Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1093

Xia Tian said the matter that North Korean crown prince took advantage of somebody intentionally. But North Korean crown prince first Expert of North Korea, his status is very high, but his unexpectedly has made that the matter that took advantage of somebody. Do not slander our crown princes.” Expert of that Earth Grade intermediate stage angry looks to Xia Tian. „Do I slander? People who has attended the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure war know, in me with the Maoshan old ancestors full after striking one time, your North Korean crown princes chase down injured me directly, what what a pity is, the skill was too bad, making me give to run away.” On the face of Xia Tian has written all over disdaining. North Korean crown prince, first Expert of North Korea, skill possibly bad? But he actually chases down injured Xia Tian not to succeed. This simply is the shame, said that is also the joke. Hears Xia Tian to insult their North Korean crown princes, Expert of that several Earth Grade intermediate stages is the anger of whole face, they have fired into Xia Tian directly, North Korean crown prince is beliefs in their heart, the idol, did not allow that other people insulted. Kills!” Nine people of imposing manners are extraordinary, kills directly to Xia Tian. Xia Tian left hand double refers to making an effort to select forward. Inner Strength manifestation! Finger of Consonance Second Layer! A giant finger empty shade has shot at the opposite nine people directly, at the same time body fast disappearance of Xia Tian in same place. Defense!” Earth Grade intermediate stage Expert of North Korea shouts loudly. Expert directly encirclements of nine Earth Grade intermediate stages back to back have become a circle, like this they each other defended the neutral, has to say the sneak attack of Xia Tian directly breaking by this defense, but has not discovered his day cold sword the opposite party to the present.

Day cold sword in Xia Tian right hand punctures directly! Earth Grade late stage following Expert cannot feel the aura of day of cold sword. That person saw that Xia Tian attacks to him, right fist Inner Strength manifestation attacks directly, Xia Tian does not hide does not dodge, Inner Strength manifestation pounded directly on his body. Puff! Vanished, nobody noticed how Xia Tian defends his Inner Strength manifestation, however his Inner Strength manifestation like this vanishes without a trace. As if has not caused any mighty waves, has not blocked the Xia Tian footsteps. Snort!” That person cold snort, although he does not know how Xia Tian defends own Inner Strength manifestation, but he believes that his fist can break the arm of Xia Tian absolutely. But at this moment, he feels his chest suddenly coolly one. Afterward his body changed into ice piece. Several other people had also discovered his change, turns head afterward hurriedly, fires into Xia Tian together. The day strikes unparalleled! The Xia Tian right hand wields, the day cold sword punctures directly, the sunlight shines, all people saw cold light, dozens cold light attack together to them. Meanwhile, Xia Tian has broken by biting all compounded drugs of oneself mouth. Here is the China territory, wants to carry off the thing, that keeps the life.” The Xia Tian sound just fell, eight ice pieces appear in the front of people, at this time all people all have held on the spot breath cold air. Enormous and powerful North Korean Expert, like this was rolled to extinguish.

Xia Tian is also the first use day strikes unparalleled, he has not thought that might unexpectedly is so big . Moreover the day strikes unparalleled matches the ascending the sky cold sword simply is the excellent combination, moreover he has also discovered first nemesis of day cold sword. Light! Under the glare, day cold sword will appear in a watermark, the appearance people of this watermark can see a day of cold sword. Otherwise a moment ago dozens cold light were the stealths. Regarding Earth Grade late stage following Expert, they radically on induction the aura of day cold sword, only if that type year to year the person who wrestles outside and life loathsome appearance, they can induce to the genuine crisis. But these North Korean Expert absolutely do not have that strong power of observation, when they feel the crisis time, the sword glow of day cold sword arrived at their front, at this time wants to hide cannot shunt. To prevent does not know that this starts from where. Therefore their eight were broken through by the cold glow in the flash. Inner Strength manifestation! Sword air/Qi! This was second Inner Strength manifestation that Xia Tian grasped. The first type is Finger of Consonance! He has envied the corrupt wolf to use that many Inner Strength manifestation before, but he also had second Inner Strength manifestation at this time, although after catalyzing large quantities of compounded drugs, seized dragon also to use Inner Strength manifestation, but that situation Xia Tian merely has also used one time. Is when to fighting the Maoshan old ancestors has used. Insta-kill? That that said actually a moment ago cold light is what? Is the sword? Actually does he achieve? Expert of sword Insta-kill eight Earth Grade intermediate stages, this was also too terrifying, no wonder he initially can catch the old ancestor struck fully.” Protector cloudy surprised looks at Xia Tian.

Ok, we walk.” Yang Hufa does not want to stop over here, after all Xia Tian is the enemy in Maoshan, but Xia Tian is also his friend, therefore he does not hope and Xia Tian to. Good!” Protector cloudy strangely looked at one to protect buddhist law positive, later nodded. Xia Tian, worthily is black market one of the 12 health/guard, the protector in Capital, was too fierce.” Earth Grade Expert said. Hears Xia Tian these titles, the surrounding person had doubts. You do not know that he copes with three Earth Grade intermediate stage Expert in black market, Earth Grade late stage Expert, moreover these people come the fight in which several persons take turns fighting one person so as to wear the opponent out, finally was given to kill by him, that Earth Grade late stage Expert cannot escape, these Thai Expert are wrecks the event, the result cannot live departure.” Although that person of sound is not loud, however the surrounding person all hears clearly. Even if before is, about person one that Xia Tian does not know also very surprised. The head of Xia Tian had two ray of light links a moment ago. First was he with the Maoshan old ancestors to full struck not dead, the Maoshan old ancestors can with figure that China four big Expert compared favorably with, his struck fully was not weak in the might of any shell. Second is he is chased down by North Korean first Expert after the severe wound, and security escapes, this simply is the legend, was chased down not dead by North Korean crown prince under the severe wound, this was a matter that was worth boasting. Now the head of Xia Tian were also many a ray of light ring. One of black market 12 health/guard, Capital black market protector, a person has killed four Thai Expert, moreover Earth Grade late stage Expert, thus it can be seen, actually the Xia Tian strength is terrifying how. You listened to me, I was the China Dragon Group teacher, here was the China territory, if anyone of you dares to carry off from here the China thing, they were your fates.” Xia Tian said that complete vanished in personally same place. Bang! Bang! Bang! That nine is changed into the fragment by the corpse that frozen lived in directly.