Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1107
„To, these two terrifying fellows finally to.” Their one Xia Tian that is nobody dares to provoke, his strength with strong, Earth Grade Expert casual Insta-kill, but Roman Expert is the perfection legend, in the hand takes is doing Mo evil figure.” Their fights are very splendid, our times may be have the good play to look.” Regarding these people of scene, figure that Xia Tian and Roman Expert cannot offend, once otherwise offended, must not die continuous, once makes Xia Tian escape or give the Xia Tian opportunity. That is a nightmare. This is also the reason why they had not begun a moment ago, because they feared. They are afraid cannot kill Xia Tian, moreover was worried that Xia Tian will have killed them first. Actually now they can have a look at Xia Tian to have any skill finally well, if the Xia Tian anything skill, they without hesitation will not have gotten rid to cut to kill Xia Tian, the Xia Tian skill is very big, he has won to the war with Roman Expert, but he definitely will also be seriously injured, when the time comes this group of people same will close. Teacher too extraordinary, his unexpectedly such relaxed can cut to kill Earth Grade Expert, but now his situation is not quite good, sudden the fellow probably very strong appearance.” Saying that Chen Lin worries about. Teacher, since complied, he certainly has the means to deal, we two exit to give to hold back on the line individually.” allow Song said. The person who at this time here gathers were getting more and more, majority are each country the powder of some individual influence also different countries cultivates, they heard here to have the big sound also to catch up to see a play. After is Xia Tian and Roman of Expert lead they have looked at each other one, runs together to the Xia Tian left side. Ran? This made all people start to have doubts. „Did they run? Doesn't hit? Or wants to trade an enemy side to hit?”

„It is not good, we must with have a look, such lively fight did not look has been a pity, but the fight of this rank once in a thousand years.” We a bit faster pursue, otherwise could not see.” Surroundings these people hurried flush away forward, they had not discovered that in these teams has hidden a person, the strength of this person is not low, but he has not actually gone to the change in principle conference site, but is the person who the discovery completes the order form quickly chops to kill, then robs on him all things. He is hunting and killing. Hunting and killing as the name suggests is the person who hunts and kills ordinary cultivation, they take this as to live, hunts and kills these ordinary cultivation, then plunders their treasures, finally all sells out these things. You looked quickly that side that person is killing people, he is catching the person who completes the order form.” Chen Lin saw hunting and killing. Walks quickly, with army that meets, regardless of follows in that team good, otherwise our two will also turn into his goal.” allow Song said hurriedly that afterward they run directly to front. If not they responded that quick, they turned into two corpses now. This is Xia Tian tells their survival, wants to go on living here is not simple. Xia Tian and Roman Expert their speeds are not fast, before these people also think that they want to change a place to compete with, but is quick, they discovered Xia Tian and Roman Expert real intention. The great bear, is the great bear. The forms of two great bears appear in not far away. Here all people have almost seen the great bear, some people have also eaten owing of great bear, the strength of great bear goes beyond their expectations by far, defensive power formidable, the striking power and strength are formidable, the speed is not slow. Great bear after this variation might be called invincible.

At that time South Korean these Expert also merely can surround it, wanted to strike to kill is almost impossible, was present Xia Tian and Roman Expert their unexpectedly the lock-on target on the body of great bear. „, Won't they be insane? unexpectedly takes one person to cope with a great bear, how this possibly wins, strength very formidable of this great bear, even if all people begins together, wants to kill him also to need to consume the unusual manpower, casualty many people are when the time comes uncertain, but their unexpectedly person has been divided one.” Not only that their powers of observation also very fearful, we had not discovered existence of great bear a moment ago, but they have discovered that their competition do not slaughter mutually, but after has locked on the goal, looked who can simpler destroys completely own that great bear, or is looked the time that who uses are less.” Resists great bear with the manpower, this fight simply is not mission that is possible to complete, only if all people on may win together, otherwise is great Xiong stands makes you hit there, you cannot break its defense, let alone the strength and speed of great bear are also very terrifying.” When surroundings these people see Xia Tian and Roman Expert their intention, all when very surprised, they think mission that at this time was impossible to complete, but their unexpectedly regarded this is the project of competition. Everybody thinks they will carry on a blood to spell, this blood spells is going inevitably the rivers of blood. However the result makes them shock, they do not have the blood to spell, instead has chosen this forms of combat. At this time that two great bear had also discovered this group of people, they are regarded as the natural enemies humanity, therefore they saw Xia Tian this group of people time directly flushed, the people who surroundings these watch the fun to retreat drawing back, the fear have injured accidentally them. At this time here is belongs to Xia Tian and Roman Expert. These people turned very quiet, the fear have missed any detail. Xia Tian received the day cold sword, afterward the left hand stretches out directly. Roman Expert has pulled out behind double sword directly, does will be evil with Mo, although these two swords very sharp, but everybody does not think that these two swords can break the defense of great bear. They have exhibited the preparation of fight. The great bear was away from them to be getting more and more near.

The left hand of Xia Tian has burnt instantaneously 500,000 Rank 1 compounded drugs, this time he must create shock that most causes a stir, surroundings these people do not want to look at his strength, then sneak attacks? That Xia Tian makes them not dare to have the sneak attack the thought. The left hand of Xia Tian has shown a very strange posture, five fingers and make three. Seizes dragon! Ha! Roman Expert gives a loud shout, afterward around his body presented intense murderous aura, his both arms suddenly to increase, coarsened instantaneously, afterward he is brandishing double sword in the hand, he does not plan the protracted war. To! Suddenly, they have fired into the opposite great bear directly. Showdown! Formally started.