Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1128

Wang Bing listens to Xia Tian to be willing with her to go, that naturally was happy many. A moment ago the one who made the call is a director, a matter about modern play wanted to chat with her, therefore called her in the past, normally, she such late will not exit . Moreover the manager also got off work a moment ago. Since the Xia Tian agreement accompanied her to go, she went not to have any issue. She knows that such late discussed script, definitely is not the good deed, either is the additional play, either changes to play, or implants the advertisement and so on matter, these matters are she are most repugnant. How however the director said that she does not have the means that although there is a contract, so long as is not excessive, she was unable to go to others, otherwise tears to pieces the facial skin, after that in industry in became famous. Who also dares to ask you to make a movie. Tonight after she went to the garage, has not opened the previous that old-style fan device the car(riage), but drove a jeep, this was the request of Xia Tian, on after Xia Tian the jeep, pulled the chair to a big way, then he started by to sleep on the chair. Regarding Xia Tian, slept is he restores the strength the best means that because the compounded drug he took has sufficed many, the drug efficacy completely has not displayed now. Was right, did you go to do for these days?” Wang Bing noticed that Xia Tian must sleep, thinks he is bored. Has handled something.” Xia Tian said. Then got sick like this, you such greatly personally, does not know that looked after itself.” Although Wang Bing is complaining Xia Tian, but how to listen likely is flirting with one another. All right, the slight illness, will be several days later good.” Xia Tian closes one's eyes to say. Wang Bing possibly really saw Xia Tian to be tired, therefore she opened was very slow, the place that but she must go to was not far, quick arrived, when the car(riage) stopped, she just wants to call Xia Tian, but Xia Tian have actually opened the eye.

To!” Xia Tian said. Em, is this hotel.” Wang Bing said that at this time the car(riage) stopped on the berth, Wang Bing trick-cycling is truly good, the safety of stopping, exactly right. The average people drive a new car time needs to adapt for several days, but Wang Bing as if not need to adapt, her car(riage) feeling is good. beauty, several.” Although the service people recognized Wang Bing, after all Wang Bing was a big star, but she was maintaining calm, this was here custom, regardless of saw that any person passed and out cannot disclose, cannot pretend to know. Only needs the person regarded is God on the line. Three three!” Wang Bing said. Three Lou Qing!” The hand signal that the service people have made invitation, afterward Xia Tian and Wang Bing went to the elevator together. After arriving at three buildings, Wang Bing has opened the door of theater box directly, when he turns on the theater box inside person looked to her, Wang Bing also gawked, because here sat five people, this little was strange. Usually, the director discussed that the matter should over three talented people not be right, after all they were public figure, the person are many were not on the contrary good, but currently their here unexpectedly has these many people. Bingbing came, came.” The director is one seems very prosperous-looking man, at this time his face smiling face looks at Wang Bing. Wang Bing led you nod, afterward walked toward inside, Xia Tian also followed, a moment ago Xia Tian in behind that Wang iced, therefore these people have not seen Xia Tian, now they saw Xia Tian time immediately gawked. Although beforehand Wang Bing said that she will lead the friend to come, but they have not thought that Wang Bing unexpectedly has brought a man.

Must know that the female star little together will participate in anything to get together with the man generally, because this is easy to cause others' suspicion, will make the person discuss that especially Wang Bing such female star, she will have any matter to turn into the news, this will have certain influence to her reputation. Under normal conditions, only then female star found that big rich and powerful people publicizing wantonly, which arrives is bringing, because they such do can also make these big rich and powerful people have the pressure, cannot play casually with them. Otherwise will encounter mass-criticizing of public opinion. Rich rich and powerful people, once the reputation were destroyed will also cause the losses to the business, therefore these rich and powerful people together are associating with the female star, just started not to attend any situation with the female star together. Only if these second generations of rich. No matter they anything reputation, they not only dares to say one and female star associate this matter, will also propagandize everywhere, because they thought that found the female star to have the face very much. exceed makes widely known on exceed the status that can indicate their sons of the influential. In Capital, your face entirely depends on your reputation, your reputation is bigger, everybody gives you on exceed the face, if your reputation is small, that will not have anybody to you face. In Capital, may be the face that these sons of the influential most care. Are they short of money? Does not lack. The imperial capital ordinary house needs tens of thousands one bottle, in other words the people of ordinary household have the people of several million real estate, that did not use the second generation of rich, the family property just crossed hundred million people to say really embarrassed one were a rich man, said embarrassed one were a second generation of rich.

These genuine second generations of rich, can wave to damage several million sons of the influential. Reason that the reputation of second generation of rich is not good, not solely because of China person Qiu Fu, because also they truly are very wild, but the words spoke, they also had the wild capital. If what looks like you takes is the Nokia sub, you think that is dazzling richly with the apple 6 P person, what if you take is tens of thousands, several hundred thousand cell phones? You also think that he was dazzles richly? Flash when Xia Tian comes, these people have regarded him are the second generations of rich. Bingbing, did not introduce that who gives the child who you come together is.” A director face smiling face of that fat putting on weight looks that Wang Bing asked. He is the friend of mine, called Tashita.” Wang Bing has not said too, only said the Xia Tian name. High and low from the introduction of Xia Tian is Tashita, because in Capital, the summer is a very big surname, Xia Tian does not want to make others know him to be surnamed Xia, therefore he called himself Tashita. Read the name in turn is right. Surnamed Tian!” The director has thought that having a look in the respected family family that oneself know to have surnamed Tian, finally he has not thought any family surnamed Tian, does not have what big entrepreneur surnamed Tian. Therefore he has not paid attention to Xia Tian, after all Xia Tian is fiercest is also a second generation of rich, but sits here has one, but first generation of rich, genuine entrepreneur. Bingbing, I give you to introduce, but this we give Capital famous entrepreneur Chen Zong, recently Chen Zong was studying whether makes you represent the advertisement of their company.” The director referred to oneself side one person saying.