Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1095

Xia Tian looks own front monster feeling very inconceivable, he has not thought that in this Anonyme Island unexpectedly has this living thing . Moreover the variation, this thing was one of the jungle King. Now after the variation, this fellow's reminder was huger. It is, bear! The bear is in the jungle one of the most terrorist biology, even if the old hunter bumps into it destiny that also only then died, because its skin is very thick, the (spear|gun) cannot hit, moreover its striking power very formidable. It is said a grown bear can rip open a tiger. Is the defensive power very good great bear, now became has ruled by force, Xia Tian guessed that the great bear defensive power of present is not perhaps good to break Spirit Tool. It seems like this group of South Korean must meet with a disaster.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, although he a moment ago has not begun to the South Korean, however in his Inner Strength has defined the South Korean as may kill the person. Because their goals are bright, should to the treasure, but he has not stated clearly. They do not want such already to Xia Tian. Therefore he chose the temporariness to make concessions, had already seen through regarding his thoughts Xia Tian, therefore he also included in these people the list that has been possible to kill, now they bump into this type of huge monster directly, Xia Tian naturally waited to look at the good play. This great bear is terrorist, even if were Xia Tian saw also can only escape. Now these South Korean Expert want to escape is obviously impossible, the speed of bear is not slow, if they run away, that bear certainly will chase after and never give up, then must die in the team rear person without doubt. Therefore they cannot run away, once ran away, that this team ended. Chief, we now what to do?” South Korean Expert asked. Finds the way to surround this everybody, then runs away, the words that otherwise runs away directly, few can run away, even if can run away, the team has also dispersed, bumps into Expert of other country same dead.” Chief of South Korea knows once own this group of people washed out the formation, Expert of that other country will definitely not let off their, therefore they must maintain this formation, otherwise must die without doubt. But at this time in front of them has a colossus. This colossus is not good to cope.

Good, then on lineup.” South Korean Expert said. Good, so long as can surround it temporarily, we have the opportunity to escape, uses sleepy Dragon Dazhen.” South Korean Chief said. All people prepare, sleepy Dragon Dazhen.” Suddenly these disciples in South Korea all started to get ready, the sleepy dragon war was Han best sleepy, this Formation can surround all enemies. They have attempted, even if Earth Grade late stage Expert of South Korea is stranded in inside, is very difficult to escape. Therefore they planned that copes with the great bear with this sleepy dragon war. Sleepy Dragon Dazhen. All people stand in different positions, starts to display sleepy Dragon Dazhen. Roar! A great roar transmits, great Xiong Kaishi has charged, its charge speed is fast, the surrounding branch destroys instantaneously, the weed of ground was blown directly by the wind. Bang! Bang! As if the earthquake same sound conveys. This fellow, was too scary.” Xia Tian surprised looks at the great bear, he believes that is the ordinary missile perhaps also is very difficult to blow away this fellow. Bang! Again great bear charge time, the cage fictitious shade appears together, this basket unexpectedly stiffly great Xiong Guan in inside. What?” Xia Tian stares immediately, this basket unexpectedly Lian Juxiong can provide lodging, this was also too terrifying, this great bear charge strength was a hill can also hit, but its unexpectedly by basket blocking. This was a little terrifying.

Actually this is any thing, unexpectedly can block the great bear.” Xia Tian opened the X-Ray Vision eye directly, the energy of this basket is Inner Strength of these people, moreover on these basket also fine lace as guidance. Roar! Roar! Great roars reach in the ears of all people. Rumbling! The ground also starts to rock. Originally is this, that fine lace is the conductor, they spoke Inner Strength to pour into on the fine lace, can tow directly Inner Strength, created the Inner Strength manifestation phenomenon, as a result of large number of elderly persons, Inner Strength that therefore this basket consumed was not big . Moreover the basket did not have any striking power, such consumption was smaller.” Finally actually Xia Tian looked at clear opposite party sleepy Dragon Dazhen what's the matter. Said that is very simple. However that fine lace was any material quality, Xia Tian cannot look, this big was that fine lace most is also main. Everybody continues keep it up, pours into Inner Strength, such one met us to have the opportunity of departure.” What the leaders in South Korea said is leaves, but does not escape, like this said possibly to have face some. Bang! Bang! Great bear that powerful both arms unceasing pounding on basket. The leaders in South Korea plan unusual is thorough, words that such gets down, they can achieve one person not to injure. That fine lace does not know that is any material quality makes, it seems like it is the disposable goods, now the fine lace thinning gradually, this fine lace most can insist for 15 minutes, but this everybody such hits, perhaps are most can also insist that ten minutes, is about ten minutes has sufficed them to escape.” Xia Tian looked that the leader to that South Korea shows a faint smile: Normal, you can definitely escape, what a pity you do not know that also has my existence.” Xia Tian prepared to get rid, how he possibly looks that these South Korean left. ! At this moment, the Xia Tian two silver needles project, shot directly on the heads of two South Korean disciples, the two fell to the ground directly, silent.

What's the matter? Quickly isn't so good?” Earth Grade Expert very discontented saying of South Korea. Xia Tian has not worried to get rid, now this group of people are the living targets, so long as he does not attack these Earth Grade above Expert, nobody can discover him, naturally he was unable to attack that South Korean leader surrounding person, otherwise certainly will also discover by his strength. Anything is called the living target. Stands your there makes you kill. Now this group of people are one group of living targets, they stand there make Xia Tian kill. ! Xia Tian has projected three silver needles, three people fall to the ground. Afterward Xia Tian has projected dozens silver needles fast, he knows himself, if a bit faster does not get rid, the opposite party must respond. „It is not right, has the person! Be careful.” The South Korean leaders give a loud shout, these disciples dodge hurriedly. But more than ten individuals without enough time dodged, die above the Xia Tian silver needle. Actually is hateful is who?” That South Korean Chief vision took a fast look around in surroundings. Xia Tian sneaked off at this time, but not waits for him to run 100 meters time, he saw a more interesting matter: Hee hee, this was interesting.”