Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1119

Rub! The body of Xia Tian vanished in instantaneously same place. Quick, his speed promoted Pinnacle instantaneously, moreover he could not feel that his Inner Strength had anything to consume, runs, Xia Tian only knew to run, he rushed to that fresh water pool that Roman Expert was saying to run. This time he with chewing has dazzled to step is the same, cannot stop. Quick, he saw that fresh water pool. Puff passes! Xia Tian jumped directly, his fast the dirty thing all will wash off, he discovered that in own body surface probably is a magazine is the same, now these impurities are arranged. After having washed off the impurity, Xia Tian felt that own body was neater, the quantity of heat in within the body also vanished part. However is very hot. Moreover a new issue emerged. Puff! His nostril started to spurt the blood, actually thus it can be seen he has eaten the big tonic, unexpectedly made up including the nose has bled, moreover could not stop, this may scare Xia Tian, he was not the blood cylinder, words that such spurted again, he must fall to spurt the blood to perish may not. That may lose face. Because solemn China talent most formidable person unexpectedly ate the replacement of thing of big making up to perish to the nostril fleeing blood. „It is not good, must take a compounded drug to have a look to relax.” Xia Tian hurried large bundle throws the compounded drug toward own mouth, this throws the nose truly not to bleed, the compounded drug that but he throws affects itself not to know, therefore the whole person did not feel well. The whole body is uncomfortable. Xia Tian felt that own within the body is quite aggrieved.

Xia Tian runs over, he had not discovered that surrounding has many monsters, these monsters drink water in this, he directly jumped, at this time these monsters are visiting him with raw hate. However he had still not discovered. Because he now is very uncomfortable, his within the body has a terrifying strength, this strength very formidable, but he cannot vent. Ha! Ah! Xia Tian gives a loud shout, the double fist patted directly in aquatic, by the water monster that he patted four are shot immediately, but actually, quick, quickly the might of these water splash were not inferior to the might of bullet are only the flash. Surroundings these are staring at the Xia Tian monster all ran away in fear. What's the matter? How my within the body will have such terrifying strength, since the strength grew to such terrifying measuring, why hasn't been able to break through?” Xia Tian depressed saying. His present Inner Strength was not weak in any Earth Grade late stage Expert Inner Strength density, but he is unable to break through oneself present Realm. Profound Grade is greatly complete. He felt that he arrives among Earth Grade that strengths to have a barrier, how regardless of he makes an effort unable to penetrate this barrier, even if his present Inner Strength were so huge, is unable to break through that matter barrier. Why? Why couldn't have broken through?” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, his body started steadily, but he is unable to break through. At this time the strength of his within the body steadiness gradually. Before his Inner Strength storage was just the normal Profound Grade greatly complete Inner Strength storage, therefore he must not listen ate to restore the compounded drug to be for own consumption, but was now different, his Inner Strength did not know many times. Before his Inner Strength installed with a bowl, then his Inner Strength installs with the trough now. Inner Strength that now he can erupt in a flash were also more, moreover this time can also not need to be worried about the Inner Strength supply not on issue. Only minor defect in something otherwise perfect is he has not broken through Earth Grade to the present.

Xia Tian physique originally special, afterward had drunk the blood of Tianchi water monster, after having eaten the meat of Tianchi water monster, had some changes, the day tribulation time, the Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll guidance day tribulation changed his physique. Should from that time, his physique become is different from the normal person, because of this, therefore he is unable to break through to the present. This time he has eaten up such a big snake balls, this makes him Inner Strength that takes the cultivation dozens years over a hundred years to achieve rise suddenly instantaneously, a snake balls of this rank increased a Xia Tian 80 years of skill. Yeah! Ok, since cannot break through, then finds the opportunity on later, I cope with Earth Grade late stage Expert in any case now am not the difficult matter.” After Xia Tian sighed, to returning to walk. Well, here how these many footprints, moreover very disorderly, has the monster?” The Xia Tian vision looks to the surroundings, but anything had not discovered. Not only has the monster, dozens monsters were staring at him a moment ago here, afterward ran away in fear. After returning to the assembly area. The snake meat also roasted. Em, this returns the line.” Roman Expert light saying. The Yin-Yang protector to be away from Xia Tian to be very far, they pretend not to know Xia Tian, Xia Tian also pretends not to know them, because this is Xia Tian reaches an agreement with them, otherwise they will have the trouble. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, cuts together the snake meat directly. Now feels how is it?” That Roman Expert asked. Fortunately!” Xia Tian said afterward. „Do you determine you fortunately?” A Roman Expert face strange looks at Xia Tian. How?” Xia Tian doubts looks to Roman Expert. Roman Expert takes up the weapon to Xia Tian, the weapon is very bright can treat as the mirror use: You have a look!”

Xia Tian to a weapon photo. His unexpectedly bleeds profusely from the head. He has not thought that this snake balls unexpectedly such makes up, naturally might also be the compounded drug that he took a moment ago make up, will therefore have this situation. All right!” Xia Tian very tranquil saying, right hand scratches, wipes off the blood, but blood also in class. You determined that you are all right?” That Roman Expert doubts looks to Xia Tian. All right, my blood are many, the multi- flow points are also all right.” Xia Tian very optional saying. The snake meat flavor is very beautiful, average people do not dare to eat the snake, but eats the people of snake meat to know that truly that flavor absolutely is very tasty, because the snake meat is thin, is thinner than the fish. After having eaten the meat, they sit there, Xia Tian looks at the day in hand to strike the technique. „Do you fear death?” Roman Expert looked that asked to Xia Tian. Feared!” Xia Tian said. You are very honest!” Roman Expert said: Actually in this world who does not fear death, but they pretend not to fear that once faced that moment of death truly, all people were the same.” You have killed that many people, is the expression that they died finally same?” Xia Tian asked. I have not looked.” Roman Expert said. Why can you kill them?” Xia Tian asked. Because I am a wrestler, is not I dies, is they dies, I do not have choose, because my name is Spartacus!” Roman Expert light saying.