Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1122
After Xia Tian stands up, wicked looks at front great tiger. Then this move, he cannot grasp, therefore he needs to catalyze the compounded drug to use, he must cope with the great tiger, uses [gold/metal] Dao to be useless, the use seizes dragon to be also useless, therefore he has chosen the swordsmanship. The swordsmanship he only meets beyond a Yin Nie move of day the flying immortal, this move deals with the person to be useful, but coped with this big fellow to be useless. The dismantling swordsmanship, copes with great tiger function not to be big. Therefore struck technique on only the remaining days, over the two days he watched the day to strike the technique day and night, to see the most formidable swordsmanship from inside, really he expected, he found. The day struck the technique to fuse that Senior lifetime sensibility. Very formidable. Xia Tian is impossible thoroughly in such a short time perceives through meditation the day to strike the technique, therefore he must walk the shortcut, is unable to perceive through meditation, he forcefully uses, then he must use the swordsmanship that move of he is unable to grasp forcefully. ! The great tiger is one roars, has successfully approached afterward directly Xia Tian. Xia Tian has closed the eye. He closes the eye is not waiting for death. Surroundings these people have all turned very quiet, they do not know that actually Xia Tian must do, why does not hide, the great tiger must certainly sweep Xia Tian with the tail, if these selects again, that Xia Tian did not die also wants the severe wound. The Xia Tian day cold sword appeared in the left hand, afterward the day cold sword in his hand points to the great tiger. Combustion! The flash, Xia Tian has burnt 1 million Rank 1 compounded drugs, such huge quantity he has only burnt one time, that is copes with the Maoshan old ancestors the time, he has used that many compounded drugs. This time is the second time. Although he has 100 million compounded drugs, but he may little not use recently , the refiner, fights, he is constantly not fighting in the use compounded drug, now he same is, when has burnt 1 million compounded drugs, in the body of his whole person erupted an incomparable terrifying strength. The tail of great tiger pulled out directly to Xia Tian.

That move. Hah! Xia Tian gives a loud shout, tail unexpectedly that afterward the great tiger pulls out stiffly was shaken. What? Broke, his unexpectedly broke the move of great tiger, actually does he achieve? Is that imposing manner on his body erupting actually what?” You looked that his surrounding tree and grass are all icing up, is this possible? Is the domain? It is not right, that thing only then in the legend has.” According to history, domain, only then Heaven Grade Expert will form, but Heaven Grade Expert more than 800 years had not appeared.” Surroundings these people look at Xia Tian surprisedly, is Xia Tian Heaven Grade Expert? However is impossible, strength very formidable that although he displays, but he has not achieved Heaven Grade to be so terrorist. Strength that but since on the other hand, Xia Tian has shown also extremely in going against heaven's will. Now unexpectedly also uses to be similar to domain Kungfu. Around Xia Tian all already frozen. Meanwhile Xia Tian has opened both eyes. Everybody, tries my this move.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. Wan sword returns to the birth family! Flash several thousand Sword Light have shot from the Xia Tian surroundings directly, at the same time, body of Xia Tian but actually, when he must fall down, he supported his body with the day cold sword hurriedly, around him these plants and trees started to melt. Whistling! Xia Tian big mouth is panting for breath. Under the illumination of sunlight, all people all saw that several thousand cold glow. Presented all people all surprisedly to open the mouth, their whole face inconceivable looks at these cold glow, this has gone beyond the strength category of humanity, several thousand cold glow, actually this needed big Inner Strength to release.

Moreover what Martial Arts is this? Has heard from nobody. ! The great tiger has sent out an angry pitiful yell, afterward its surrounding air current starts the fierce change, it wants to resist these cold glow, but on its body started to have the wound, words this way, soon it thorough frozen was lived by the cold glow. ! At this moment a long and loud cry sends out, all people all looked up to airborne. ! The great tiger also exuded one to roar, afterward its surrounding air current vanished completely, all air currents all lowered from heavenly. A huge form appears in the front of people. Is the great hawk. The A Zi great tiger must unable to shoulder immediately, great hawk unexpectedly appeared, although remove the air current to make on the great tiger also many several wounds, but after it changed the air current, the speed of great hawk actually changed quick . Moreover the wind speed also increased. Strong winds. The great tiger added on instigation unexpectedly of great hawk wing to form the strong winds, the strong winds has whirled away these cold glow instantaneously completely. Broke. Xia Tian burnt Wan sword who over a million compounded drugs have used to return to the birth family collaborates to give to break by the great tiger and great hawk. Yeah, is not own sensibility, otherwise the might will be certainly bigger.” Xia Tian sighed, helpless shook the head to say. He has not thought that great hawk unexpectedly will get rid to help, if a moment ago the great hawk did not get rid to help, although that great tiger cannot die, but half body affirmed that was frozen, when the time comes waited for his Inner Strength to restore to cut to kill the great tiger. But now ends.

All have been hopeless, all that he made a moment ago were not studious. Saw that the great tiger and great hawk collaborated, the surrounding these people all are retreat that keeps, they great hawk saw the anger from the great the eye of tiger and, these two fellows must collaborate to start probably to kill people. They are not Xia Tian. Can fight with the monstruous talent of this rank. Draws back!” Immediately has the People sound to shout. retreat that therefore these people start to keep. Great tiger and great hawk that looks at not far away, in the eye of Xia Tian all fights intent, at this moment he has made a decision, he knows that this decided one are compensates certainly, but he does not want to flinch. Regardless of the opposite is how formidable enemy, he does not want to flinch. The monster of this rank, he wants to carry on a war, the especially great hawk, is the airborne King, now reminded becomes such big, its strength also had the tremendous changes. ! ! The great tiger and great hawk have simultaneously sent out a great roar, the person who these escaped was all shocked, because they noticed that Xia Tian has not run away, but has arrived at the front of great tiger and great hawk, now, they think that Xia Tian this is courting death. A person facing great tiger and great hawk. This was warm-blooded is absolutely excessive. The Xia Tian right hand wields, the day cold sword vanishes in his hands, at the same time his eye becomes red, the body surroundings have emitted Blood Qi. War!” Xia Tian gives a loud shout immediately.