Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1110

When China No. 2 figure sees this picture, his surprised could not speak thoroughly. Afterward he turned several fast. How is this possible?” No. 2 figure surprised saying of China. Looks that directly the form that great bear throws down, he could not speak at this time thoroughly, although he only sent a Xia Tian person to go, but he also had his goal, he to let Xia Tian was easier to withdraw. The Xia Tian speed is quick, moreover method are many, he believes that Xia Tian wanted then directly to escape with the thing is nobody can block his. But he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly such violence. Pointed at an enemy to scold a moment ago, now unexpectedly another person stiffly that big great bear will plunge to death, this simply was too inconceivable, this has surpassed his cognition. Will the strength of person so be big? It seems like he has to reconsider the Xia Tian government position, reason that before he does not dare to be promoted to Xia Tian for the official teacher directly is because was worried that Xia Tian is too young, moreover later rendered meritorious service was unable to give anything to reward. However now looks like, Xia Tian completely is capable of being promoted to the position of teacher, moreover Xia Tian , to run away, does not need to be encircled by these people in the middle. Reason that he was encircled in the middle, definitely is because Xia Tian in warning these people cannot take away any thing on the island. Yeah, it seems like I underestimated him, moreover he was very patriotic.” China figure sighed the later order to say on the 2nd: Continues to trace, saw that any situation immediately makes the surrounding battleship support in the past.” Yes! Senior Official.” In Anonyme Island!

After Xia Tian cuts has killed these Island Country people, his slowly walks toward the front, the advance, is his only goal. Wait / Etc.!” At this moment that Roman Expert said. How? Also wants to compare?” Xia Tian doubts looks to that Roman Expert. Ratio is the affirmation, but is not today, I called you to stop to tell you, the thing on this island I have discovered.” That Roman Expert said. Hears Roman Expert words, surroundings all people all looked to that Roman Expert. Some unexpectedly people discovered the thing on this island. What is?” Xia Tian doubts looked that asked to that Roman Expert. Is a strange crystal, that crystal palm of the hand so is probably big, is any thing I do not know, but there three monsters are defending, once approaches that crystal, the strength will be weakened.” Expert of Rome said. What monster is?” Xia Tian asked. First is great tiger, three zhang (3.33 m) high great tiger, wanted the overwhelming power more than the great bear, moreover it also had some strange variations, although I do not know that it left any ability, but affirmed not only increased is so simple \; Second is the python, but on that python grew the scale, as if momentarily possibly melts to turn into a dragon to be the same \; Third is the eagle, his wing will open you to discover that periphery turned into the black day, will be very big.” Roman Expert said. How likely to have this matter, was too strange.” Deeping frown of Xia Tian. I had looked, reason that this island has such big change is because the surroundings of that crystal have wrapped liquid, the more fearfulness of distance that liquid nearer biology variation, but that liquid soon has consumed now up, therefore should not have anything variation again.” Roman Expert said. „After that this island, can't change?” Xia Tian asked again.

Can, so long as carries off that crystal, this island can restore the original design, you had not discovered that more walks toward inside, is the tree higher? This is because that type of liquid and Crystal Stone converge monster that makes together, so long as in other words does not have that type of liquid, even if you bring Crystal Stone to other place, there will not have any change, but actually this Crystal Stone is any thing I really does not know.” Roman Expert said. Why said these to me?” Xia Tian knows that these absolutely are the secrets, moreover is he secret that uses energy very big strength to obtain, but he is actually willing to share to make everybody know. I had looked, that is not any weapon, is not Spirit Tool, to our cultivation not any use, therefore I do not plan to snatch.” Roman Expert words said is very relaxed, moreover he does not have slight concealment. If trades to do is others, even if you want to snatch will not say. However his words said was very clear, with thing , if there is use to cultivation, he certainly will snatch. But with thing not only to cultivation not any use, will also make the strength of person reduce, in other words has his your strength to be getting more and more bad. When hears such matter! The surrounding these people all stare. Their many people come for treasure, now this thing is not the treasure, they snatched were also useless, immediately some people gave birth left here thought that because they momentarily possibly lost the life here. However quick, they responded. Roman is Expert deceiving them? Therefore they planned to have a look to say personally in the past again. If no thing of relations with promotion strength, they have not planned to snatch, because that type of thing needed a scientist in country to study, if they robbed, that China deployed certainly the battleship to besiege and pursue to block off to them.

Therefore reduced contradictory all of a sudden. Em, you definitely do not believe his words, but I believe that since you do not believe that follows me, so long as you do not offend me, I will not kill your, really but if told him is the same, I hope that do not meddle, otherwise do not blame me to slaughter.” Xia Tian coldly looks to these people. You planned that a person does deal with that three fellows?” Asking of Roman Expert doubts. Thing is China, I must bring to go back, the person, is the monster, so long as dares to block me, I kill.” After Xia Tian hears Roman Expert words, he wants to obtain that thing. Although that thing to promoting own strength does not have the use, but it actually possibly is an energy, if he has this energy, China can perhaps develop the new weapon, when the time comes in front of the world dares to bully China on nobody again. Since the ancient times, the weak country does not have the diplomacy. The national defense capability weak country in the right that in the stage of world has not spoken. Was right, a matter.” That Roman Expert said. What matter?” Xia Tian asked. Is a person, a mysterious person, he has also gone to the middle position, that person is very strange, the strength is not obviously strong, but he can actually escape from the mouth of python.” Roman Expert said.