Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1103

Sees these Sword Light time, white variable stares slightly, afterward he wants direct retreat. At this moment, he feels an own under foot hemp! His unexpectedly cannot move. Was bad, certainly was a moment ago.” Bai Wuchang then responded that he did not have to think one were so careful, but can also on working as of Xia Tian, a moment ago the Xia Tian continual attack, although he has blocked, however his leg reached the limit. Although he now can move, but absolutely quickly these Sword Light, in other words he if now ran away, these Sword Light behind will directly disappear him in him. Saw Sword Light already to his at present. But he absolutely cannot block these many Sword Light. Kills!” Bai Wuchang gives a loud shout. Meanwhile, his behind four forms simultaneously moved, five people collaborate together, broke Xia Tian Sword Light directly. Five people collaborated. The Yin-Yang that Maoshan sends protector arrived at the Xia Tian side directly. Prepares to go all out a meaning greatly at any time. Quicksand in legend five protected unexpectedly to collaborate to break the Xia Tian day darkly to strike together unparalleled, a moment ago that was the plan of Xia Tian, the body of everyone had the limit, was the coordination, Xia Tian exhausted fully attacked the opposite party, the opposite party meets the first time, that will receive the Xia Tian continuous attack. Seemed he caught Xia Tian all attacks. In fact. Anybody blocks that many attacks of Xia Tian one after another, the arm and leg, the waist somewhat will be lacking in vigilance, although this paralysis is minimal, but the fight between Expert is so. Even if little is uncoordinated, is giving the Xia Tian opportunity. When the Xia Tian use day strikes unparalleled, white variable will feel that cannot shunt.

I had already said lets in your five same places, happen to can also save my many trouble.” Xia Tian looks to Quicksand five dark health/guard light saying. Five people have not spoken. Because the action truly lost face. They just had said their five are to Yin Nie is also one-to-one, now gets rid to cope with Xia Tian on five people together. Their five have to get rid together. Because Xia Tian that white variable could not shunt a moment ago. They can feel the crisis from the cold glow. If they do not get rid, that white is either dead or wounded variably, actually will die certainly, because above the sword glow has the cold attribute. But they want to be white carry off variably already is impossible, therefore they together will get rid to prevent the Xia Tian cold glow, first they lost, moreover loses is very dirty. ! At this moment, the surroundings have broadcast a sound of clapping the hands. One line of seven people walked from behind. „The Quicksand five dark health/guard are really extraordinary, five people cope with youngster, is really lives up to reputation.” Snort, Wudang seven.” White variable facial color ice-cold looks at these seven people. Their seven people are the uniform Earth Grade intermediate stage strengths, but nobody can underestimate them, sword that because their seven join up may be called invincible, is sword that past Wudang initiator Zhang Sanfeng created, since has spread. I listened to the person saying that before Quicksand five escort not to get rid to deal with a person darkly together, generally is single Tiao, now looks like, whoops yo.” Wudang seven child are one person of head said. „Do you want to fight?” White variable seemed said the sore spot is the same.

Hits hits, we do not fear you, but our Wudang seven child always together get rid, we may not have the reputation that anything independent combat, will therefore not be scoffed.” Wudang seven child are that person of head said. His words are ridiculing the Quicksand five dark health/guard obviously. Because they were known as that bumps into time absolute independent combat of person, but their unexpectedly five people together get rid now. Although they have not attacked, but to save others. But they truly were five people together begin the volume, in this situation does not calculate actually five people got rid to deal with a Xia Tian person together, after all their attack, but was only the life-saving. Now had been bitten this topic by the Wudang seven child that people, they felt awkwardly. Hateful, your unexpectedly here.” At this moment, the people of two teams walked together, a team has several people, a team has more than 30 individuals, is Expert and Island Country of South Korea Expert. They are the old enemies, but at this time not only has not started, as if also united. Yo, how you do not hit.” Person who Xia Tian smiling looks at that two sides. Eight, I must meet a cruel death you.” That Island Country shade level Expert angry looked that said to Xia Tian, they meet once more stares, they also think is the opposite party does, but carries on to the qualitative time discovered that they do not have to sneak attack the opposite party. Moreover after their people were also extinguished kills, including the trail do not have. This made that South Korean Chief think of a person. Can kill people in the invisible person. That is Xia Tian! Moreover at that time Xia Tian should in, therefore they understood all of a sudden, all was Xia Tian does, therefore their two sides started to unite, crusaded against Xia Tian together. Eight your younger sister eight! Your let alone words, father most repugnant Islander, was careful that I all extract downward to shiver your full mouth tooth, then installs to you dog tooth.” Xia Tian looks that Island Country shade level Expert said. You court death!” That shade level Expert said that must kill directly to Xia Tian.

Quite lively.” At this moment, one line of more than 20 people appear in the front of people, the clothes that these people wear are special, Xia Tian looked, Mongolian Expert. These people's arrivals, making the atmosphere more tension-filled. Snort!” Also more than 100 people came, these person of faces is a face angry looks at Xia Tian, their appearances are special, is good to identify, understood at a glance that was Expert of Thailand. Xia Tian has killed their Earth Grade late stage Expert, five Earth Grade intermediate stage Expert. Mortal enemies! Among them is also the mortal enemy. Five people! Expert of Vietnam also came, they have five people. Afterward China these powder cultivated also appeared, they stood, the meaning of not having gone forward, two teams merged into one team. Whiz! Also was ten forms falls before the people. Hidden Sect Expert. In these people also one is the Xia Tian defeated, Shan Yunzong the person, they ten people of strengths are not too strong, but the surrounding these China people are to their slight bow, greeted on own initiative. Thus it can be seen, Hidden Sect in the China status actually high, this status was aloof. Ha Ha Ha Ha, it seems like did not need me to begin, your enemy were really many.” That shade level Expert laughs was saying that at this time he clearly can feel here had many people full of the hostility to Xia Tian.