Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1123

Xia Tian gives a loud shout, this sound very big, all people have all covered their ear. Their whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian. Combustion!” Xia Tian exuded one to drink once more greatly, afterward his surrounding ground started to have the change, these grass shot to all around, centered on him, the surroundings all started to vanish. 20 million compounded drugs. Xia Tian bet! He bet the present body to have the strong change, if were the normal body, that 2 million compounded drugs were equal to that was immolating oneself. However his body underwent the temperance of thunder and lightning. Moreover he also has the meteor tears. He bets his body physical fitness to suffice to shoulder this strength, to increase the intensity of body, his Vampire changed the body uses, was only the flash, a Berserk strength has swept across his entire body. Pain! Xia Tian felt that own body does not have any place not to be painful. He guesses right, his body bearing capacity has truly stiffened . Moreover the intensity has also increased, but is not enough to withstand the combustion of 20 million compounded drugs, therefore his body started to present the bloodstain. The blood vessel started to rupture. The death arrived on the body of Xia Tian. Was dying?” Xia Tian felt the death at this moment, he felt that his body must start to explode, the blood vessel stretched out the skin, he turned into a blood person now. Cool! At this moment a cool feeling has welled up from his chest, this cool feeling has walked randomly his whole body instantaneously. What strength is this? I was not the vertigo, was this possible? This strength absolutely is not the strength of humanity, his body even started unable to withstand this strength, was actually he doing?” Surrounding all people all by Xia Tian this time appearance being shocked. In the crowd has surprised, has envy, has the confusedness, but also some people think that Xia Tian died. However in the jungle corner, the person is actually using the mean vision to look at Xia Tian: You will certainly die, all your can be my, including ability that you currently use, I am the big destiny person, nobody can block the path that I go forward.”

When this cool feeling walks randomly the Xia Tian whole body, Xia Tian has opened own both eyes slowly. At this moment, he felt that his within the body has been full of the strength. His left hand double refers to stretches out instantaneously, points to the great tiger and great hawk: You on together!” Self-confident! Now the Xia Tian self-confidence thorough full house, he withstood that strength, with is the same, the meteor tears that he thinks when his body will arrive in the limit will start to help him. He bet to win. The great tiger and great hawk have fired into Xia Tian directly. Finger of Consonance Second Layer. One zhang (3.33 m) high finger empty shade appears in the Xia Tian front together, this empty shade hit directly to the great tiger and great hawk. ! ! The great tiger plunged that finger empty shade directly, but great hawk pair of claws directly grasped to Xia Tian. Slow! Too slow. The blood color break-up, the body of Xia Tian has vanished in together same place, presents again time, he arrived at the great tiger, his left hand changes instantaneously, five fingers and make three. Seizes dragon. Seized dragon to hold the tail of great tiger directly, finger deep stalemate of Xia Tian to the meat of great tiger, afterward the Xia Tian left hand made an effort to brandish. Bang! The body of great tiger pounded directly above the ground. !

The great hawk plunged the Xia Tian position directly, its claw is sharper than any weapon, its wing seems obstructs the day the cotton cloth to be the same. Snort!” Xia Tian cold snort, left hand makes an effort to fling once more, great tiger that huge body pounded on the body of great hawk, two colossi were pounded to fly directly. Thump! All people all swallowed saliva. Abnormal. Present Xia Tian is not a person, he is a anomaly, great tiger that huge body unexpectedly looks like in his front the toy is the same . Moreover the flying apsaras great hawk, both coordinates to be able to exterminate all, but their unexpectedly together has lost to Xia Tian now. First round fighting, their two do not have any superiority. ! ! The great tiger and great hawk have simultaneously stood, they exuded one to eat delicacies crazily, afterward the body of great tiger started in the zero forward velocity operation, quick tornado appeared in the front of people, afterward the great tiger jumped directly. The great hawk started the fierce instigation own wing, the tornado started the unceasing expansion, moreover went to the direction attack of Xia Tian directly. Xia Tian induced, surrounding wind by great tiger locking, him which direction, regardless in runs by the resorption tornado , the surrounding these great trees were blown directly by the tornado. Thus it can be seen, this tornado might actually big. Since cannot run away, that hits!” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, racket that afterward his both hands make an effort above ground. Bang! The entire ground as if had earthquake to be the same, Xia Tian nearby ground started to disrupt, these crushed stones directly were involved in the tornado, afterward the Xia Tian whole person was also involved in the tornado. In the face of this supernatural ability, all strengths are the bubble. Bang! At this moment the explosive sound transmits together, the tornado went far away, but the ground that the tornado was at a moment ago presented an endocrater. Bang!

The form jumped from the endocrater together. Evaded. Xia Tian unexpectedly has evaded this supernatural attack, a moment ago when he was inhaled in the tornado the reacting force of his direct utilization crushed stone has fired into the ground, afterward he starts in the ground offensive, he hid in the endocrater, the stone suction, but he was actually blocked under the stone. ! The great tiger plunged Xia Tian once more, at the same time, its tail started to move crazily, but the great hawk was also the attack to Xia Tian, great hawk from top to bottom, great tiger from below on, flawlessness of two monster coordination. But Xia Tian is also with these two monster wars that keeps, you sweep my, I hit your fist. The scene becomes the unusual violence, and direct. This time Xia Tian resistance hits the ability unusual terrifying, even if were selected by the tail of great tiger directly, he does not have any matter, instead sends out the counter-attack directly, assistance great tiger that the great hawk keeps. Their three thorough randomly has become one group. Commencing of action became refuses to compromise. That crystal of distant place is sparkling there. In the person who surroundings these watch the fun some people have shouted one suddenly: To, snatches the crystal.” Meanwhile several hundred people overran directly. Expert of America, Expert of Mongolia, Expert of South Korea wait / etc.! These people have fired into the crystal directly. This time scene all of a sudden became chaotic.