Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1099
Sees this man time, Xia Tian knew his great strength. But from his wear, Xia Tian knows that who this person was, that was supposed by the black market poster for that person of asterisk. Wrestler in Rome! This time comes here Expert to be many, Earth Grade above Expert has 200-300 people, but the black market poster has only labelled the asterisk on the body of this person, thus it can be seen this person dangerous. Treads! That person moves toward Xia Tian step by step, his Movement Technique is very steady, every step goes out does not leak any flaw. This is true Expert. Moreover his vision has been staring at Xia Tian. Hissing! Xia Tian has nipped meat in a hand directly, the flavor is good, but the fertilizer is not greasy, entrance. Treads! That person continues to Xia Tian here walks, quick, he has arrived at the Xia Tian front, four items double right, has the possibility of beginning anytime. Can eat?” Xia Tian asked. The opposite party nodded, the Xia Tian right hand turns, nine levels of knives appeared in his hands, throw to Expert of that Rome directly, the speed of throwing knife was fast, moreover their distances were very near, this type the bullet speed is quicker than from the throwing knife that Xia Tian threw. Hold up! Held, the opposite party held the throwing knife in Xia Tian hand very with ease, afterward sat on the ground, although he sat on the ground, but he did not have the flaw similarly, as if entire body was defended. Xia Tian has put out two bottles of liquor, threw to opposite party one bottle directly. Opposite party not polite, turned on the cover to drink one directly. Afterward, the following dialog, is Xia Tian thinks in history the dialog of best B.

This dialog, after being unprecedented, does not have the future! He has annotated aggression and provocation between two Expert fully. Hears your very good B?” Wrestler unexpectedly of that Rome said the China language . Moreover the glossary that uses is also the China official glossary, cow B these two solely are is not praising the person, his also fights intent to mix in inside. This war intent probably was the childhood two young boys when to rob a little girl that war intent. Hears your also very good B!” What Xia Tian uses sighs the sentence, what the opposite party uses is the interrogative sentence, such Xia Tian replied the issue of opposite party, has given also the opposite party the original words back. In their words has been full of the provocation. However they have not planned to begin to be the same, but has been bumping the beverage bottle to the air, afterward they have drunk. Silent! Then, they have not spoken any words. Sometimes among some people features is not flirting, but fights intent in the transmission, they are, although has not spoken, but they actually probably turned into many years of old friend to be the same, has understood the meaning of opposite party. They will certainly have a war. But now is also not the time. Their wars may are the wars of life and death, moreover living which the person also very to goes, now they have not entered the interior of Anonyme Island, words that therefore they hit now, then does not have the advantage to anyone. Two become the person of match actually sits after all at this time together eats the barbecue here, all drink. Silent, this night is very silent, after Xia Tian finished eating, lay down on the branch directly has fallen asleep, he has not gone to pay attention to the wrestler in that Rome, he knows one and opposite party fought is absolutely frank and upright. Therefore sleep in his side, he will not get rid to himself. The Heaven Absolute Wake biggest wondrous use is what no matter you tired become, next morning will get up time will guarantee to be refreshing. After the dialog of last night that cow B, Xia Tian also started the wrestler this Rome to bear in mind, this person was a powerful enemy, at least now Xia Tian has not thought that coped with him with any means.

Therefore Xia Tian must a bit faster think that half copes with the wrestler in this Rome. Moreover the wrestler in this Rome behind carries the double sword, although his sword is not Spirit Tool, but actually gives a Xia Tian sense of crisis, that two swords are very thick, has very big difference with the China sword. Whiz! Body fast shuttle of Xia Tian in jungle. Em?” At this moment, a Xia Tian brow wrinkle, he induced a familiar feeling, afterward he turned around hurriedly, ran to that direction, there war cry rose from all directions. Some people are fighting. Moreover probably is intense. Saw such situation, Xia Tian picked up the speed hurriedly. That aura is very familiar, is protector positive, the aura that but protector positive is chaotic, definitely has any important matter. Quick!” Xia Tian picked up the speed. This time combat zone, Maoshan enormous and powerful team, now only remaining ten people, moreover on these ten people all has the wound, their opposite have five people, on these five people is the blood, but the blood is not their. A Maoshan entire team to these five people, unexpectedly also occupied the inferiority, moreover now everywhere is the people of casualty, in the daytime, the people in Maoshan fought suffered a loss, but the opposite five people all were great Expert. Hateful, unexpectedly has bumped into them.” Protector saying of eyeful anger cloudy. Careful, if there is any matter, I am holding, you run away first.” Yang Hufa said in a low voice that he knows today they may be annihilated very much here, therefore he prepares himself to delay the time, lets protector to run away cloudy. „It is not good, you run away, I am holding.” Protector to say cloudy. Now, you have haggled over with me these uselessly.” Yang Hufa said in a low voice. Looks everywhere is the disciple in Maoshan, they die is miserable, the enormous and powerful big team now on only the remaining such several people, actually thus it can be seen the opposite these five people was good. Puff!

Also was Maoshan Expert dies in the hand of opposite party. Hateful, I and you spelled.” Protector to see that cloudy Maoshan Expert dies in the opposite party hand, the anger won, he has fired into the opposite party directly, in the ghost has intense whooshing. On together.” Protected buddhist law also to clash positive. They got up together. No one has run away. Puff! Person dying of Maoshan one after another, their bodies also had the obvious wound, although they many are great Expert, but they cannot display the complete strength now. But the opposite party also similarly is topest Expert. Therefore they were getting more and more strenuous. Whistling! Two People mouths is panting for breath, at this time in all people in Maoshan only then they were also living, other people have all died, looks at opposite that five fellow of threatening. They sighed. Today they must ruin here. That five people killed directly to them. Hold up! At this moment, cold light flew together, pounded directly in their middle: Who dares to move my brother.”