Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1098

Crazy, that Island Country shade level Expert was crazy. Thorough stalemate crazily. The enormous and powerful more than 100 people of teams, only came back 30 people now, although may also have to run far, but cannot all people run far, at this time arrived here Earth Grade Expert to have 41 people, this has not been counted on these to endure the rank Expert. But now unexpectedly only comes back more than 30 people, this regarding them, is the ruinous attack. Anyone, I want you dead!” In that shade level Expert right hand pulls out a sharp knife, cuts off the side great tree directly. Great tree diameter more than one meter, but unexpectedly by this shade level Expert such relaxed cutting off. ! A wild boar rushes directly from the distant place. Hateful, I in fit of temper, your unexpectedly am also daring to come to act unruly now.” That shade level Expert vanished in instantaneously same place, afterward the sword in right hand cut directly in the wild boar frailest place. Puff! The neck of wild boar was given by him by below directly upwardly cutting off. Got angry, shade level Expert got angry finally. Before he made these under cope with the wild boar to let them disciplines they, moreover these under coped also accomplished a task with ease, but he has not thought that unexpectedly will have such condition. South Korean Chief there this time condition is not good. Chief, comes back 15 people.” South Korean Expert said.

15 people? Other people?” Asking of South Korean Chief doubts. Possibly is running was too far.” That South Korean Expert said. Present range set how long, the signal flare had the function of hauling, they are impossible to become lost, the impossible going astray direction, the only explanation was their is killed, I know that cannot make them walk alone, otherwise can have the condition, has not thought of really the condition, these may elite.” South Korean Chief grieved saying. Chief, we now what to do?” That South Korean Expert asked. Regardless has anything, do not disperse, must in the same place.” South Korean Chief said directly that he is very grieved, all of a sudden casualty that many Expert, his heart simply in drop blood. Now only the remaining 15 people, how this also rob the treasure. Chief, other influences also will definitely bump into this situation, therefore they cannot be left over many people, had the person who passed by from Island Country there saying that a moment ago Island Country there comes back more than 20 individuals, the person who they just started may be more than us, but comes back 20 people now.” That South Korean Expert said. Good, good, these Island Country dogs this so, they should become such miserable.” South Korean Chief finally was a little at heart balanced, before he also unusual not being feeling well, but now one hear of Island Country there became such miserable, he relaxed many. Xia Tian today he may little not kill people, what is main was he has provoked the flames of war, because the person of homicide are many, therefore the surrounding person also started the everybody feels insecure, they were also saw that others opened kill. This time Xia Tian is sitting in an open area peaceful is roasting the rabbit meat. The thick patches of grass within surrounding 100 meters were all cleaned up by him cleanly, therefore there is any thing to sneak attack his words, that absolutely is impossible, after Xia Tian has hit a big rabbit, started to start barbeque, this time he cleaned up the big rabbit according to the cleaning up roast duck, on him was bringing the seasoning, therefore he has made some branches, then put out two nine levels of weapon fork ground to treat as the rack, will take one big rabbit to pass through nine level weapon sticks. As for the fire, that was simpler, Xia Tian before the person does not dare to use easily, however he will certainly not care in this nobody's place, his flame is also not the ordinary flame, even if lights with the blockhead, the temperature of flame also compares the normal temperature to be high. Opens directly roasts! If makes others Xia Tian roast the thing with the weapon of this rank, they irritation not while still alive.

The weapon of this rank regarding these ordinary Earth Grade Expert may with, but cannot ask, but Xia Tian unexpectedly comes barbeque with them, Xia Tian roasts unusual is careful, the craftsmanship that he will learn all used. Moreover roast duck is small, this big rabbit big. The Xia Tian technique completely the technique of roast duck restaurant Boss there learning, the unusual specialty, he has kept firmly in mind the skill of this type of roast duck. Therefore roast duck restaurant Boss will say that has one time. Regardless of you remember many, comprehends many, only then this time opportunity, the second time looked that will not have any feeling, even if your reluctant studies the technique, you will also discover that is completely different. This is that roast duck skill. Xia Tian has believed that three people of lines must have my master, but, eight people of lines must have a dog basket. This is the invariable iron rule, any profession, so long as Xia Tian has a liking for will go to study, moreover there is that to dismantle blade skill, now Xia Tian has been useless after the swordsmanship that blade skill reorganizes. To amaze the world with a single brilliant feat. The day that he studies now strikes the technique is also very good, especially that move of day strikes unparalleled, is joined to the Xia Tian day cold sword, simply was the invincible swordsmanship, once the cold glow of day cold sword hit the opposite party, that was frozen. Anyone. The day cold sword now the biggest shortcoming is insufficiently sharp, if it has [gold/metal] Dao the sharpness, that simply was invincible, when the time comes nobody can block the Xia Tian swordsmanship. Quite fragrant.” Xia Tian can smell the fragrance on rabbit meat, the movement in his hand had not stopped. With total concentration looks at front rabbit meat.

barbeque is a craftsmanship, if before Xia Tian, meets barbeque, since has completed the technology after Boss of roast duck restaurant, his barbeque technique turned into most top. The thing that he roasted before can only describe with the trash. Is quick, finally is quick.” Xia Tian could not bear excitedly. Looks own front masterpiece, he wishes one could to nip two now, but he knows that he cannot such do, because Boss of roast duck restaurant has taught him, receives the officer to be very important, more is the ending cannot be careless on exceed. This will relate to the entire barbeque most important flavor. Ha Ha Ha Ha, finally succeeded.” The Xia Tian right hand wields, the earth of ground has annihilated the fire, afterward he looks at own front rabbit meat, puts out a knife directly, is nine levels of weapons. Xia Tian such does must envy dead simply others. unexpectedly slices meat to use nine levels of weapons continually. When Xia Tian wants to eat. Treads! The sound of footsteps transmits, Xia Tian doubts has turned the head, a man of whole body muscle appears in the Xia Tian front.