Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1102

The situation that Xia Tian obtains with great difficulty like this by the opposite party explaining, thus it can be seen, actually the operational experience of opposite party is how rich. China Expert has had since many. However their operational experiences are insufficient, many people have a high and respected position, thinks one are powerful, nobody dares to annoy, when they meet Expert really insufficiently looked. Why this is also Xia Tian can kill these Earth Grade intermediate stages easily, Earth Grade Initial Stage, even Earth Grade late stage Expert reason. His operational experience is rich, so long as starts, he will have the initiative superiority, soon the opposite party started to walk with own rhythm, therefore he can win with ease. But he at this time has bumped into the Quicksand five dark health/guard. These five people year to year fight outside, the homicide case in their each individual hand is no less than over a thousand. This has created on them that intense murderous aura, their rich operational experiences. Comes up, the opposite party was in the dominant position. Xia Tian uses the Eight Trigrams step hurriedly, the dominant position will snatch, but the Xia Tian dominant position once more loses now. Thus it can be seen, this fellow is not affable. This time Xia Tian had planned that used the real skill to come, he knows, if continued to hide own strength, may die in the hand of opposite party very much. Ka! Carrying a heavy load on Xia Tian the hand and foot has all picked. Bang! Carries a heavy load to pound , in ground, the ground was pounded a pit directly, actually thus it can be seen these carry a heavy load some multi- sinking. Em?” Bai Wuchang a brow wrinkle: Carries a heavy load, this carrying a heavy load should be Quicksand is Bai Yu has custom-made, the process of manufacture of this thing is troublesome, moreover cost specially high, how will you have?” What you should care was how I to kill you.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, if he can cut to kill the Quicksand five dark health/guard here, then outside Heavenly Connection the hole opens time, his few five enemies. Moreover is the powerful enemy.

„To kill me? You were tender.” Bewitching sword in Bai Wuchang the hand attacked instantaneously to Xia Tian. ! Slow! Too slow!” The Xia Tian sound appears in the white variable side. Quite quick, speed unexpectedly can compare favorably with Bai Yu.” Bai Wuchang a brow wrinkle, he has not thought that Xia Tian speed unexpectedly can be so quick, Bai Yu was known as that is in the world speed quickest person. He naturally has fought, if Bai Yu does not want to hit, he absolutely does not have the opportunity to get rid, even to hit, the Bai Yu speed also lets his headache. Now front the later generation late lives the speed that unexpectedly also has so goes against heaven's will. Other four dark Wei stands had not said there a few words. dāng! Xia Tian day cold sword again white variable blocking, white variable worthily is the Quicksand five dark health/guard, the operational experience very rich, even if in this case, he does not have slight startled. But keeps dodges the attack of Xia Tian, simultaneously observes the Xia Tian movement with the eye, hopes that can see a clue from the Xia Tian movement. But the Xia Tian movement was really too strange. One can be Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, one can be Eight Trigrams Movement Technique, one can flickers the body technique. Absolutely does not have any rule. Quite fierce, is the Quicksand five dark health/guard, unexpectedly can also be safe and sound under the offensive of Xia Tian this type of violent storm worthily.” Yang Hufa looks surprisedly white variable, he knows why finally own this group of people defeated such miserably. He thinks is the daytime results in reason, but he understood now, even if the dark night, they will be also same will lose. Because the strengths of these five people have surpassed his paying in advance. Their swordsmanship are unusual. Moreover the operational experience is also the unusual terrifying.

In situation that Xia Tian so is pressing hard on, his unexpectedly can also not reveal the defeat looks like. It seems like I also really underestimated you.” Bai Wuchang thinks adds on the operational experience by own super swordsmanship, can relaxed Insta-kill Xia Tian, look like other Insta-kill Earth Grade Expert such, but he has not thought that the Xia Tian swordsmanship is not worse than him . Moreover the operational experience of Xia Tian is also very rich, most lets his headache is Xia Tian Movement Technique. Xia Tian Movement Technique does not have the rule. Makes the person not trace clue completely, his Movement Technique looks like a person is the same at the performance. Slow, was too slow.” Very Xia Tian disdains looked at a sclera to be variable. I had told you, your this move is useless to me, I impossible to be enraged by you.” White variable still very vigilant. Xia Tian has not thought that white variable unexpectedly fought was so long, did not have slight careless, this match he also was really first meeting, this made his these methods feel nowhere available. dāng! Shuttle that the day cold sword is quick in white variable surroundings, around sword blade cuts, makes white be thrown into confusion variably. The Xia Tian speed is a trick. Copes with Earth Grade late stage Expert, his speed has very big superiority. The next his strength is not small, he has eaten the person of Tianchi water monster meat, therefore the strength and human body strive to excel compared with the average person, moreover after he casts off has carried a heavy load, strengthen is not only the speed, strength and overall addition. Therefore he so long as now were not hit by enemy, the opposite party takes him not to have the means. Suddenly their thorough deadlock in same place. Snort, since cannot take you in a short time, I compete the endurance with you, you certainly will present when the time comes the flaw, even if not present the flaw, your Inner Strength does not have me to be vigorous, drags also to drag you.” White variable coldly looks at Xia Tian, innermost feelings secretly thought. Competion endurance? His unexpectedly must with Xia Tian competion endurance. The Xia Tian three seconds bite one to restore the compounded drug.

Does Xia Tian lack the compounded drug? Naturally does not lack. Does the Xia Tian compounded drug spend? Naturally does not spend. They here get for three days three nights, Xia Tian will not burn out absolutely, his Inner Strength continuously, on the contrary is in vain variable, how long can he insist? ! The day strikes the technique! Day cold sword in Xia Tian right hand starts to seethe instantaneously, attacking to white variable. This fighting method consumed Inner Strength, Xia Tian starts for one second to eat two to restore the compounded drug, he wanted the new tactic now, he did not count the start of consumption to use this style. Although this style white is variable you to keep off, however his consumption are also many. This is the Xia Tian goal. He he, you defeated.” The body of Xia Tian removes, afterward fell on same place, the day cold sword in his right hand pointed to white variable. Em?” Bai Wuchang has doubts looks to Xia Tian, although he is a little truly tired, the consumption is also very big, but he has not defeated now. Xia Tian has not explained anything. At this moment he moved, his right hand flings, more than ten cold light have shot at directly together white variable. The day strikes unparalleled!