Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1113

Senior Official, patted!” Patted to what?” China asking of No. 2 figure doubts. Patted to that thing of center, Major General Xia has all taken down there tree, situation that therefore we can see the central place, there had Crystal Stone together, should be the treasure of this Anonyme Island, but around that thing had three big monsters, super big big monster.” I have a look!” China No. 2 figure took the picture. When he sees the three monsters in picture also very surprised. unexpectedly has such big thing.” No. 2 figure surprised saying of China, although in the picture cannot look at anything, but one after the contrast, Xia Tian they probably is the ant is the same. Senior Official, Major General Xia must with that python single Tiao, you have a look at this picture probably, surroundings these people stand very in a disorderly way, the appearance that clearly must see a play.” Nonsense, how this type of thing he possibly hardly hits, I know that he wants to come back the thing belt, but does not use this, when the time comes the direct utilization missile coverage type bombed one on the line.” China No. 2 figure hears Xia Tian to with monster single Tiao time said. Senior Official, incorrect, on before Major General Xia island, told, only if he died, otherwise cannot throw any thing to the island, he said that he has discovered any thing probably.” What thing has discovered? Cannot explode with the bomb, is the petroleum?” On face of China No. 2 figure one happy, the petroleum compares favorably with the golden the superior power, so long as any country had the petroleum, that is rich flows the oil. This is indefinite, but Major General Xia said that all he came back to say again.” Good, then he came back on , to continue to photograph, I must look at the entire process of fight.” China the figure instruction said on the 2nd. In Anonyme Island. These people have prepared to see a play, they do not plan that they know they come up that are die certainly, moreover they also think that Xia Tian comes up also definitely dead, absolutely does not have any live hope. The Xia Tian vision looks to the python, afterward the right hand day cold sword wields. On! The body of Xia Tian vanished in instantaneously same place. Whiz!

Flickers the body technique. Whiz! Eight Trigrams step. Because Xia Tian distance python is too far, therefore after he can only use first flickers the body technique, uses the Eight Trigrams step again. Flash Xia Tian appeared in the side of python. dāng! The day cold sword punctures when the body of python, sends out sound that [gold/metal] Tiejiao called, python, although does not have any ache, but its unusual vitality, tiny human unexpectedly dares to get rid to it, this is courting death simply. It does not have the wisdom, in its mind, a bigger strength is stronger. Therefore it felt that had been provoked by the ant, this is very big shame, probably a person stared by the mosquito was the same, that person wants to pat the dead mosquito, this python is also same, its body shakes to want Xia Tian to pat directly. Whiz! Flickers the body technique. The body of Xia Tian appears on the body of python instantaneously, along with on the body of python the day after tomorrow cold sword will keep is puncturing, he will be seeking for the weakness of python. Bang! At this moment the body of python one trembles, collapsed to fly Xia Tian directly, at the same time the python was direct to kill to incur, its tail unexpectedly has brandished, goal in airborne Xia Tian. The people are unable to move in the midair, because has not borrowed the point of force. Saw Xia Tian must by the python these extinguishing killed. These by the racket, that must simply die without doubt, surroundings these people some people were even unable to continue watching, although protector them to want the help positive, but the distance was too far, they radically without enough time.

At this moment. The Xia Tian right hand flings, his tip of the toe direct above day cold sword. Whiz! Flickers the body technique. Bang! The surrounding trees were hit by the python again, falls to the ground. The Xia Tian day cold sword also dropped on the ground, the Xia Tian right hand has wielded, the day cold sword appeared again in his hands. Good. Quite fierce, his unexpectedly can think that this means that was really too extraordinary, I also think a moment ago he must die without doubt, but his unexpectedly can think that this means that used own weapon to borrow the strength.” Really was too extraordinary, actually he thought? Moreover in that dangerous situation, if trades to do is others, the head had already made a mess, is his brains unexpectedly can also so sober.” „Is he only 18 years old really? Why I felt that he did look like an old monster reincarnation is the same? Strength that formidable, moreover fight experience also so rich, this went against heaven's will simply.” Surroundings these people all by Xia Tian the shaking, them have thought a moment ago also Xia Tian definitely will die in of python, but Xia Tian unexpectedly is all right, moreover very relaxed hiding the attack of python. dāng! When the people are surprised, Xia Tian has attacked once more to the python, the day cold sword in his hand keeps attacks on the python, but cannot break the defense of python. Python several times have not gone well, it already thorough was angry, the snake head starts to attack to Xia Tian. The day strikes unparalleled! The Xia Tian right hand flings, more than ten cold light project, attacked directly to the snake head. Ding-dong dāng!

The python has closed both eyes, these cold light all by its skin keeping off outside, this Xia Tian was really depressed, the weakness that he can only find now is the eye of snake, so long as it as soon as closes one's eyes, the attack of that Xia Tian was invalid. Moreover was she has broken through the eye of snake, he was impossible to win, because the snake searched for the match by the temperature. Only if Xia Tian has reduced own body temperature with Inner Strength to is the same with the surrounding these plants, moreover cannot move, otherwise the python same will discover. „It is not good, must find seven cuns (2.5cm) position, there certainly is his weak point.” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, the X-Ray Vision eye opens instantaneously, afterward he starts to think that the body of python searches. His movement does not dare to stop. Otherwise the python will extinguish him instantaneously kills, although he attacks the python that many , the python is all right, but python, so long as hits his one time, he must die without doubt. Is good is unable to feel the Xia Tian aura because of the python, therefore the Xia Tian Eight Trigrams step can play the role. Compounded drug grains of breaking by biting in mouth. Xia Tian planned slowly comes a protracted war. The day strikes unparalleled! The release big move that Xia Tian keeps, to a bit faster discover the weakness on the body of snake, so long as he can find seven cuns (2.5cm) of this fellow, he can launch the different attacks to that point, so long as he breaks the defense of python, on that day the cold sword can certainly play the role. Puff! At this moment, has broadcast a familiar sound, afterward on face of Xia Tian one happy: Found.”