Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1114

When hears this familiar sound, on face of Xia Tian one happy, afterward he looks hurriedly to that position with the X-Ray Vision eye. Lying trough!” When Xia Tian sees that position, Xia Tian has obloquied one directly. That position truly is seven cuns (2.5cm) of python, but outside unexpectedly of that place has scale together slanting there, in other words, Xia Tian wants to attack there, must wait for the body incline of python, then reveals there time, he can from the vacancy attack of scale. This simply was too troublesome. Moreover Xia Tian saw, although oneself a moment ago have hit there, but there has not had any wound, but had a scratch. Go against heaven's will! This python went against heaven's will simply. unexpectedly there.” Roman Expert surprised saying. At this time everybody followed his eye to look. His unexpectedly had found seven cuns (2.5cm) of python, was seven cuns (2.5cm) also too bullshit of this python, unexpectedly there, the time that he usually circled does not reveal comes out, moreover revealed there also to have scale together, wanted to attack there to be slanting is attacking.” Right, is this, if in other words the python wants to defend wholeheartedly, his seven cuns (2.5cm) quite in not having . Moreover the attack of Xia Tian hit a moment ago , in seven cuns (2.5cm) has not left behind any injury, thus it can be seen seven cuns (2.5cm) of this fellow are not good to defeat.” „Does this also hit? Although Xia Tian has created the miracle, but the opposite party completely is not the manpower can resist, the words that such hits, Xia Tian first will definitely collapse, even if his Inner Strength is vigorous, such consumes also definitely has using up the time.” Although surroundings these people were Xia Tian found seven cuns (2.5cm) of python to be shocked, but they do not think that Xia Tian can win, because seven cuns (2.5cm) of python were also such going against heaven's will. Sisi! The python was angry, its seven cuns (2.5cm) unexpectedly had been attacked, moreover in an ant attack by its eye, although has not caused any serious damage to it, but this regarding him is the shame. This is just like, fruit of person by the mosquito biting, asked that you can endure? I could not endure in any case, was right, I had not been nipped probably. The python present anger has achieved a peak, in its mouth one group of liquids put out. „It is not good!” The body of Xia Tian vanished in instantaneously same place.

Whiz! Flickers the body technique! The position that he stood a moment ago is belching smoke, thing unexpectedly that the acid, this python spits is the acid, if this thing spits the body of Xia Tian, that Xia Tian instantaneously will be burnt down. Whistling! Narrow squeak.” Looks at ground that group of smog, Xia Tian has patted striking one's chest, when also not waits for him to rest well, the tail of python starts to sweep away, Xia Tian dodges hurriedly, at the same time. His right hand flings directly. The day strikes unparalleled. More than ten Sword Light shot at seven cuns (2.5cm) of python directly, Xia Tian has gotten rid very quickly, moreover was very accurate, after he has seized the opportunity, these ejected directly. More than ten Sword Light shot completely in the seven cuns (2.5cm) place of python. ! The python exuded an angry howling, Xia Tian saw that the seven cuns (2.5cm) place of python had ten scratches, although hemorrhage, but has proven his achievement. Has succeeded, his unexpectedly sneak attacked successfully, that was really too extraordinary, had been dodging instantaneous getting rid of python attack a moment ago, these feared the Quicksand five dark health/guard unable to achieve.” Immediately some people said. Afterward all people looked to five dark health/guard. Cannot achieve!” White variable said directly that he does not have slight concealment, has not gone to act high and mighty intentionally, but is the truth truth. They cannot achieve cannot achieve. A moment ago in that situation, they, although can shunt, but could not achieve attacks instantaneously, this that absolutely shunted was to the war assurance big, as if here was his home game is all same. His each attack precisely calculates in the mind has been same. Scoff! The python has put out liquid once more.

Whiz! Flickers the body technique. Xia Tian has shunted the attack of python. When Xia Tian rejoices secretly, it discovered that python unexpectedly was motionless, afterward its mouth has put out several hundred liquids, this looks like the rainstorm pear short spear trick is simply same. Lying trough!” Flickers the body technique! Flickers the body technique! Flickers the body technique! Flickers the body technique! Xia Tian has not stayed slightly, was used together four to flicker the body technique, at the same time his mouth has broken by biting big compounded drug, this instantaneous long-term usage flickered the technique consumption to be big, was in a moment ago that situation, he did not use good. Words that he does not use, his poor life must discard. Although he evades the liquid that in the python mouth has spouted, but the new issue emerged now, at this time in front of the python there everywhere is that type of liquid, if Xia Tian in the past, so long as the foot steps on, that instantaneously will be corroded. Paternal grandmother, is not easy to do, the defensive power of this fellow is so strong, does not give me any opportunity, the day cold sword cannot break his defensive power, if the body of this fellow is used to refine the armor, perhaps the defensive power will not compare my gold thread soft armor to be bad.” Xia Tian looks that front big fellow probably was looking a treasure is the same. He has thought that after have solved this big fellow, asks an opportunity to take in nine revolutions of universe cauldrons him directly. Goes back the later good refiner. Naturally, all premises are he must find the way to blow away this fellow. Whiz! The body of Xia Tian vanished instantaneously same place.

Eight Trigrams step. Afterward Xia Tian has fired into the snake head position of python directly. „Is he doing? Was he insane? His unexpectedly has fired into the position of snake head, what does this and do to distinguish?” Has the People sound to shout, at this time Xia Tian has fired into the position of snake head. In the mouth of python has put out big liquid instantaneously. Whiz! In the midair, Xia Tian used that move, the foot to step in the day cold sword once more, afterward has shunted the python the attack, at the same time, he while these days that the python has not shut up, over a hundred silver needles have shot directly. Whiz! Flickers the body technique! Xia Tian falls after the ground, takes up a day of cold sword to open directly runs away. ! Crazy. During the python fell into was crazy, its tail strafed everywhere, whipped in all directions, obviously it at this time was the unusual pain, regardless of its epidermis defensive power strong, in his oral cavity same was the meat does. This was just like a person to eat a cactus to be the same. That acid is crisp. The snake tail of python whips , in stone, when the stone was patted crushes, sees these smashing the stones, on Xia Tian sudden face one happy, he has remembered any thing, thinks of this thing time, his at present immediately one bright: How I gave to forget it.”