Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1112

As that sound transmits, ground rocked. But Roman Expert can only be shaking the head that keeps. Reason that a moment ago they had not noticed that three monsters are because they were still sleeping, but that person forwarded a moment ago entered the region that three monsters have protected. Therefore three monsters simultaneously sobered. This all people saw clearly. Three giant monsters made them look were afraid, this monster has surpassed humanity in history, what at this time Xia Tian their surface advance parties was that python, what left Crystal Stone was that great tiger. What right Crystal Stone is that great hawk. Although before , they have been psychologically prepared, but sees with one's own eyes now, thinks the unusual terrifying. Attract! Xia Tian also has held breath cold air. How such big fellow may make him hit, opposite party spit was bigger than his. „Is my little darling, so big, how making me hit?” Xia Tian depressed saying, looks at hand Crystal Stone, he actually cannot take, this feeling unusual difference, probably is light beauty of body is standing in your front, you cannot be hard are an appearance. Uncomfortable! Such big fellow, in this world unexpectedly has such big fellow, perhaps is sends bombing that a battleship keeps not to be possible them to kill? These fellows broke the cut-throat competition.” „Is this snake? Scale is so big, has this can turn into the dragon? These scales seem look like the armor of tank are the same, even if Spirit Tool cannot shear?” Is impossible to win, no one is possible to win, this fight simply is the unilateral slaughter, even if on our result is also together same, must die, do not say that side also has two this ranks to result in the monster.” Surrounding these people already thorough gave up, they saw the Crystal Stone original condition, truly does not have any use to them, moreover that three protectors make the person look to live actually.

Solely is in front of them the python is not they can cope. They are just the person, but the opposite party is the super big monster. This radically is not a fight of rank. Although they are great Expert, but does not have the stratagem which ensures success to this everybody simply, perhaps their attacks link this everybody's defense unable to break, does that also hit? Looks for seven cuns (2.5cm)? Cracks a joke? This fellow three zhang (3.33 m) does high, look for seven cuns (2.5cm)? Even if had found, you do rush? You definitely have not waited to rush to seven cuns (2.5cm) position, by python killing. Sisi! The python looks that front these villains have not begun, it will as if not leave its position to be the same, is protecting there, but this will not represent him not to attack, once you will enter to its attack range, that will be extinguished by it instantaneously kills. Now thinks how to have hit?” Roman Expert looked that asked to Xia Tian. No!” Xia Tian shook the head. „Is that hits or does not hit?” Roman Expert asked. Hits, must hit, that crystal is away from me to be so near, if I do not take away the words, my life will leave behind the disappointment, after this disappointment will possibly create me, difficulty that overcomes.” Xia Tian knows any person, if no heart of the Expert, he is impossible to break through to stronger Realm. But flinches is the heart of biggest disease Expert, he hitting has not hit, but saw of opposite party did not dare on, after him, wanted to break through was difficult, moreover this type monster that did not have the spirit wisdom impossible fierce.

Most is a machine of destruction. Naturally, if the present Xia Tian opposite is standing is Wei Guang, he definitely running away without hesitation, person who because Wei Guang has the thought. This is Xia Tian most dreads. Reason that the people call the person , because they will use the tool, will think. Although front the everybody seems very big, very good B, but Xia Tian also looked, these three fellows protect three directions, so long as Xia Tian has not killed the python time, that other two monsters will not come the help. In other words. single Tiao. He must come single Tiao with this python. He is a person, he is full of wisdom, but the opposite party is just a bastard, he does not believe himself to link a bastard not to hit, this python is terrorist, his plate there seems was looking ant same looks at Xia Tian they. „Do you plan really?” Roman Expert asked. Em!” Xia Tian nodded. I help you!” Roman Expert said. You help me look, do not let my be sneak attacked on the line.” Xia Tian said. This is he biggest taboo, after he is worried about itself injured , some people will sneak attack him, if there is Roman Expert to escort for him, that was safe, although this fellow is the wrestler in Rome, but he to Roman any sentiment, has not been interested in any influence. Is a youth.

Once recognized somebody or something, that killed does not turn head, he has recognized Xia Tian, he is regarded as a friend Xia Tian, therefore he naturally can protect Xia Tian. Em.” Roman Expert has not said anything, but nod of silently, although he has not spoken many pleasantries, but Xia Tian actually trusts him. This is a fuzzy friendship. Can't? Does he plan really? Moreover must with python single Tiao, he be insane, how the python possibly is the manpower can kill, this is cracking a joke simply, what does this and bring death to distinguish?” He was insane, he certainly was insane, was really is courting death, thinks he also had into the China four big Expert potentials, but now looks like, must not have, this time must die here, went to and this monster fight, was equal to dying.” He does not have the opportunity to win, moreover you think not to have, even if he has won, another two wild animals, is impossible to let off him, how therefore to see that must die.” The surrounding these people all do not favor Xia Tian, because they think that Xia Tian is impossible to win, although he has defeated the great bear, but the great bear and python completely are not a scale, this python can kill the great bear with ease. That great tiger and great hawk as if have not resulted to these villain any interest, has closed the eye once more, lies starts to sleep on the ground. Sisi! The python is issuing the warning, he seemed saying, if you do not walk, I have eaten you. Everybody, I happen to wants to eat snake thick soup in the evening, therefore planned that makes the material with you, moreover I heard of snake is bigger, the snake balls makes up on exceed, I want to try.” Xia Tian looks to python light saying.