Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1089

Bang! The bough that Xia Tian stood a moment ago crushes instantaneously. Lying trough!” Xia Tian looks surprisedly own front living thing, his mouth opens in a big way. At this time Xia Tian front another snake, five meters snake, there are one -and-a-half meters to be thick. Saw such big snake, Xia Tian must collapse simply, he first time saw such big snake, moreover snake unexpectedly also stood, two big eyes stubbornly was staring at Xia Tian. Sisi! The snake is spitting the snake wick! „Wasn't lying trough, the big snake pill will come?” Xia Tian depressed saying, where otherwise can make such a Freshman snake. Bang! The branch that Xia Tian stands once more by the smashing that the great snake pounds, afterward Xia Tian hurried fast retreat, this great snake not only the physique is big, but also the speed is also quick, what is main is his snake skin takes a quick look around makes Xia Tian speechless. That seems the steel and iron is simply more terrorist. This terrifying defensive power, Xia Tian does not plan to spell hardly, after his body retreat several times, transfers directly to nearby direction, he wants to cast off this great snake, his speed is quick. Is now.” Xia Tian threw more than ten silver needles instantaneously, afterward his body fast fled to side. dīng dīng dāng dāng! The silver needle has not broken the defense of great snake, drops directly on the ground, but the pursuit of great snake also stopped, because Xia Tian threw the direction of silver needle a moment ago is its eye.

It closes both eyes to block the attack of Xia Tian. The snake pursues enemy by the quantity of heat, but a moment ago when it stopped, Xia Tian escaped. The attack of Xia Tian has goal. He with the brain fight, he thinks that consumes the stamina matter with the great snake fight, so long as he escapes, the great snake will not chase down him, therefore he did not need non- to kill that great snake completely. Escapes, Xia Tian uses is also the most direct means that the body defense of great snake is very strong, therefore he, if attacks the body of great snake, the great snake will move aside will not move aside, that did not have anything to affect. Therefore Xia Tian has attacked its eye. Regardless of any living thing has own instinct. Once the eye were attacked, he on own initiative will endure his footsteps, this is the instinct of biology. Here present everywhere is the monster of this rank, approaches the central the monster definitely is more terrifying, present's all consumptions are unworthy.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, he knows that in definitely has a more dangerous biology in waiting for him, moreover he appears upside down in Expert of other country has not bumped into, this little was strange, according to the truth, the speed that Xia Tian comes absolutely is not quickest, after all he will be next morning. Therefore here should some people be right. But until now. He not only has not seen the person, the trace that fights had not discovered. „Did they go to the central the position?” Saying of Xia Tian doubts. „It is not right, inside definitely has a bigger danger, in any Expert impossible silent arriving.” Saying that Xia Tian thought aloud, but he has not continued to intertwine this issue, but continued, Anonyme Island was very big, if made him such run, even if were the straight line, did not have in the dangerous situation, he must run 35 days to arrive at the opposite, this was in the situation that his stamina permitted.

Meanwhile. Chen Lin and allow Song did not have Xia Tian to be so leisurely and carefree, they fortified at every step, each walking was careful, they also had bumped a moment ago into a big rabbit, they abandoned very big strength then to solve that rabbit. allow Song, you said how teacher that move used a moment ago, has solved all of a sudden a big frog, arrived at our two this such to use energy, coped with a big rabbit to hit for quite a while.” Chen Lin's depressed saying. „Before it seems like us, underestimated teacher, you think that Senior Official of country sent the teacher to come personally, and has only sent teacher, a person coped with Expert of that many countries, moreover definitely also had in the list not to have, you said that possibly completed? However Senior Official definitely has the idea of Senior Official, they are impossible to make the teacher bring death, in other words they believe that the teacher can solve this time crisis.” allow Song said. Really was too terrifying, just started the teacher to come time, I also think that he was only the eldest son who which came.” Chen Lin thinks to think now one were very at that time laughable. Xia Tian had slowed the tempo, because he felt that here wild animal were getting more and more, therefore he must be careful. Well, is not right.” A Xia Tian sudden brow wrinkle, he has discovered a very interesting matter: How here food chain broke.” Xia Tian discovered that here food chain broke, the carnivore started to graze, the herbivore grazed, moreover these were the biology of natural enemy mutually did not attack: „Didn't these wild animals have the fondness of countryside? Started the poikilothermia and? It is not right, that frog wants to sneak attack me a moment ago obviously, moreover there is a that to be only great the snake, it is also attacking me.” Here time, Xia Tian wants to understand finally, here all biological unexpectedly joined up. They no longer mutually attack, but starts to cope with the external biology. Therefore Xia Tian presents time, attack that these living thing keep he. Whiz! The body of Xia Tian fell on the ground, then he eradicated a grass directly, he started the change that inspected to draft, these stocks gripped in the place are very deep, if could not pull out with the ordinary strength. Magnetic force! Really is this.” Xia Tian discovered that location of unexpectedly stock has a magnetism of faint trace, is that feeling of magnet, he also specially put out a small iron sheet to experiment.

As a result, has magnetic force, is the magnetic force is a little small. Bang! At this moment, Xia Tian heard the sound of fighting, when hears the sound of this fighting, Xia Tian hurried rushes to there, he finally found the human the trail, moreover listens to the fighting sound to be humanity is fighting. Whiz! Xia Tian fast shuttle in woods. Finally some people, came up to hit, definitely for the treasure, should not be some old enemies.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, his speed has not reduced speed slightly, his fast shuttles back and forth on the bough, these boughs from ground over two meters, leaf also very luxuriant. Shuttles back and forth to be simpler than the ground, simply but does not have to goes. However can actually very good hide his personal appearance, others want to discover that he may not be simple. Quick, Xia Tian sees to fight finally in together person. Humph. Many people, more than 100 people fight in the same place. Is they!” On Xia Tian face immediately one happy.