Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1087

Sees in the picture time, a Xia Tian face strange looks to that military officer: „Is this unclear biology in your mouth?” Right!” That military officer very earnest saying. „Haven't you seen rabbit?” A Xia Tian face strange looks at military officer. Rabbit?” That military officer puzzled looks at Xia Tian. Xia Tian has given that military officer the picture, after that military officer looked, awkward smiles: Embarrassed Senior Official, with mistakenly.” That military officer brings hurriedly a picture. Sees this picture time, a Xia Tian brow wrinkle, is the rabbit, but this rabbit is obviously different: You said the grass on Anonyme Island as long as one person high right?” Right! Senior Official!” The military officers said. How is this possible?” What Xia Tian sees is a person of high rabbit. Senior Official, this is the strange place.” The military officers said. Teacher, how?” allow Song goes forward to ask hurriedly. If I have not guessed that wrong, all on Anonyme Island are increasing, they probably are received the radiation to be the same, if I have not guessed that wrong, Anonyme Island should turn into the paradise of monster now.” Xia Tian light saying. Attract! allow Song and Chen Lin have all held breath cold air. To, these two weapons you with was good, has remembered, sees a play in doing cannot treat it lightly, even if in visiting me and others fight cannot have any think that on meaning, cannot look, because periphery momentarily some person or the biology will sneak attack you.” Xia Tian threw to allow Song and a Chen Lin weapon directly. A blade and a dagger.

Good blade!” Good dagger!” They also said. These two are nine levels of weapons, is sharp, the might is not small, gives them this type of weapon to let them defends self. „Is Senior Official, now what kind of? With does not need to ruin this island to above application, must otherwise this island really be too dangerous.” That military officer asked. For half a month, gives my half a month time, if quick, five to seven days I can come out, but if I did not have half a month later, that ruins this island by my name application, I called Xia Tian, was the China Dragon Group teacher, the major general.” Xia Tian said. Heard Xia Tian to say when one were the Dragon Group teacher, that military officer the eye opened the eyes immediately in a big way, he has not thought that Dragon Group unexpectedly existed. Organization unexpectedly in this legend exists in China. Is Senior Official.” That military officer said. If saw that the signal flare meets me.” Xia Tian said. Relax, Senior Official.” That military officer said. I give the opportunity that you one time consider again, even if I, went not to live coming back, did you also go?” Xia Tian looked that asked to allow Song and Chen Lin. Goes!” At this moment, allow Song and Chen Lin have made the last option. How many years later, some people asked them, at that time feared? Their replies did not fear, because their innermost feelings had been exaggerated by the Xia Tian atmosphere at that time, moreover because this time manager made them turn into the China strongest protector. Xia Tian has gotten hold of own fist, at this time they were away from there to be getting more and more near, heart of Xia Tian also thorough has hung.

Mutation! Anonyme Island unexpectedly had this mutation, this definitely had any thing to have the radiation to them. Otherwise is impossible to turn into this. But is actually what thing can make them turn into this? Set up is radiated, went to the island to be radiated? It seems like in the island I imagine is more dangerous, I must think means finding out the situation on island first, otherwise I will perhaps come up also to beset with a crisis, if I knew the situation on island, I can occupy completely take the initiative.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. You called the person of aerial photography to pat the situation in entire island to me, first took the panoram, the little racket, certainly was then quick.” The Xia Tian direct order said that here is the China territory, is his home game, he has the natural superiority. Is other country possible here the aerial photography, in other words, the situation that only then Xia Tian then can see the aerial photography, on other people the island only has also been able to go to itself to try to find out. But Xia Tian can actually find out the situation on island first, then on then island. Right, how I think that they had already patted, my this gives you to want.” That person said that ran directly to the cabin. Quick, that military officer held a notebook to come out directly. Senior Official, passed on, had the picture, had the video, the small detecting instrument photographed, but miniature detecting instrument, once after entering some region, will lose the association.” That military officer held the notebook to run. Xia Tian sat on the chair directly watched. allow Song and Chen Lin also looked. Xia Tian looked that said to them: You remember, so long as there is a sober mind, enemy who that has not played the perfection, even if these has the variation the biology is also same, although their have increased, however their weakness are still the weakness, will not vanish, yes?” Yes!” allow Song and Chen Lin said.

Good, I believe that you can live coming back.” The naked eye of Xia Tian can see that island, although is very far, but he has the X-Ray Vision eye, sees with one's own eyes this island time, Xia Tian was a little daunted. This island was really too terrifying. The battleship started to decelerate, in nearby waters does not have the fish, possibly is related with the matter that last night has, Xia Tian knows that this time matter is not definitely simple, therefore his naked eye has been observing the surrounding change. From distance island ten kilometers, Xia Tian had not discovered that any fish, has one to wrap own biological chain in Pacific Ocean, but the fish will not be few, especially in some regions, that fish many are the terrifying. Now is but different, here fish does not have. Aback!” Xia Tian said hurriedly. Why that military officer has not asked that orders the aback directly, here from the islands also eight kilometers, here shouted the aback, needed to be able the ship to stop some time. Ship's speed gradually slowed down, ship also stopped. Has the boat, we rode the boat in the past, the battleship cannot proceed again, moreover remembered, meets our times cannot certainly approach this island the battleship.” Xia Tian said directly. Why?” The military officers this time raised question finally. Magnetic field, here has very strong magnetic field, you can look that now the ship must malfunction, moreover all electric waves and news cannot pass on, after we walked, you inform nearby all battleships immediately, do not approach here, I can induce, the magnetic field is still expanding.” Xia Tian serious saying.