Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1090

Both sides that sees fight, Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Their two sides also are really the natural enemies, so long as met, that gives the heck with, is hits. Maoshan VS North Korea Expert. According to the information, the Yin-Yang of Maoshan protector all sent out, but North Korea only came Expert of ten Earth Grade intermediate stages, therefore at this time these North Korean Expert, although has not leaked the defeat looks like, how long but could not insist. Yeah, has the talent.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. This Maoshan came 70-80 people, North Korea came close 100 people, the war of both sides quickly turned into the tangled warfare, Xia Tian was idling also bored, lay down on the tree looked, he does not want to meddle the fights of this both sides. Here he only with positive protector some friendship. So long as is not Yang Hufa has difficult, he will not get rid, said again, he gets rid definitely to kill people, in this island besides allow Song and Chen Lin, other people are his goal. Because his mission is prevents them to carry off any treasure on this island. Here is the China territory. All on this island are China, including a small patch of land, a grass, all, is China, they visit here, but to carry off the thing on this island, that Xia Tian very impolite getting rid. „The people in your Maoshan do not go too far, sooner or later we will definitely tidy up you.” After these North Korean Expert say ruthless words, all ran away. Pursues, cannot let off them.” Yang Hufa issues an order, afterward all Maoshan Expert start to pursue. When protector positive must pursue, he suddenly induces anything: Old cloudy, you pursue, my a little matter, one will look for you.” Good, I in front you.” Protector cloudy has not restored to come from this pleasant sensation. Regarding the people in Maoshan, kills North Korean Expert, is a pleasant sensation.

He very long had not begun, today had this opportunity with great difficulty, how he will miss. Therefore he had the person to pursue directly, after all people walked, the body that protector positive dodged, fell on a tree directly. ! An object flies directly to him. Yang Hufa the right hand pulls, meets the object directly in the hand, is the beverage bottle, he turns on the beverage bottle to smell directly: 50 years, nice wine.” Expert!” Xia Tian also falls, in has protected buddhist law on the tree that is at positive, then shows a faint smile. „Did you come?” Yang Hufa sits on the branch asks. I can also come to do, murder!” Xia Tian light saying. Kills me?” Yang Hufa looked that asked to Xia Tian. Who dares to carry off the thing on this island, I kill anyone, naturally, our two are anything relates, I most break your leg.” Xia Tian very optional saying. My Fuck! does not have the human nature.” Yang Hufa scolded one. How your this time in a big way to come two to protect buddhist law?” Xia Tian curious asking, he has been very curious, why Maoshan in a big way sets out two to protect buddhist law all of a sudden directly. Here is the China domain, our some superiority, therefore the old ancestor makes our two same places come, can look find the thing that some suitable blood gentlemen to experiment, moreover you stole up all compounded drugs of our Maoshan, now the day of Maoshan does not feel better.” Protector positive speaks of here to have the resentment to Xia Tian. Xia Tian unexpectedly has stolen away Maoshan all compounded drugs, that is all. The compounded drug of Maoshan was insufficient, in recent years started to save has been using, but Xia Tian unexpectedly stole away the compounded drug of Maoshan all of a sudden.

Gives you.” The Xia Tian right hand wields, more than ten vial present in the hand that protector positive: Others I, no matter, your compounded drug I possibly were how short.” What to do then do you plan?” Yang Hufa asked. Kills, since saw the person in North Korea, since that since they kill, before their person also on own initiative walked, I was have also become enemies with them, therefore since started to kill from them.” Xia Tian light saying. Good, did not disturb your murder to move.” Yang Hufa said that pursues directly to the direction of large unit. Xia Tian sits on the branch, his deep inspiration. Protected buddhist law positive quickly overtakes has protected buddhist law them cloudy: Do not pursue, walks.” Walks? We continue to pursue, definitely can also kill their many people.” Protector cloudy puzzled looks toward the sun protector. Does not need us to get rid, they also died.” Protector light saying positive. What meaning?” Protector very puzzled asking cloudy. Walks!” Yang Hufa had not explained. North Korean Expert that these escaped saw that the people in Maoshan do not pursue, immediately relaxed, although their this time came Expert of ten Earth Grade intermediate stages, but protector with the strength that protector positive cloudy may be very formidable. Once opens up an offensive, they cannot block, therefore they can only run away. The Yin-Yang protector to carry on the pursuit words, their here person affirmation meeting casualty is more serious, over a hundred people of teams, now only remaining were less than 50 people, but well in also so many live people. Whistling, narrow squeak, if they continue to pursue, perhaps we could not be left over many people.” North Korean Expert said. Yes, but has not pursued well in them, we first walk toward inside, above has ordered, does not hesitate at all costs, goes back the treasure belt.” Another North Korean Expert said.

Has the Yin-Yang to protect buddhist law, how to bring? How this mission possibly completes.” North Korean Expert complained. Do not complain, does not want dead finds the way to complete mission.” Also is North Korean Expert said. Rustle! When these people just about to relax, they saw the change of thick patch of grass, all people have prepared fight instantaneously. Is the person, a person of brigade. Sees this team of people time, these North Korean Expert are the facial color one cold, they sighed that they were really the arrived family, just shunted the attack that old personal enemy Maoshan has sent, now unexpectedly has bumped into the team of South Korea. North Korea and South Korea have had the contradiction. Therefore they bump into will not have any good deed absolutely, moreover South Korea this time came Earth Grade late stage Expert, Expert of 14 Earth Grade intermediate stages, in addition these Profound Grade Expert, altogether more than 120 people. In population, in the strength is the absolute suppressions. Snort, unexpectedly can bump into you in this, seemed you just had experienced a war probably.” Earth Grade late stage Expert cold snort of that South Korea. Has no need for you managing.” North Korean Expert response said. Yeah, died being imminent, the thoughts quarrelled.” At this moment the person's shadow appears in two Fang people middle together.