Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1088

Magnetic field?” That military officer runs back cockpit hurriedly! Before long he ran: „A point that Senior Official, you said right, really has the magnetic field, now the battleship received to disturb, I have prepared a speed boat for you, tour enough you on ship back and forth, but when the time comes we same can aid you, to guard the speed boat to be driven away by others.” Thanked!” Xia Tian said that moves toward behind directly. allow Song and Chen Lin also closely followed. After embarking, Xia Tian has stood there, the eye is observing the surroundings, this is his custom, where regardless of he arrives at to observe first here situation, this here turned into the battlefield, he will also be familiar with here situation. Regardless of doing, has the home game and away game division , the person of home game had completely the superiority, the beneficial conditions of timeliness , favorable geographical conditions , and unity and coordination of the people, the place that Xia Tian will see turned into own home game. He has the skill of photographic memory, therefore he has looked at the place can in the mind, where including has the stone, where road is good, he firmly will also remember. allow Song and Chen Lin also very anxious. They must be anxious, immediately must face dozens Earth Grade Expert, even are more, they may be Profound Grade, if has any contradiction, the opportunity that perhaps they continually escape does not have. Moreover Xia Tian also said that he will not manage them, although just started them also to be able with Xia Tian, but time, they definitely fall behind. Therefore they must handle affairs carefully. Their mission are not kills anyone, is not snatches any thing, but lives, therefore they must think means well lives. Prepared?” allow Song asked Chen Lin. Em!” Chen Lin nodded. Xia Tian has not asked them to go back again, because they wanted on the island at this time immediately. After on Xia Tian island, the first matter that he does hides the speed boat in the thick patch of grass, although he does not know this move of useful, but most at least can many hopes,

On after genuine island, Xia Tian discovered that actually this island now becomes how terrifying. At this time this island turned into super islands, these trees all turned into several feet high log, the grass becomes a person high, actually thus it can be seen here had the variation of any rank. This was also too terrifying!” allow Song and Chen Lin, although had has prepared at heart, when they see with one's own eyes, feels the terrifying. Xia Tian stands there, has not moved, his vision periphery all will map the eyeground! ! At this moment, the Xia Tian right hand flings directly, the tree root silver needle projects directly. Bang! The sound transmits from the thick patch of grass together, afterward -and-a-half person of high monsters appear in Xia Tian their front. What is this? Such terrifying?” allow Song surprised saying. Frog!” Xia Tian said that walks toward inside directly. Frog! They all are in the heart one cold, unexpectedly became including the frog such big, actually this island had any terrifying matter, at this time they also very careful, they understand that from these step started, they might discard the life anytime. Meanwhile, they also by the Xia Tian strength deep has shocked, Xia Tian such one wields conveniently, they have not seen to have anything, finally that was only big frog to fall to the ground. You find a safe place to hide, remember, this island all people all are your enemies, do not believe any alliance.” Xia Tian said that complete vanished in personally same place, he must hurry to inside, he knows genuinely had the mutation certainly was the central place. There definitely had the super fierce change.

This change is outside is unable to compare, but the goal that this time he must investigate is there. The thick patch of grass is very high, Xia Tian does not dare to walk from that otherwise will have the biological sneak attack anytime, once bumped into the violently poisonous thing to trouble, therefore Xia Tian walked on the bough directly. After Xia Tian left, they have looked at each other one. „Do you fear death?” Chen Lin looked that asked to allow Song. Did not fear!” allow Song said. Good, we also go.” Chen Lin is also curious to here, therefore she plans to find out, although they do not need to complete any mission, but they do not think Bai to come one time. Since Xia Tian gives their mission to live, they increase a difficulty to themselves, in the hand grasps Xia Tian to give their weapon, they walk toward the thick patch of grass directly, they may not have Xia Tian that and other qing gong, moreover they do not dare to have the too big consumption. Otherwise once met troublesome goes bad. Therefore they start to pave the way. In the world this does not have the road, the person who walks are many left the background. Whiz! Body of Xia Tian fast is shuttling back and forth in grove. Quick, this all the way, he does not dare to have slight careless, he has discovered all kinds of variation biology. Actually is any thing, unexpectedly can let here all living thing and plants all changes.” Xia Tian deeps frown, he has anchored his footsteps, has not continued, he is observing the surrounding change. At this time he can feel that his skin was being disturbed, the body also had the feeling of difference.

This feeling probably was around a body of person places several hundred high radiation computers to be the same, in this radiant state, the normal person will also get sick, probably was the atomic bomb is the same. But the atomic bomb was makes the person die. But here the radiation is makes biology increase. Naturally, Xia Tian had not felt that own body is increasing, otherwise he really must evacuate immediately, then above related ruins here. The mutation of increasing stopped. Should, only then the biology on this island will increase last night.” Xia Tian guessed that he put out a dagger to delimit on the tree, afterward he uncovered a bark. The bark is very thick, is very fresh. Looked like is hit the hormone to be the same, in the bark all was the nutrient. Actually is what thing?” Xia Tian deeps frown, he can feel that his physical condition is not good, if he treats here the first half month, he must die without doubt. At this moment a pure strength flows out from his chest instantaneously. Meteor tears! Meteor tears unexpectedly helped Xia Tian repair the body once more automatically, quick, on Xia Tian all differences vanished completely, he felt that his spirit was good . Moreover the skin and within the body absolutely did not have any ill feeling. Really was too mysterious.” The meteor tears come out each time, can help Xia Tian busy, if under that condition, his consumption will be again quick a moment ago, but he fully restored at this time normally. „It is not good!” At this moment, the body of Xia Tian vanished on that bough instantaneously.