Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1127

Xia Tian, above decided that according to your excellence, you rises now is the lieutenant general military rank, the Dragon Group teacher.” China No. 2 figure has given a Xia Tian small book and certificate. Sees excitement that small book in own hand, Xia Tian could not say. He after all is also youngster, now can obtain such honor, he also very excited. Thanks Senior Official!” Xia Tian said hurriedly. Thanked me to do, I must go for the country thank you, I think you have completed this mission, has not thought that your unexpectedly has also discovered the petroleum, this was really too extraordinary.” China figure said on the 2nd. Senior Official, issue about petroleum I felt that is related with this crystal, but the radiation of this crystal is big, cannot experiment in the urban district.” Xia Tian said. Relax, our China has to let the super scientist army that the world envies.” No. 2 figure self-confident saying of China, his to own country scientist army that is the absolute self-confidence. Because this army created the infinite possibility to the country. Like Xia Tian, they also creates the army of miracle. After all exhorted, Xia Tian in the cabin has fallen asleep, he these days was really too tired. Very tired, is very tired. He estimated that now casual Earth Grade Expert can relaxed cutting kill itself, naturally, this is he in does not use in these Spirit Tool situations, if otherwise lets him Spirit Tool with then, that Earth Grade Expert also was damaged assigning that dies. Although Xia Tian has taken many recoverable compounded drugs, but the internal injury actually needs raising well, the body withstood that big strength, naturally does not feel better, even if his body also needs to restore some time. Was good processes temporarily these trivial matters because of him. Recently he should be able to carry on to recuperate well, then waited for that outside Heavenly Connection opening of hole, now biggest the matter regarding him was the day that outside Heavenly Connection the hole opened. Xia Tian this sleep rested was very long. Concrete how long he does not know that has rested in brief, finally was he woke the ship to the shore.

After waking, he does not have Capital that the stay takes plane directly. He will not return to Jiang Hai City temporarily. After taking plane returned to Capital, Xia Tian directly hires a vehicle own residence, when he returns to residence, after above his gate pastes a convenience has pasted writes is coming back, to me returns the call, inscription person Wang Bing. The Xia Tian cell phone has discarded thoroughly, therefore he is unable to return the call, moreover for these days he was quite tired, therefore after taking the convenience pastes, he returns to his room to fall asleep. He especially liked sleeping recently, because of his body difference, therefore Heaven Absolute Wake helps him recover automatically. dīng! dīng! The dings have awakened by noise Xia Tian, Xia Tian took up the remote control of bedside to press, this was the advantage of upscale house, who takes the remote control to remain to see out of the door is. Sees is Wang Bing time, he directly according to above button of opening the door. Wang Bing relation on Xia Tian, she very much did not worry for serveral days, she thinks that Xia Tian vanished suddenly, therefore she pasted a convenient post in the Xia Tian gate every day, the convenience pastes her to exchange every day, then inspected did have the trace. Like this she waited for several days. Suddenly, today she discovered that the convenient post in gate disappears, just started her also to think that fell, finally she looked for quite a while not to find, therefore she started according to the doorbell. After having pressed several next, gate unexpectedly opened. After she enters in the Xia Tian home, saw that a face morbid state Xia Tian just walked from the bedroom. „Did you get sick?” Asking that Wang Bing cares about. All right, small problem.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Such greatly personally, got sick does not know that ate to instill.” Wang Bing has not seen any medicine in the living room, therefore she thinks that Xia Tian definitely has not taken a drug, actually Xia Tian truly has not taken a drug.

However what he eats is the compounded drug. In the medicine on compared with pharmacy good not to know many times, even if so, his is also recovers unusual is slow. Has eaten.” Xia Tian said. Deceives me, in your family basic on myrrh, anything that you eat, I exit to give you to buy now.” Wang Bing said that must walk toward outside directly. Wait / Etc.!” Xia Tian stopped by calling out Wang Bing hurriedly, he takes these medicines not to have anything to affect now. How?” Wang Bing asked. Did not need to buy, I was a little hungry, happen to you will drive, leading me to exit to eat a thing.” Although Xia Tian over the two days rested was very long, but he has not eaten any thing, now awoke really was a little hungry. Good, what do you want to eat?” Wang Bing helpless saying, she is really suspected more and more Xia Tian was an alien, fell ill has not been willing to eat the medicine. Casual, can fill the belly on line.” Xia Tian said. Good, we walk.” Wang Bing said. Wait / Etc.!” Xia Tian moved toward in the room, afterward has put out the cell phone and a new card from a drawer, he card installs , in cell phone, the card automatically opened. Volume, your family also is really multipurpose, anything has.” Wang Bing awkward saying. In the Xia Tian family resembles anything to have, anything does not lack, so long as is Xia Tian wants, that any thing, anything can find in this room, Xia Tian turned on the drawer a moment ago time, in she saw has placed various types of cell phones, the cell phones of various rank various scales. In his eyes, Xia Tian became more and more mysterious. Em, you have a liking for anything to take casually.” Xia Tian very optional saying, these are black market give to him in any case, how long he could not treat in Capital, after he left, the thing in this house he could not carry off. Was too natural.” Female star helpless shaking the head of.

She first time sees Xia Tian such odd person, the thing in this room so is precious, but he makes Wang Bing take casually, as if not care to be the same. dīng! At this moment, Wang Bing cell phone sound. Hey!” Is so late? Can't this several points, change tomorrow?” Good, but I with a friend in the same place.” That line, our two same places go.” Wang Binggua broke Xia Tian. Xia Tian actually frowns there, his unexpectedly has not heard the sound of Wang Bingshou machine that head, usually his vision and hearing are others' several times, hears the content that others telephone is very normal matter. But a moment ago his unexpectedly character had not heard. That.. That..” Wang Bing is afraid to say a word, does not know how should explain to Xia Tian. Ok!” Xia Tian has not waited for Wang Bing to ask that directly complied. Really? Good, our walked.” Wang Bing excited saying.