Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1117

Sees the Xia Tian following movement, all people were all shocked. Including Roman Expert. They all saw inconceivable one, in their mind, this already forever was ironed, this whole life could not forget, from now henceforth all people on the scene all were doomed are not the Xia Tian matches. Because in their at heart, Xia Tian had been engraved the invincible phrase. This is just like your match to be in front of your unarmed to meet the bullet, asked that you also do dare to fight him? Cracking a joke. Goes with an artificial enemy of creation miracle, actually this can be the head remnant person can do, in Quicksand five dark Wei Xin is also one cold, their five also think, so long as collaborate, can kill Xia Tian. But when sees following. They can very responsible told itself, that was having a dream, they could not achieve. All people all look at Xia Tian. Kazakh Ah! As Xia Tian gives a loud shout, his whole person turns toward a direction to run directly, but at the same time, the great snake was dismembered directly, his body was slivered two by Gold Thread, the blood such as the rain has gotten down. In nearby one kilometer is the blood rain, is the blood of python sprays heavenly, then falls. Although the python had been dismembered by Xia Tian, but it had not been killed in a short time, therefore its body stands, because is just this, will have the blood rain such magnificent scene. Won! Xia Tian won.

! The Xia Tian day cold sword attacks to succeeding in giving up two pythons directly, the day cold sword when contacting the wound of python, the body of python is freezing at the naked eye obvious speed directly fast, afterward Xia Tian hurried took the snake balls, then shears a bulk meat from the body of python. Has won, his unexpectedly has won, he has killed that big monster, is this possible? I am having a dream, I have certainly misread, his unexpectedly has killed that big monster, human VS python unexpectedly won.” You have not misread, because I also saw, this simply was too the legend, who can believe that this was real, in brief I have not been able to imagine, although was I sees with one's own eyes, but I do not know that actually he how achieved.” Non- humanity, his certainly right and wrong humanity, the monster, he is a monster, python unexpectedly was killed by him.” On the faces of surroundings these people have written all over inconceivable, at this moment the scene has seethed with excitement thoroughly, they just started not to believe that Xia Tian can be successful, but Xia Tian has proven with the fact, he can achieve. Moreover he cuts to kill unusual is attractive. Finally the body of python good to live by his thorough frozen. Teacher he has achieved, he has achieved, this is possible, is actually the teacher who? Is he a person?” Saying that Chen Lin speaks incoherently. I a little cannot believe that own eye, was too terrifying, this how possibly real, how does the teacher achieve?” allow Song also does not understand that actually Xia Tian how kills this big monster. However what Xia Tian truly was wins. Was too terrorist, this fellow radically is not a person, how he can fiercely become this, I do not believe that he is really a humanity, he has gone beyond the category of humanity, strong in a complete mess.” South Korean Expert finally understands why now Xia Tian can destroy completely these North Korean Expert also to have Island Country Expert. He thinks now before one, must kill Xia Tian, feeling his creepy feeling, he determined that he walked one before Gate of Death a moment ago, if he one began at that time really impulsive. Islander that his present fate should with these died is the same. He has determined now, Xia Tian Inner Strength is infinite, without the limit, he can after the bone broke also goes to fight with the python, from this point can see that his very ruthless came.

A person so is ruthless to oneself, he to others? Quite fierce, no wonder he can a person kill our Thailand six Expert, certainly cannot with him for the enemy, this person be too fearful.” That Thai Expert cannot help but swallowed saliva. No wonder he almost extinguished Shan Yunzong, originally his unexpectedly is so terrorist.” Hidden Sect these Expert secretly thought. He was too fierce, has him to protect black market, it seems like after us, can in Capital the purchase thing of black market security.” These China Expert team inside people said. Meanwhile. In the crowd some people have also wiped their sweat: It seems like here situation must tell to the poster.” This person perhaps also only then Sir Wei Guang can kill, was too terrifying.” Five dark health/guard backs of Quicksand all are the sweat, was good had not spelled with Xia Tian because of them a moment ago hardly, otherwise their present fates will not be perhaps good. „After going back, investigates thoroughly to me the material of this person.” The team leaders in America said. Snort, this boy is very fierce, has our Chinggis Khan's bloodlines, he is more like a wolf of prairie.” Expert of Mongolia said. In base. Senior Official, significant news.” How?” China figure asked on the 2nd. You look.” After China No. 2 figure takes the picture, on the face presented the surprised expression, afterward his fast reading picture, when he turns to Xia Tian cuts to kill the python and heavenly hemorrhaging rain. The whole person was shocked completely.

This boy, is more abnormal than his father.” No. 2 figure surprised saying of China. In his eyes Xia Tianlong is a legend, is present Xia Tian unexpectedly is more abnormal than his father, his father in the past when this age may not have him to be so fierce. The person who this seeing magnificent scene also shocks. In this time Anonyme Island. These people have not restored to come from surprised, but another not good news came at this time. ! The great tiger exuded one to roar, hears this roared, the strength low person immediately has spouted a blood. Puff! Xia Tian has also spouted a blood, his strength was not strong, now after this war, his physical state was worse, therefore he has also spurted a blood. Runs away quickly, great tiger must assume an awe-inspiring pose.” Immediately some people shout. Therefore all people open run away. In they opened instantaneous Xia Tian that ran away to take in nine revolutions of universe cauldrons the body of python, afterward he also started to become a fugitive. The great tiger only pursued a Little segment distance, afterward it stopped, has not continued to pursue Xia Tian they, that person but who in the jungle hid at this time actually showed a faint smile: Was quick, was quick, Xia Tian, I will certainly make you spend am mad anything unable to obtain with every effort finally, if I have not guessed that wrong, nine revolutions of universe cauldrons should be able Chu Wu, the treasure of this rank you not to match to have.”