Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1105

They all grip tightly their fist, may get rid anytime. Was angry? Come, I stand in this, is the man, is the man on, father kills your people, scolded your mothers, you actually stood there, didn't have prospect a little?” In the Xia Tian words character character the Tibetan's knife, naturally this type of Tibetan's knife is not Tibetan's knife in the folklore. The folk Tibetan's knife is this. Character character character character character blade character character character character character! This type was also called in the character Tibetan's knife, but this type and the Xia Tian words compared are not anything, Xia Tian points at these two heads of people to scold them now, they do not dare to talk back. Many cow B that „said that how many people have brought , after I have killed, loudly is shouted, will not let off me, is the present? Standing of my TM before you, does anyone of you dare on?” Xia Tian said, changed Hidden Sect there. „Didn't you want a moment ago on? Now? Lacking prospects of your TM, father visits to carry off a girl to be one's wife, a person has swept away your entire Shan Yunzong, has killed your Shan Yunzong Expert, took your Shan Yunzong compounded drug, has destroyed your Shan Yunzong over ten thousand swords, is the present? You can only look that I like your this not being have a liking for I not being able to kill my expression.” The Xia Tian words let the surrounding complete silence again. Snort!” That mountain Yun sect Earth Grade intermediate stage Expert cold snort, wants to alleviate some faces. Snort what? To fight? That comes, the father calculates that momentarily was passing can the second you, coped with your this type of waste my half move not to use.” Xia Tian scolded again, the opposite party wants to relax the face, now the face loses was bigger. This that mountain Yun sect Earth Grade intermediate stage Expert has not spoken, but is the complexion is pale. Xia Tian turns the head to look to the next group of people, when he sees that five dark health/guard, shows a faint smile: You are all right, after all you also dare five people on together.” Although the Xia Tian words said not much, but they five complexions are not good. Because their five are always on, was white a moment ago variable unexpectedly the Xia Tian [say / way], therefore their five talents got rid to save others together, Xia Tian Xia Tian also mentioned this matter.

This made their reputations somewhat destroy. However their five truly are in the wrong, therefore has not spoken. When Xia Tian saw Wudang seven said: I do not have any too big enmity with you, but hits remnantly the clear water sword Saint, if at that time were not he looks for a job, I will not do, if you want to recover the gathering place, I welcome at all times.” His matter, above has processed, moreover we want to look for the gathering place, our Wudang also absolutely is not that person of taking advantage of somebody.” Wudang seven child are one person of head said. Em!” Xia Tian nodded, looks to the next batch. Was right, to your Thailand high large this, you said that your Thailand Expert, special Xing Jun of unification loves act high and mighty, the first person dares to cause trouble in black market that I manage, I naturally must kill, the second person act high and mighty before me, had been killed by me, third your person unexpectedly also dares to get the gate, how I possibly keep the living witness, I altogether have killed your Earth Grade late stage Expert of Expert and five Earth Grade intermediate stages, moreover I can also stand before you now, you on think so that does not revenge.?” Xia Tian disdains stared these Thai Expert one. Smiles the arrogant outstanding heroes. Present Xia Tian really smiles the arrogant outstanding heroes, he stands in the middle, scolded these people one by one, but was nobody dares to come out. Was too graceful, too extraordinary, these many Expert have stood there, the teacher scolded them, their unexpectedly nobody dares to stand, the teacher was really too impressive.” A Chen Lin face worship looks to Xia Tian. This is true Expert, just started us also to think that the teacher is just an ordinary boy, but now looks like, we are really wrong is very odd, the great strength of teacher has surpassed our cognition, the teacher has stood there at this time immovability, seems a natural King is the same.” allow Song looks at Xia Tian to say. Aggressive! At this time all people feel Xia Tian on the spot very aggressively.

Xia Tian enemy or friend. Xia Tian dares a person to stand there smiles the arrogant outstanding heroes, this by blowing, but is the strength and self-confidence. Xia Tian likes studying battlefield current political situation, present current political situation is this, although they have a grudge with Xia Tian, but they are not willing to go to work as that person who takes the lead, although Xia Tian and may not Insta-kill they, but accidentally energy? Once has the consumption, they will then miss an opportunity to robbing of treasure. Therefore they are not willing to make others obtain without labor the strength of elderly fisherman. Because of this idea, therefore Xia Tian scolded their times one by one, their actually nobody dares to stand. Waste, what entire TM is the waste.” Xia Tian vision 11 has swept the surrounding these people. These are present age great Expert, but was such scolded by Xia Tian at this time, their unexpectedly each dares to go forward, therefore Xia Tian turns the head to look once more to Island Country shade level Expert: You said that I visit you not to be feeling well, what to do can this?” These people are also very aggrieved, but Xia Tian idled bored unexpectedly to start to taunt Island Country these people. Snort, do not think that I do not dare to begin.” Shade level Expert angry saying of that Island Country. Right, I am think that you do not dare to begin.” Saying that Xia Tian disdains. „It is not good, such big weaponry, must encircle kills me, if I do not kill some people, I will not be feeling well.” Xia Tian these words could be said as in good B.

Others do not ask him to trouble, his unexpectedly must start to kill people. I also visited you not to be feeling well in any case, started to kill since you.” Xia Tian looks up said to Island Country these Expert. Snort, comes, will I fear you?” Shade level Expert angry saying of that Island Country, he has suppressed very big fire, now Xia Tian also such bullies the person, he really a little could not bear. Finally can start, was right, reminded the around these people, you can get rid at any time, because I was the China Dragon Group teacher, was this time the person who was responsible for protecting the treasure, regardless of your which people want to rob the treasure from here, I will kill, therefore you, so long as had the person of this idea me to be regarded as the enemy.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. Extremely arrogant! the present in this case, Xia Tian unexpectedly also dares to set up these many enemies, his these words one, around that is not the person of his enemy also will turn into his enemy. Hateful, kills!” That shade level Expert gives a loud shout, he and his behind person killed together to Xia Tian. Other people are also ready to make trouble. Bang! At this moment, the form fell among the people together directly.