Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1118

Xia Tian while all people do not pay attention to the time, took in the python nine revolutions of universe cauldrons directly. Has sealing of day of cold sword, the meat of python, regardless in place how long will not go bad. Has saying that the might of day cold sword is really very big, such thing of big fellow it can frozen live, although after the day cold sword helped he blocked the day tribulation, to damage, but the day cold sword was not the ordinary weapon. Sooner or later Xia Tian will build it, but wants to build it is also a very difficult matter, because the day cold sword is the weapon of that rank, that rank is not in this world should exist. But weapon that day cold sword or Xia Tian build, therefore the day tribulation will appear, wants to extinguish to kill Xia Tian this to dare directly to build the person of this type of rank weapon. Once day cold sword builds, that Xia Tian takes this to ascend the sky Tu Dragon the weapon, next crouching tiger. However all these are the later matter, now regarding Xia Tian, what is main is recuperates wound, although his direct python hits, has not hit directly, but Xia Tian after is the flesh and blood, if trades to do is others, perhaps already in hitting that moment on tree died thoroughly. However Xia Tian has eaten the meat of Tianchi water monster, drank the blood of Tianchi water monster, the body has compared in ordinary human to be too many, moreover his body had also been tempered by the thunder and lightning, now these ordinary thin-bladed knives chop, in his body will not chop in the meat. „Are you all right?” Roman Expert asked. Also good, it seems like temporarily could not die.” Xia Tian they had found shelter, around here trees and weeds by people cutting down, therefore does not need to worry that has any monster suddenly to present the sneak attack. Weather already getting dark of gradually. Tomorrow will also go?” What Roman Expert asked is Xia Tian is must cope with the great tiger and great hawk tomorrow. Although he has killed a python today, but the python is just body defensive power formidable, the strength is big, once Xia Tian has broken his defense, then it did not have what fearful place. „It is not good, my bone at least broke three, although my resilience, but at least requires two days to be able to be restored to health completely.” Xia Tian shook the head saying that he knows he can win the python absolutely is lucky, next time he must cope was the great tiger, wanted to win the great tiger not so to be simple. Tiger! The kings of hundred beast.

Is the tiger of king of jungle, after increasing, the overall strength will stiffen. Then it simply was impeccable, even if were Xia Tian copes with this rank the monster not to have the slight assurance, therefore he must try to find a solution. Xia Tian threw after Roman Expert together python meat, he sat cross-legged there starts to eat the snake balls. This time he does not have the barbecue, because he wants to digest the snake balls, the snake balls increases the Inner Strength good thing, especially is so big snake balls, Xia Tian has not seen such big snake balls, how he did not even know should the end opening. Because his does not swallow down. This snake balls was really too big. Where should I the end opening?” Xia Tian depressed looks at the snake balls, this snake balls was really too big. Ok, regardless of many must finish eating it painstakingly.” After Xia Tian set firm resolve, raises head to think that directly the snake balls must go, in the snake balls is the bile, after a Xia Tian breaking by biting snake balls, all bile have flooded his full mouth instantaneously. Painstakingly! This is the first feeling of Xia Tian. Very bitter! Compared with before him has taken medicine must on painstakingly 100 times, this is asking of snake balls, what is main is others eats is the small snake balls, the bile are few, very one very on the past, but of Xia Tian this snake balls adds to be bigger than his three fists. Such big snake balls that bitter taste is Xia Tian is also unendurable. The tears downward flow. In front of these many Expert, he is the grinding type of dauntless man, class that at this time is actually the tears keeping, he now only then an idea, all spits the snake balls, but when he wants to put out, he endured.

Thump! Xia Tian has swallowed directly. Cannot give up, must endure.” Xia Tian keeps said to oneself. But he just swallowed a that snake balls inside bile instantaneously once more to fill his entire opening mouth. Painstakingly! Still is such pain, this type does not know painstakingly should describe with any adjective, in brief seemed to be just crawled from the wok with cooking oil, the feeling of then falling down, this pain made his spirit somewhat collapse. „It is not good, I must insist.” Xia Tian clenched teeth, effort is insisting. Is good because of the present is the black day, nobody arrives at Xia Tian that whole face tears the face. Thump! Xia Tian has swallowed down, he does not know actually one how swallow, this type of thing downward swallows also is really the need very big courage. Although is so bitter, but Xia Tian clenches teeth a bitter character not to shout actually. People might ask Xia Tian painstakingly became like this, why he had not shouted, this not in act high and mighty? Right, he in act high and mighty. Must ask that his why act high and mighty, answer is very simple. For China rising, but act high and mighty.

Although is only several minutes, but Xia Tian actually felt one endured a century, last he swallowed down the snake balls directly, this, he had almost not been choked, snake balls was too big, his last swallowed to worry. Moreover that thing is not really good deglutition. Although the snake balls finished eating, but his mouth has not reduced painstakingly, this type started to spread painstakingly, solely is not the mouth pain, Xia Tian felt own from top to bottom changed painstakingly. Volume!” Roman Expert wanted to say anything with Xia Tian. Let alone the words, I think that a person leads a meeting.” Xia Tian wiped off own tears. „It is not, I want to say that asked your was you ate Shi a moment ago, the body so was how smelly.” Roman Expert very simple saying. Xia Tian hears his words to wish one could to be battered to death with the bean curd directly he. However is quick he to discover that the situation is not right, is very smelly, his careful smelling , the stink truly passed from his body, was very smelly. Lying trough, so will be how smelly.” Xia Tian stands up hurriedly. At this moment, a formidable quantity of heat has swept across his whole body. Heat, I am quite hot.” Xia Tian felt one entered in the stove to be the same: Water, I must look for the water.” Left front about five kilometers, fresh water region, but there has the monster, you carefully.” Meaning that Roman Expert has not gone together, because he is roasting the snake meat, moreover he also believes these monsters fundamentally on the threat Xia Tian.