Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1100

Bang! Is centered on the sword, surrounding ground instantaneous avalanche, surrounding plant also by freezing block. Day cold sword! Only then day cold sword can create the so big might. But master also Xia Tian of day cold sword. This sudden accident makes both sides also call a halt. Xia Tian!” Yang Hufa saw Xia Tian time relaxed. Protector cloudy has not spoken, because he does not know Xia Tian, but he can look from the positive protector beforehand action, protector with Xia Tian positive definitely has the friendship, now Xia Tian suddenly appears here, has proven this point. But Xia Tian enemies in Maoshan, but Xia Tian unexpectedly saves them now. Shouted, caught up fortunately.” Xia Tian aspirated, afterward bit mouth two to restore the compounded drug, he must open a moment ago simply full speed, therefore he must eat two to restore the compounded drug now. How did you come?” Protector puzzled asking positive, here is not small, but Xia Tian unexpectedly can also catch up. „The aura of Maoshan I was too familiar.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. He did not have to say anything. However Yang Hufa understood, Xia Tian when knows that he had the crisis to catch up on the earliest possible time, this was the friendship, can say that he with the Xia Tian understanding was also a coincidence, their friendship were also continuously ambiguous. After all Xia Tian has deceived him. Moreover Xia Tian all has also stolen away all compounded drugs of Maoshan, and has won the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, can say that Xia Tian gives the attack of Maoshan is very big, he is also the public enemy number one in Maoshan. Therefore protector positive has been avoiding having the too deep friendship with Xia Tian as far as possible. But now when knew that he has danger, Xia Tian appeared firmly, his Maoshan this time came these many Expert, can make him beset with a crisis, that absolutely is not affable, Xia Tian clearly knows that the opposite party is not affable, actually same came.

Xia Tian has not gone with Yang Hufa smalltalk anything, but turned the head to look to front that five people, the status of these five people did not need to guess, because on their clothes marks. Quicksand! Had seen Xia Tian of that list knew the status of these five people, the Quicksand five dark health/guard. Before seeing list, Xia Tian does not know Quicksand also five such Expert, the appearances of their five each people grotesque, on the face also has the scabs, what is main is their five with the sword. Xia Tian, careful, these five people are the Quicksand five dark health/guard, their five are great Sword Technique Expert, the operational experience is rich, the murder are countless, the swords in their hand are also the famous swords.” Yang Hufa reminded hurriedly. He said these many to tell Xia Tian actually, these five people are not affable. Quicksand five dark health/guard. Five Earth Grade late stage Expert, moreover their five are different from other Earth Grade late stage Expert, their operational experiences are rich, is extra-superior Expert, moreover their Sword Technique are excellent. Perhaps figure of this rank, besides Wei Guang, nobody can control. If Xia Tian wants with them compared with the operational experience, looked that a little insufficiently looked, although he compares the person operational experience that these have a high and respected position to be rich, however the front five dark health/guard do not have unearned reputation absolutely. Their wound some make mission to stay behind. Some are Wei Guang injures. By they five people of strengths, naturally disdained in making Assassins, disdained in giving others works as the subordinate, but their five actually became the Quicksand five dark health/guard, because Wei Guang pledged them. Every year gives them one time to challenge own opportunity. Wei Guang never keeps the hand, but Wei Guang will not kill them, but on them the biggest wound is Wei Guang stays behind. In them, some people skinny like firewood, some people bend the waist, but also some people of bodies are straight , the two eyes of some people are blind, on the last face has a long scar, this scar has passed through his face. Terror!

These five people solely from appearance and imposing manner are the unusual terrors. Quicksand! Xia Tian finally once more to Quicksand. Moreover Quicksand five dark health/guard. On each of them has Swordsman on extremely to have will have the Expert aura, Xia Tian with Quicksand is a mortal enemy, therefore bumps into Quicksand now, that has to fight one. They have five people merely, but actually extinguished Maoshan school of almost all Expert. Thus it can be seen these five people of terrors! „The white tiger abstention, you are the Xia Tianlong son.” Skinny such as that person of firewood looked that said to Xia Tian. I like others calling my name.” Xia Tian light saying. No, your name nobody relates, we know is Xia Tianlong and Yin Nie.” That skinny such as the person of firewood said. Records, I am afraid you not to know whose hand one die.” Xia Tian very tranquil saying. Death! His words were very clear, he must kill this fellow. Five dark health/guard are the Quicksand secret weapons, only takes orders in Wei Guang one person, they five people of strengths reach the pinnacle, especially their Sword Technique, that is nobody can compare. Their five people stand there are declaring the perfection. But Xia Tian opened mouth must kill people. This some were too rather wild.

Cloudy protector also thought that is not realistic, although he heard Xia Tian caught the Maoshan old ancestors strikes, but he also heard that Xia Tian has used any secret weapon, moreover can only use a time secret weapon to avoid a tribulation. Therefore he does not believe absolutely Xia Tian can kill these five people. Moreover Xia Tian, only then a person, the opposite party has five people, does this hit? VS five? This is not realistic, these five people are extra-superior Expert, if their five begin together, that can extinguish simply kills all. The war is ready to be set off. The Yin-Yang protector to forward two steps. You have the wound, first restores.” Xia Tian has given restoration compounded drug of their Maoshan, this type restores the effect of compounded drug on Xia Tian to be small, but restored the effect to be good to the people in their Maoshan. After they received the compounded drug, took. We help you together.” Protector earnest saying positive. Xia Tian pats the shoulder that has protected buddhist law positive with the hand, gives expression that he has felt relieved, afterward he turns head to look to the Quicksand five dark health/guard, this time five dark health/guard are look at Xia Tian that a face ponders, they as if have not paid attention to be the same Xia Tian. Truly so. They think one are Xia Tianlong also has Yin Nie is the same for the person, but Xia Tian is just a Junior young man. If Xia Tianlong and Yin Nie here, they must be apprehensive, but at this time front the boy is just the Xia Tianlong son, Yin Nie apprentice. In your five same places.” The Xia Tian vision stares at the opposite party to give a loud shout.