Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1116

After Xia Tian the python has broken by smashing with stone several bones, his fast has wrapped up for oneself, afterward rushed directly, his left hand has burnt instantaneously 100,000 compounded drugs, traded above the left hand along with the later Jin dynasty blade. Bang! When he falls on the body of python, his left hand starts a large area of cutting directly. I make you hit me.” Xia Tian went crazy same was shouting, the [gold/metal] blade in his left hand as if turned into the harvester same, has been cutting the scale fast, moreover he has also discovered a know-how. That cuts following the scale will reduce effort. Bang! Bang! Lamellas fly, surroundings these people are hurried to rob, before Xia Tian had said that so long as the crystal does not take away, other things are optional, material Xia Tian that this they obtain all the way has not wanted. Therefore at this time Xia Tian threw flies these scale, they started to rob. The defensive power all people of these scales are obvious to all, this type of thing absolutely is the most precious object, therefore they naturally cannot let off, suddenly, robbed the war to start, Xia Tian threw flies, had countless people to rob. At this time Xia Tian is here lead. Ha Ha Ha Ha, the big monster, you hit me.” Xia Tian is laughing shouting, this Xia Tian study was clever, he does not want to be broken by smashing with stone several ribs again, therefore he noticed that the python moves he to open runs away, afterward clashes again using the inertia of python. Although the python reminded greatly, but went into action not to be convenient, obviously it has not adapted to her giant body. Quite fierce, his unexpectedly has all bared the scale of python, is he humanity? This forms of combat I have not seen, since continuously I think that humanity impossible and this giant monster fight, now looks like also really some people can achieve.”

I am very difficult to imagine his 18-year-old youngster, so to be how abnormal, that is the python, the build is so big, the defensive power is so strong, but his unexpectedly can succeed, too extraordinary.” „Can he kill this big monster really? Is impossible?” Started some people to vacillate, they started to think that Xia Tian can succeed, because Xia Tian has made, they think before the impossible matter, all these until now, in their eyes are impossible. Good. Quite fierce!” Protector cloudy surprisedly looks at Xia Tian. That is natural.” Yang Hufa proud saying, because he is the Xia Tian friend, therefore Xia Tian is fierce, he felt one also very much have the face. Chen Lin whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian: Teacher or person? I am having a dream, certainly is having a dream, how this matter likely occurred, certainly has a dream.” Has your younger sister's dream, I also saw.” allow Song is also surprised of face. In their eyes, the Xia Tian form instantaneously becomes on incomparable big, Xia Tian understands to all personal testimonies with his strength does not represent his Xia Tian that others cannot achieve unable to achieve, therefore he succeeds peeled the scale. „Is this person, how an enemy?” Although South Korean Chief hates Xia Tian, but he does not have with Xia Tian means that can with the person who the python carries on the fight, does he hit? Hits brings death. After , his strength has been increased then hits? But he over 90 years old is, but Xia Tian is only 18 -year-old, will his growth be quicker than Xia Tian? Naturally is impossible, among them the disparity will be only getting bigger and bigger, he knows that perhaps his enmity this whole life cannot report. When Shan Yunzong that person sees the change of Xia Tian, helpless shaking the head, he has not thought that in such short time Xia Tian unexpectedly became stronger, this growth let him is the unusual heart is also startled.

Although outside Heavenly Connection the hole must open immediately, but their Shan Yunzong can destroy completely Xia Tian really? That several Thai Expert were also honest, before they are also thinking how must revenge, but they totally gave up this idea now, after they go back, certainly will tell here matter to first Expert of Thailand, they believe that person will not make when the time comes them revenge again. Person who because looks for this rank revenges is bringing death without doubt. This boy, in the future surely is a future trouble.” Saying of white variable coldly. Their Quicksand five dark health/guard saw Xia Tian time wants to massacre Xia Tian, although Xia Tian now seems Might, but they know that this surely does not have the wisdom to be related with the python, otherwise Xia Tian is impossible to be so imposing. At that time if their five people collaborated together, definitely already massacred Xia Tian. However now is to collaborate not to be good, Roman Expert there, if they begin, at Roman Expert definitely also meeting, the Yin-Yang of Maoshan protector, like this hits, they very much suffered a loss. Roman Expert looks at the Xia Tian back very excitedly, he felt that Xia Tian is that 10,000 th match, this match he looked was very long, but had not found continuously, but he sees Xia Tian at this time time. He has determined, Xia Tian is the match who that he must seek. Bang! Xia Tian all soon removed python body one week of scale, at this time scale also remaining two, the Xia Tian following goal is these two scales directly removing. Big fellow, my this person of meaning what he says, reaches an agreement tonight to eat the snake thick soup, that certainly will achieve.” Xia Tian has broken by biting directly oneself mouth all restores the compounded drug, afterward his body has fired into that scale fast. !

The python starts intensely rocks own body. The snake head hits directly to Xia Tian. Already late!” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, afterward overran directly, after [gold/metal] Dao has shouldered a piece of scale once more, his body vanished in same place. Eight Trigrams step! Python these, not only has not hit Xia Tian, instead hit directly in own body. Its body as a result of inertia, crooked but actually. Good opportunity.” On Xia Tian face one happy, has fired into finally together the scale directly. _ bang! Finally the scale had been flaked by him together directly, at this time a python body scale was all flaked by Xia Tian: Big fellow, I must deliver you to go to the western heaven.” The Xia Tian flash has burnt 500,000 Rank 1 compounded drugs, this terrifying and pure strength gathers in his left hand instantaneously, afterward the [gold/metal] blade in Xia Tian left hand on the body of python opens to delimit directly, at the same time Gold Thread submerged cutting the place of wound directly. Quick, Xia Tian one delimited the wound the body of python, but Gold Thread already thorough burying to wound honor. Then, all people saw matter that they cannot forget for a lifetime.