Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1096

When Xia Tian just about to leaves, he had suddenly discovered the person of another team, the person of this team are many, moreover each one is Expert, what is main is a that person of aura, Xia Tian is familiar. But this person the Xia Tian old enemy, initially Xia Tian also almost died in his hands. At this time these people to fighting a wild boar, wild boar is not small, but they cope actually to accomplish a task with ease, this group of people are powerful, is the several people of head with the wild boar dogfight, other people are sneak attacking. Their fights are orderly, at this time facing this big wild boar, they also merely only then two were injured. Island Country shade level Expert, has not thought that such quickly bumped into.” Xia Tian this is second time bumps into Island Country shade level Expert, previous time bumps into his time, oneself almost died. At this time he bumps into this Island Country shade level Expert once more, he naturally must entertain well, these Islander. ! The Xia Tian two silver needles project. In two endures the rank Expert dead a violent death instantaneously, the opportunity that Xia Tian looks for is good, therefore the opposite party had not discovered that moreover their present attention all on that wild boar. This group of people are away from Xia Tian not to be far, moreover their whole body irrigation with wild boar to war, therefore the present is the best opportunity of Xia Tian sneak attack. Opportunity will not be many.” Xia Tian threw dozens silver needles instantaneously. ! Dozens silver needles shoot, has exuded sound from out of the blue. Be careful.” That shade level Expert gives a loud shout, but the distances of Xia Tian distance these people are really too near, although there is a that person to remind, but was without enough time. The flash, in more than 30 endured the rank Expert dead in the hand of Xia Tian. From is so near, moreover sneak attack, Xia Tian is impossible to let slip. The person who on these endures the rank is coping with that wild boar with total concentration, therefore has then given the Xia Tian such good sneak attack opportunity, Xia Tian dives with great difficulty, how also to miss such good opportunity. Puff! Puff! Puff!

The silver needle penetrates head that on these endures, their bodies pour in the pool of blood. ! That shade level Expert killed instantaneously to the Xia Tian hiding place. Whiz! Flickered the body technique, the body of Xia Tian vanishes in instantaneously same place, afterward he used to flicker the body technique once more. Whiz! Consecutively after three flicker the body technique. Xia Tian escaped from Expert of that shade level to chase down. Hateful, do not hit, pursues to me.” That shade level Expert has sent out angry whooshing, afterward these people pursue directly to the direction that Xia Tian escapes. Xia Tian escaping direction South Korea Expert there, he in the past was a big silver needle projected. Afterward he returns to Island Country Expert there again. Also is one pile of silver needles of projects. Comes and goes to start once again, Xia Tian shuttle among these two groups of people, is carrying on the sneak attack, moreover he launches many silver needles each time, the launches from four sides eight law, pretends the appearances of many person. The people of both sides were getting more and more near, but Xia Tian is the tractors of both sides. Do not make them run away, kills to me, anyone, dares to offend our Big Island empire to die.” That shade level Expert angry shouting, his person was sneak attacked dead that many, he possibly is how resigned. Very relaxed fight actually died the person, this regarding him simply is the shame, when he personally on the scene, opposite party unexpectedly can also kill his person, and has killed that many people. Normal deals with that wild boar not deceased person, but right now they died many people.

That wild boar is still pursuing in behind. He must kill opposite person to vent spleen. At this time the leader anger of North Korea, he has not thought opposite party unexpectedly again and again sneak attacks them. This simply is that they, when the monkey plays. Now this diamond controlled was similar, therefore he person who plans to kill this group of sneak attacks first, making the generations of these ganefs know fierce of their South Korea Expert, therefore he must kill. All people follow me, this bear has been able to bar up has met, we kill first, kills off that gang to sneak attack our hybrids.” Leader angry shouting of South Korea. Therefore they also start to pursue that direction. Quick both sides on meeting. unexpectedly is your this flock of Island Country dogs, kills to me.” The leaders in South Korea have killed directly, grievances that between South Korean and Island Country is very deep, years Sino-Japanese War or nowadays political contradiction. Has not broken. But these Island Country Expert of opposite party, see the South Korean time is also on faces unusual disdaining. Snort, destroys completely the South Korean pig that this group can only sneak attack!” Shade level Expert gives a loud shout. Hit. Both sides battle instantaneously in together, but that wild boar also pursued, Island Country has the absolute superiority, time that but that wild boar pursues, they must branch out few people to cope with that wild boar. Therefore the fight was at a stalemate instantaneously in one. The war of both sides frequents each other to be without making any mutual concessions, no one fears anyone, they are the mortal enemies, that type the mortal enemy who meets must divide the life and death, at this time is the personal enemy meets particularly is jealous. Quick, Expert of both sides on thorough hitting in one.

Hits! Hits!” Xia Tian is shouldering of this event, he actually lying down safely sees a play on the branch. Leisurely. Very relaxed comfortable. Ah! Ah! Ah! The war cry rises from all directions, Xia Tian has sat up body, but he actually looked to the distant place, because the war cry was not here transmits, but was periphery, he closed both eyes, the hearing opened instantaneously. Many war cries. The entire island is fighting, all people have as if encountered the danger, they are fighting furiously, the strengths of these people are not weak, but they actually probably hit are laborious. In other words the entire island resulted in the monster to join up to cope with humanity. Does not have wisdom monster unexpectedly also to join up, it seems like that this island had some drastic change , but actually is what thing?” Xia Tian was getting more and more curious to that thing, although this type of thing he is not necessarily useful, but regarding China, actually possibly becomes a secret weapon. Therefore Xia Tian cannot make this thing drain. Oh, although human Expert came to be many, but if were the monster of this rank, that feared nobody to rush to the center to go, even if were I am impossible.” Deeping frown of Xia Tian. If here monster likely is this great bear so is terrorist, perhaps that Xia Tian wants to conquer this island also to take several years. Is impossible, if this island is the biology of this rank, then they already all flushed, now looked like the monster of great bear rank should be in this island one of the fiercest biology.” Xia Tian guessed. ! At this moment a great roar transmits.