Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1091

Suddenly, Expert and South Korean Expert of North Korea to holding in the same place. Appearance that momentarily begins greatly. But at this moment, the person's shadow appears in their middle together, this time condition is not quite good, this both sides momentarily possibly make war obviously, but this person of unexpectedly fell on the middle of two camps directly. All people all is a face strange is sizing up this youngster. What person? Courts death?” A North Korean Expert brow wrinkle shouts. No, I am not court certainly death, I am kill people, kills off you.” Xia Tian light saying. Is that South Korean Expert of head looks to Xia Tian: You do not fear us on together, then kills you?” On you do not have murderous aura, otherwise I was also disinclined, you had not planned made war from the start with this group of North Koreans.” Xia Tian is not impulsive finds out crest of wave, just starts him to see South Korean Expert time, he planned that does not get rid, but he discovered that plan that Earth Grade late stage Expert of that South Korea has not gotten rid, therefore he can only get rid personally. „? This looked by you, is not simple.” That South Korean Expert said. Is disinclined rubbish with you, either stands there sees a play, either walks.” Xia Tian is disinclined to pay attention to them, he must cope with these North Korean Expert first, as for this group of South Korean, so long as does not provoke him, he does not plan to cope temporarily. North Korean Expert is the Xia Tian enemy, their this time came to here also to accept has ordered deadly, that Xia Tian naturally wanted them dead. The dead order, cannot complete mission to die! Therefore they at risk of life will certainly complete mission. They said words Xia Tian to hear a moment ago. They must carry off here treasure, that Xia Tian naturally will not let off them, this enemy is must solve sooner or later, moreover Expert of North Korea is specially is loyal to their leaders. Even if Xia Tian late stage finds the way to deter them, perhaps does not have what function. Therefore the Xia Tian plan, kills them now.

You said that you do want to kill us?” Very these North Korean Expert disdain looks at Xia Tian. They probably heard a huge joke to be the same, front seemed under 20-year-old boy unexpectedly said that must kill them, although they just had experienced a war, but their also remaining close 50 people. Also, their this also had Expert of ten Earth Grade intermediate stages. These people, person of spit can spit dead Xia Tian, they think that Xia Tian was really too wild. North Korean Expert was suppressing a lot of fires, they have bumped into Expert of Maoshan first, the casualty many people, had bumped afterward into Expert of South Korea, was suppressed in the imposing manner. Now unexpectedly presented a young fellow, moreover this boy unexpectedly said that must kill them. Their anger have come immediately up, did they turn into preying that allowed to be oppressed really? Naturally not. They are very self-confident. Em! Right, does not remain!” Xia Tian nodded. Extremely arrogant, the brat, you do not know how the dead characters write.” North Korean Expert angry looks to Xia Tian, he is gripping tightly his double fist, has prepared to get rid. Xia Tian said the boastful talk a moment ago, this regarding him is unforgiving. I urged you to be on together.” Xia Tian looked that prepares to get rid the person who to say to that. Snort! Kills you, I sufficed.” Expert cold snort of that Earth Grade intermediate stage said directly. Rub! His body vanished in instantaneously same place, the whole person seemed shell same direction of fire Xia Tian, his speed was quick, his strength was also very big, he to own these was confident, he believes that he can Insta-kill in front of oneself this not know the profound brat absolutely.

Dies!” Xia Tian stands in same place, his left hand double refers to stretching out, direct that North Korean Expert position. Finger of Consonance Second Layer. A giant finger empty shade appears in the front of people. Inner Strength manifestation! Snort, carves insect small technique.” A Earth Grade intermediate stage Expert cold snort Voice of that North Korea, the right fist wields instantaneously. Whiz! The Eight Trigrams step, at this moment, the Xia Tian whole person disappeared in same place, was resisting Xia Tian Inner Strength manifestation North Korean Expert to feel on suddenly own shoulder blade transmitted a severe pain. The left hand of Xia Tian has shown a strange posture. Five fingers and make three. Seizes dragon! Grasped directly on that North Korean Earth Grade intermediate stage Expert shoulder blade, afterward a big windmill body falling of opposite party maliciously on the ground, an silver needle penetrated his head directly at the same time. Hateful!” These North Korea saw that their person let slip, comes up hurriedly the support, will want to let slip the person who to rescue. Gives back to you.” The Xia Tian left hand makes an effort to fling, has thrown Earth Grade intermediate stage Expert of that North Korea directly, the person who that several clash caught his body hurriedly, afterward two Expert kept off in front. Died!” When they catch that North Korean Earth Grade intermediate stage Expert the unexpectedly discovery person died. Without any vitality.

Insta-kill! This all people looked that changed to the Xia Tian look, Xia Tian a moment ago unexpectedly Insta-kill Expert of that Earth Grade intermediate stage. This move, Xia Tian has used was excessively inferior, can succeed each time. Because he held in the will of the people on weakness. These people definitely do not think that Xia Tian comes up to resort to this method, will therefore not have the protection, in addition Xia Tian is young, he will use Inner Strength manifestation, the opposite party definitely thinks that he will be showing off, therefore wants to break Xia Tian Inner Strength manifestation. But because just the opposite party explains Xia Tian Inner Strength manifestation, therefore Xia Tian had the opportunity of sneak attack, front by the Inner Strength manifestation attack, the opposite party is unable to leave in a half second absolutely, a half second has sufficed regarding Xia Tian. He is uses these a half second sneak attacks the rear area of match, to seize the strength of dragon to be able instantaneously the shoulder blade of crumb opposite party, the shoulder blade one broken, the opposite party was equal to losing the battle efficiency. Xia Tian that big windmill also will thoroughly fall meanwhile ignorant the match. Therefore the silver needle can sneak attack success with ease, does not have protection Earth Grade intermediate stage Expert, but is very good to kill. „It is not simple, thinks of meter.” Earth Grade late stage Expert of that South Korea says with emotion. These North Korean Expert were all shocked, Insta-kill, their person unexpectedly by opposite party Insta-kill, the opposite party seemed is an under 20-year-old young man, but opposite party unexpectedly Insta-kill Expert of their Earth Grade intermediate stage. I said that you on, otherwise insufficiently hit together.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Brothers, do not use with him any Jianghu morality and justice, everybody on, has killed him together.” Earth Grade intermediate stage Expert of North Korea shouts.