Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1097

Hears the roar time, Xia Tian has turned the head. Is the great bear, the great bear escaped the shackles finally, starts to flush away to North Korean Expert there. Chief, is not good, could not shoulder, words that such hit again, our people must die.” South Korean Expert said. Hateful, removes! Informs all people, removes separatedly!” That South Korean Chief not with running away character, but these Expert of South Korea very distressed opening ran away at this time, moreover their thorough running away, the team also has dispersed chaotically. Saw that South Korean Expert ran away. These Islander very excited, they planned chases down. Stops! The powder, all people all disperse, night set.” That shade level Expert shouts directly, because he saw the great bear, he from great bear aura can feel that leaves this great bear to be certainly more formidabe than the wild boar. If makes them go to cope with the great bear and wild boar separately, they definitely will have very big loss, therefore he has also issued the order of escaping. Originally is this.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he looked to understand finally, reason that Expert of these countries had the damage, was because they have not put out fully, no one wants to do the bridal clothes for other people, therefore they started to keep the hand. Has not put out the complete strength. Snort, as you like, I and others.” Xia Tian was disinclined to force them to begin, they more were maintain the strength, Xia Tian have the opportunity to cause the contradiction among exceed to them, then sneak attacked. Finally can enter the person in central place truly definitely is very few. He can also omit much troubled. These South Korean Expert and Island Country Expert all started to disperse running away, they dispersed run away, the Xia Tian hunting and killing time came, they in the same place, Xia Tian possibly will not go to kill directly. After all opposite party Expert were too many. The method that he sneak attacks will expose.

So long as the opposite party enhances vigilance, the opportunity that he can go well is not big. Therefore he has been hiding, has played some tricks, lets South Korean Expert and Island Country Expert fights with all might, the idea of South Korean Expert is the treasure under entire day is their, therefore they definitely will rob, therefore Xia Tian has included the list of killing them. But Island Country that say nothing, even if they are not snatch the thing Xia Tian also to kill, let alone they brought these many Expert, the fools looked at their goal. These many Expert come definitely is not visits. Rest has sufficed, opens kills, you must wait for in the evening the set, I make you a person unable to wait in the evening.” Xia Tian said that complete vanished in personally same place, his body fast was shuttling back and forth in the jungle, the direction that these people escaped a moment ago he has remembered, simultaneously the speeds of these people also calculated in the Xia Tian mind. Therefore currently in the brain of Xia Tian had a map and Coordinate. Regardless of how these people run away cannot escape from the Xia Tian palm. Whiz! Xia Tian overtook first Islander. ! The day cold sword has cut off him directly around the middle, afterward Xia Tian continues to other Islander pursues, Expert of South Korea he does not worry, because South Korea this time arrives at the person not to be many, was Islander are too many. Moreover their this unexpectedly came that many Expert, Island Country shade level Expert leads( Earth Grade late stage Expert, ten Earth Grade intermediate stage Expert, 30 Earth Grade Initial Stage Expert). These many Expert strength that naturally were needless to say. This time arrived here Expert many are China, next is Island Country. Thus it can be seen these Islander ambitions actually big, although China this time came many people, but the hearts of these people are uneven, moreover is a little contradictory, looks like Xia Tian, with their almost a little enmity.

But has a Xia Tian person on behalf of the person of China name truly. Meanwhile, in military base. Senior Official is good!” Did not need to greet, what situation there present is, investigated the instrument unable to send?” China figure asked on the 2nd. Cannot come up, there has very strong magnetic field, this matter Major General Xia had confirmed that if not he reminds, our battleships will have the danger at that time.” A military officer said. This military officer delivers on Xia Tian that person of island. What did he say?” China No. 2 figure tightens. When we enter that island in ten kilometers, Major General Xia lets our aback, he said that has the magnetic field, I had not discovered at that time that the crew had not discovered that afterward an inspection really had the magnetic field, the ship started to lose with outside has related, afterward Major General Xia directly sat the island of speed boat step on, we drew back.” That military officer said. Since were he said that sure right, here unexpectedly will present the magnetic field, it seems like that the situation was not simple, with the aerial photography, actually I must know the traffic island last present what happened.” No. 2 figure order of China said. Yes, Senior Official!” These military officers got down to inform in abundance. Meanwhile, allow Song and Chen Lin were careful, they usually go forward time is cautious and solemn, when they see the danger, departure quietly, therefore until now, they are safe. However they also probably experience the person who several secondary have died. They finally understand why now Xia Tian must let on them the island, their beforehand mission were one group of people in the past completed, absolutely did not have this suspicious motion. Although their speeds of this advance seem slow, but is quick, they saw the person. Expert of other country.

Therefore they found a safe place to hide hurriedly. Xia Tian gives their mission to be very simple. Living. Therefore they will not go to crack a joke with their life. In the jungle has a hunter, this hunter is hunting and killing the person who completes the order form everywhere . Moreover the person of homicide majority is Islander, the homicide person never leaves the second move, this kills, he has killed dozens people. Meaning that but he has not called a halt. At this time in this island all people washed out, but they have the signal flare that oneself are in sole possession, night arrives, they will go to gather. Unknowingly, Xia Tian does not know one have killed many people, in brief, the sky had gotten dark. Meanwhile more than 30 signal flare launches in airborne, this was representing at least the person of more than 30 organization or influence washed out the formation, a day passed by, the speed that they went forward was not fast. Few that at least these super monsters die. What? How to come back such few people.” Island Country shade level Expert looks in front of surprisedly own these people, 30 people, enormous and powerful large unit unexpectedly remaining 30 people, that shade level Expert have only face upwarded drink greatly: Hateful, is actually who to do?”