Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1111

I know that was.” Xia Tian nodded. „? Do you know that person?” Expert doubts of Rome looks to Xia Tian. He usually is words very few people, moreover nobody dares to speak to him, because of homicide too many people, therefore on him has intense murderous aura, spoke to feel absolutely terrifiedly to him. He is disinclined to speak to others. However today he spoke these many words to Xia Tian, moreover he felt that he was similar many words to say to Xia Tian. Em, is a luck good to including the fellow who the God envies.” Xia Tian hears description of Roman Expert, he knows that who that person was, but he has not thought that this person unexpectedly also came. This Xia Tian will not let off him absolutely, he regarding Xia Tian is a fearful enemy, Xia Tian even felt, if compares with Wei Guang, his more frightened this fellow. The luck that because Wei Guang his has not gone against heaven's will, Xia Tian does not guarantee certainly, after his which day throws down once more, obtains several Spirit Tool anything, such match was really too fearful. He is the corrupt wolf! Man in a legend. „, The boy truly is very strange.” Expert of Rome nodded, they take the lead to walk to inside, other these Expert as if are little brother same following in their behind. He is not strange, he is the anomaly.” Thinks that corrupt wolf, Xia Tian thinks very speechless, that corrupt wolf was really too terrifying, the luck, his luck was Xia Tian is unable to be a worthy opponent. If by strength and card in a hand, Xia Tian truly slightly compared with on his some, but if compared with the luck, whom that corrupt wolf did not have absolutely. Enormous and powerful one line of walk toward front directly. Chen Lin and allow Song also mix in behind of team. They already thorough by Xia Tian conquering, in their eyes, the Xia Tian form becomes incomparably on big, the worship, their unprecedented worships, they pass through the tour of this time Anonyme Island, the harvest is big. Although their strength anything too big promotion, however their visions were less open, moreover they had found the angry goal.

That is Xia Tian! Their teachers. All people are clear, Xia Tian will be to become becoming famous Expert in the future after all, because he had the unusual refined strength now, past Xia Tianlong was called only one has the opportunity to enter step Heaven Grade Expert. But present Xia Tian completely has exceeded him. The Xia Tianlong 20 years old become famous in the world. However now many people know that Xia Tian is only 18 years old this year merely, but each country knows his name now, especially in China, so long as is Earth Grade above Expert has not known Xia Tian. The place that he keeping has left behind the legend. Although here many person has a grudge with Xia Tian, however on Jianghu is not this, for the benefit, you kills me, I kill you. So long as has enough benefit, the enemy can also become the friend. Now here majority of person does not want with Xia Tian for the enemy, naturally, these South Korean Expert to look that Xia Tian is not feeling well, because Xia Tian had killed their more than 100 people a moment ago, that may be the elite in their country. Snort, sooner or later I must make you pay the price.” South Korean Chief at heart saying silently, but he does not dare on the mouth saying that he says this words words now, that is courting death simply. Has killed Xia Tian? He does not have that skill. Therefore he can only curse Xia Tian at heart. The enormous and powerful crowd walks toward central place directly, Xia Tian discovered that at this time here all are changing, the grass turned into half person to be high, beforehand was shorter, but outside the tree actually left was high. The wild animal was also more and more.

However the wild animal of great bear that rank has not appeared again. The small wild animal also extinguishing has killed by the people, material on their flesh and blood and body by people decomposing, this undergoes the Xia Tian agreement, what Xia Tian most cares is that Crystal Stone. But is not these materials. These materials do not have any use regarding him. Although these materials are good, looks like Piche of great bear, but compares with the skin and blood of Tianchi water monster is not anything. Tianchi was a mysterious place, Xia Tian later has the strength certainly to go in the exploration, but Xia Tian to Pacific Ocean also very curious, Pacific Ocean was so big, biology that inside definitely had never discover. Here monster were getting more and more, we were away from the central the position to be also getting more and more near, today cannot go forward, the darkness was disadvantageous to us.” Xia Tian light saying. At this time the curtain of night arrived. The dark night has covered Anonyme Island. Sees Xia Tian to stop, his behind these people naturally also stopped. At our present speeds, can definitely arrive noon tomorrow, you think how to have dealt with that three fellows?” Roman Expert asked. This all the way he and Xia Tian spoke many words. Because they are the odd people. Therefore besides them each other, nobody dares to come up to communicate with them. Has not thought.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Volume!” Hears the Xia Tian words, Roman Expert feeling is speechless, Xia Tian unexpectedly has not thought that good to dare to pass.

Had a look at the special details to say again that in brief was a character, hit.” How Xia Tian was also disinclined to think to deal with that three fellows tomorrow, he only wants rest well, to cope with that great bear also to make him now have many consumptions today, therefore he needed well slow one slow. Was restored by oneself to most flourishing condition, so long as he regained under the most flourishing condition, he can have the means. Next morning, Xia Tian got up. After he gets up, surroundings these person also getting up in abundance. Advance. They went forward once more. This their goal is clear, is the central zone. Here monster are many, but by these Expert to 11 solutions, Xia Tian had not gotten rid, he in the preserved strength, is used to cope with that three monsters, surroundings these people as if also know the Xia Tian goal. Therefore they attack these Xia Tian surrounding monsters on own initiative. Toward noon time, Xia Tian they finally arrived in the destination, but they also saw that Crystal Stone, but three monsters have not appeared, that Crystal Stone said with Roman Expert is the same. Moreover at this time the surrounding these people felt that their strength was weakened part. The meteor tears of Xia Tian chest played the role once more, after that warm current enters Xia Tian within the body, Xia Tian thoroughly recovered the original design. Do not move!” When some people want to forward, Roman Expert shouts hurriedly. Of bang transmits! Late!” Roman Expert helpless shaking the head.