is one islands that does not have the person to live, before radically common, because on this islands had not discovered minerals that anything is worth mining, but yesterday evening matter has actually brought to the attention of surrounding all countries. Suddenly Expert of all countries to there gathering. Xia Tian has prepared, this time, he must protect the China territory, regardless in Anonyme Island presented any thing, he must protect, because this is the China wealth. The vehicle had sailed to the military harbor. These people must make Xia Tian they eat the thing to walk again, but Xia Tian wanted some pilot biscuits, then embarked, since after Xia Tian warship, his complexion has been very cold. allow Song and Chen Lin do not dare to disturb him, because they know that Xia Tian definitely is worrying for the following war now. They cannot add on Xia Tian any busy. The majority of because this going is Earth Grade Expert, by their strengths, comes up only to hold back. Therefore their mission are lives.

Why this is also Xia Tian chooses the physical fitness best person, because they will possibly carry on escaping that keeps, if physical fitness is bad, finally that they face, only then died. The Xia Tian vision has looked at the front, here was the region of Pacific Ocean. On Earth the most mystical place is the sea area, this place nobody can find out, because the science and technology of world could not have achieved this point, therefore in Pacific Ocean any matter may occurrence. For example Bermuda Triangle. Xia Tian believes that in the deep water, the danger of Bermuda Triangle that rank should be most small gift. If I will have the strength in the future, under I must find out in Pacific Ocean, actually have a look to have anything.” Xia Tian light saying, he stands in front of warship looks at the sea, is realizing the sea breeze. Before Xia Tian goes to battle each time, he regards today is his last day, he will treasure all, because nobody can guarantee one do not die absolutely, including Xia Tian cannot. The speed of warship is fast, Xia Tian they were getting more and more near from Anonyme Island. Senior Official, discovers the situation!” A military officer comes the report. How?” Xia Tian asked. „The information that just passed on, Anonyme Island had the drastic change, all numbers grow to three zhang (3.33 m), the grass was higher than the person . Moreover the airborne camera also photographs existence of unclear biology.” The military officers have given Xia Tian a picture.