Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1124

These people with the Xia Tian goal are for the present. They must look for an opportunity. While Xia Tian they do not have the strength counter-attack time again robs the crystal, they think after this opportunity was the war ended the mutual wounds, but they have not thought that now unexpectedly had such good opportunity. Xia Tian unexpectedly thorough and that two monster dogfights in the same place. They will miss how possibly such good opportunity. Therefore these people started to rob. Roman Expert stands in same place has not moved, he is only responsible for Xia Tian not being sneak attacked, as for that crystal, he is disinclined the control, moreover is he wants to block is impossible to block that many people. Surroundings gradually also presented many people, these people have hidden in the hidden place watch, these people are in each country the people of some small influences. They had almost not come out, does not dare to come out, the strength that because Xia Tian shows was really too strong. Basic dares to be in front of Xia Tian to cause trouble on nobody, but was now different, the scene was chaotic, therefore they also started to fish in troubled waters. Chaotic! Thorough was chaotic. Looks at the crystal close at hand, although they do not know the function of crystal, but there are crystals of these three monster protections naturally is the treasure, therefore they must snatch, moreover some people took the lead, naturally some people followed. ! In these people must rush to the crystal immediately the front. The great hawk has sent out a long and loud cry, afterward it turns head to support fast, the speed of great hawk is fast, although it cannot take Xia Tian, but does not represent his strength to be weak, he just threw instantaneously to destroy completely more than ten Expert. These Expert had not even responded what's the matter time, was extinguished by the great hawk kills.

! The great tiger has also sent out a long and loud cry, no matter afterward Xia Tian, turned the head to run directly. Xia Tian has not stopped, because he also just wants to teach this group not to know that well profound fellow, their unexpectedly also wants to take advantage of somebody, wants to steal away the thing, the speed of great tiger is fast, moreover it is the biology of group attacking. It a moment ago hitting has suppressed a lot of fires by Xia Tian, now sees front these people, naturally directly started to erupt. Its each attack can claim several human lives. Flushed several thousand people a moment ago in a flash, these people dense and numerous, they deliberately considered Xia Tian has constrained these two monsters, but they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly does not hit, looks that these two monsters coped with them. To must run away, but behind is the person, therefore cannot escape. The tail of great tiger thorough has brandished. The pitiful yell sound rises from all directions. After the defensive power of Xia Tian that terrifying the tail of great tiger brandishes, directly carries off big flesh and blood, that say nothing of these ordinary fellows, after they the great tiger brandished, do not die are also the severe wounds. ! The great hawk occupies a commanding position, plunged in the crowd directly the most crowded place. The heads of these people already thorough jet black piece. Bang! The great hawk pounds down patted over a hundred people directly, meanwhile several hundred people turned into the severe wound, afterward the great hawk started to launch the ground offensive, the great tiger also tigerishly lives the prestige, a moment ago their two hitting was really too aggrieved, now finally can release well. At this time they displayed the strongest skill finally.

Has been separated from the fetter of Xia Tian, they can show the most formidable strength. These people even had had a moment ago an misconception, is the great tiger and great hawk actually does not have anything to be fierce, most was also fiercer than them, because Xia Tian coped with the great tiger and great hawk is really too relaxed. But they now personally to this great tiger and great hawk time knows their two outcomes terroristly. Death harvester! Good terrifying, is this the true strength of great tiger and great hawk? Was good had not come up because of us a moment ago, otherwise the fate should be the same with these people now, now they stand unusual was crowded, wants to run away unable to run away.” Xia Tian coped with the great tiger and great hawk a moment ago time, had not felt that they are too fierce, but finally looks now, they were really too fierce, but to fighting Xia Tian time, was suppressed by Xia Tian completely.” Actually now I know Xia Tian terroristly.” The person who surroundings these do not have is the unusual heart startled, if a moment ago they also got up read corruptly, the person who that present dies was they. The American several hundred people rushed a moment ago, but the great tiger and great hawk several times charged, they only remaining dozens individuals, other people all died, the great tiger and great hawk more hit more are suitable, several thousand people of teams in an instant only then less than 100 people ran away, other people all died here. This I got up.” After Xia Tian has seized the opportunity, has fired into the great tiger and great hawk directly, he arrived at the front of great tiger instantaneously, hits to fly the great tiger, afterward flickered the body technique to arrive at the body of great hawk, overcoming of fist then fist, at this time the great hawk also stood in the ground, it has not restored directly to be overthrown by Xia Tian from the fight. Gets sick to want you to assign while you. This is the Xia Tian criterion, after Xia Tian strikes goes well, is pounding of fist then fist to the great hawk, but great hawk also by Xia Tian being perplexed, therefore has not restored temporarily. ! In the mouth of great hawk has made the sorrowful sound. ! The great tiger also exuded one to roar, afterward stood up to plunge Xia Tian hurriedly.

When Xia Tian wants to escape, great hawk unexpectedly has bitten the arm of Xia Tian stubbornly, how regardless of Xia Tian hits it, it does not relent: Hateful, your this bastard, loosens to me.” Bang! The great tiger has put the body of Xia Tian directly. Puff! A blood spouts from the mouth of Xia Tian, the great tiger opens the big mouth to nip directly to Xia Tian. Finger of Consonance Second Layer! The left hand of Xia Tian double refers to stretches out instantaneously. A giant finger empty shade direct hit on the mouth of great tiger, the tooth of great tiger had been hit to fly directly, but great tiger stiffly is enduring the ache, bit with its remnant tooth above the Xia Tian left arm. The fight has been at a stalemate all of a sudden. The right arm of Xia Tian was being nipped by the great hawk, the left arm was being nipped by the great tiger, his strength instantaneously by the uniform, kicking that however his both feet actually kept in the great the body of tiger and great hawk, wanted to play their two relenting positions. But their two maintain the mentalities that has killed does not relent. The blood splashes in all directions. They three blood from uterus everywhere is. Ha Ha Ha Ha.” At this moment a series of big laughter transmit, all people looked to the master of that laughter, all people saw a form, at this time that form has grasped Crystal Stone in the hand, he was the corrupt wolf.