Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1094

Frighten! Xia Tian deters this group of people with the strength. Moreover he had indicated own status, the Dragon Group teacher, hears this position time, all people all are one startled, they know that China Dragon Group, the Dragon Group beforehand teacher is China of Xia Tianlong four big Expert. Now this position unexpectedly turned into Xia Tian. He said a moment ago. Here is the China territory, anybody wants to carry off the thing is not good, anyone, he will kill, looks like this group of North Korean Expert is the same, must die here. These people are also Expert, they naturally cannot, because Xia Tian a few words frighten directly leave. Arrived here person little to say also over a thousand people, moreover in this possibly had 200-300 Earth Grade Expert, you think that you did have the skill to kill these people?” Earth Grade late stage Expert of that South Korea said. This is also the question that all people want to ask. This time arrived here to protect treasure person my, I was certainly impossible to massacre all people all of a sudden, but can anyone of you be able to block my never-ending sneak attack?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he smiles is very optional, as if has not paid attention to be the same front these people. You did not fear that we did collaborate to cope with you together?” Earth Grade late stage Expert of that South Korea asked again, the Xia Tian words were too wild, making him feel disaffection. Therefore he wants to make Xia Tian know in the spoken language that leaves is too dissolute, useless. 20 moves!” Xia Tian has raised up two fingers. What meaning?” Earth Grade late stage Expert doubts of that South Korea looks to Xia Tian. If you do not escape, in 20 moves, I can cut to kill here all Earth Grade Expert.” Xia Tian light saying. Extremely arrogant!” Earth Grade late stage Expert of that South Korea shouted to clear the way directly.

Tries!” A Xia Tian face smiling face looks that Earth Grade late stage Expert of that South Korea said. He said very optional, but looks at his smiling face, the people felt that saw the smiling face of devil is the same, although Xia Tian displays unusual is tranquil, however his words are not tranquil. His unexpectedly must kill here more than 50 Earth Grade Expert in 20 moves. Has saying that his words simply were too extremely arrogant. He he, we are also the China people, naturally cannot feel embarrassed with the China Dragon Group person, we first walked.” A in which China team awkward smiles, afterward left directly. We are also the China people.” Another team of people also walked. Our Vietnam this time comes to here to investigate the situation, not to snatch any treasure, we walked first.” That five Vietnamese Expert have held a fist after Xia Tian also walked. Our Wudang and between you a little small grievances, but is not does not die continuous.” Wudang seven child said that also walked. Person who at this time that several watch the Xia Tian fight on only remaining that South Korean these people. Five moves!” Xia Tian stretched out five fingers directly, after these people walked, his unexpectedly said that only needed five moves to destroy completely these South Korean Expert, has saying that his words were very extremely arrogant, but Earth Grade late stage Expert of that South Korea does not dare to spell with Xia Tian at this time hardly. Here person were many a moment ago, he can also say, but these people walked now, he as if did not have the energy, after all the Xia Tian method was terrorist, moreover he also cut to kill Earth Grade late stage Expert of Thailand. Thus it can be seen, actually his strength is formidable how. Earth Grade late stage Expert of this South Korea had heard has selected Expert formidable, therefore he does not think one can win Xia Tian. Snort!” After that South Korean Expert cold snort, walked directly, he has not said anything, he has not wanted to fight with Xia Tian in any case now, but sees the treasure time, he will certainly get rid to rob, the person who when the time comes robs are definitely many, he snatched the treasure to run. Was right, reminded your one, Li Shizhen was China, Li Bai was also China, here all were China.” Xia Tian said directly that hears the Xia Tian words, these South Korean Expert angrily left directly.

This matter Xia Tian already heard. The South Korean most liked saying was under the entire day is their. A while ago noisy noisy was they says Hua Tuo, Li Shizhen was their South Korea, afterward including Li Bai was their South Korea. ! When Xia Tian wants turn around to leave, a great roar transmits, a Xia Tian ear pain that this sound shakes, the ground also rocked. What thing?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle. Bang! Bang! The ground started to rock. A moment ago that roar was really too big, Xia Tian listened to also a little discoloration, if after this sound is physique person almost listened, perhaps will faint directly, has the heart disease person even directly to scare to death. Person who Xia Tian also has the experience, but he has not heard such terrifying sound, solely is the person vitality tuck dive that the roar can shake, his footsteps even directly shake the ground. The vibration from ground, Xia Tian can guess that terroristly actually obtains this everybody's body weight. Variation! Definitely is the variation biology, moreover was a large animal variation, after the variation the palm of the hand big frog turned into half person high, that originally build very big monster? They only become greatly. But this time appears will certainly be a colossus, super great monster, the monster of this rank has surmounted the standard of biology, otherwise impossible to vibrate the ground.

!! Sound of surrounding branch break. The branch tensile energy showed that two issues, first, this monster has surpassed the branch, second, the skin of this monster must explain compared with any steel and iron that can break off including the branch easily. Shasha! The grass of Xia Tian ground starts to incline. Wind! This monster walks led wind unexpectedly can blow crookedly a person of high grass, thus it can be seen the monster is not definitely simple. Actually is Expert of what rank?” Xia Tian deeps frown, the eye looks directly to the distant place, the sound transmits from that direction. Well, that group of South Korean walked from there a moment ago probably.” Xia Tian discovered the direction that direction South Korea Expert that sound conveys leaves, South Korea this time came many Expert, altogether adds to have more than 120 people. It seems like had the good play to look.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, afterward jumped up directly the branch, flushes away to the direction that the South Korean leaves directly, quick, he overtook that crowd of South Korean Expert. Bang! Ground also in fierce is rocking, but Xia Tian saw the true colors of that colossus, when he saw this monster shaking the head that keeps: unexpectedly is it.”