Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1129

Chen Zong! Boss of some company. Must incur to represent. This is the director divulged the information that represented, but the main source of revenue of star, although they made a movie also make money, however the true source of income or the advertisement represented, the salary plays of many stars several hundred thousand, but represented the fee actually reaches as high as several million over a billion! This represented. Moreover represented can also enhance the fame of star, once after many advertisements have succeeded, the star becomes will be also more famous, afterward represents also continuously. Each star impossible fire for a lifetime, when is hottest as far as possible makes money, this is a kingly way. Each represented regarding the star is an opportunity. The big star represented the big brand, the young star represented the small brand or makes some host anything's making money. This Chen Zong looks is a style of entrepreneur, sat had not said there a few words, but actually gave people a feeling of keeping aloof, making the person have the feeling that one type is unable to seek friendships with. Chen Zong hello.” Wang Bing is also the politeness has said a hello. Em!” Chen Zong nod of slightly, has not said anything. Bingbing, a bit faster has not given Chen Zongjing one glass of liquor.” The director has caused a meaningful glance to Wang Bing. Director, I am drive.” Wang Bing said.

Has not related, meets me to make one to deliver you to go back.” The director said. „, I must deliver the friend of mine.” Wang Bing said. Snort!” That Chen Zong numerous cold snort, has done one cup afterward, that is the white liquor, he has gone ahead, moreover he does, this indicates his unusual disaffection. Bingbing, what's the matter, had not seen that Chen Zong did do?” The director has caused a meaningful glance with Wang Bing once more, now Wang Bing was understood, this anything represented, the director wants to haul in his drama series radically, this can also draw to support anything while convenient, as for representing was just. But this Chen Zong has not promised him obviously, therefore he hopes that Wang Bingkao badger game makes Chen Zong compromise. Wang Bing most dislikes this matter. Director, I am an actor, my mission makes a movie, does not have a drink, you said today asks me to come is discussed the matter of script, I give you face to come, finally is makes me do this to here you?” Wang Bing very discontented looked that said to the director. Bingbing, did you speak? What is I makes you do this, my this is makes you expand own circle, person who such has the status like Chen Zong is casual can invite? Such good opportunity your unexpectedly does not know grasps well, I thought that your later performance profession was also similar.” In the words of director is threatening, there is a truth, in entertainment world by far imagination is more complex, if you do not have a backer, wants in the entertainment world popular, that radically is impossible, if you have several big backers, that makes a movie some people to look for you, moreover makes a movie also nobody dares to ask you to be troublesome. Otherwise some people in making a movie can be relaxed, but also has the face very much, but some places of person sitting do not have, but must be pulled strings. These backers, generally are entrepreneurs, big Boss, or has the status, person who has the status. Is just like some sings in the competition, although four people are the referees, but a female super singer the person, so long as does not like, that several other teachers does not dare to give. Because she behind has the super influence. What I act in a play to depend is performing skill, is not the face.” Wang Bing somewhat was also discontented.

Bang! Chen Zong wine class pounded directly on the table: I do not eat, the matter of support also considers as finished, later does not need to contact with me.” Said that must walk directly, his personal servant also stands to walk. Chen Zong, appeases anger, appeases anger.” That director stands hurriedly, a face curries favor with looks that Chen Zong said that although he is also a director, but he is not Chen Kaige, is not Ang Lee, a saying made the movie, everybody invested money, did not lack the support. He may be an ordinary director, his all halting need to draw. Others truly famous successful director radically not in play Riga any advertisement, because such will be been repugnant by the audience, but in these director of small rank is different, if they do not win over the support, the play cannot shoot. Therefore they can only implant some advertisements in the play. Some directors ask new person to act in a play directly, then the male role must draw to support, so long as you can draw to support, no matter your has studied the performance, you can on, but the female star is accompanies to rest, you may not have the deep performing skill, but you must understand the bed technique. The person who many north floats for can become famous has taken finally this road. Woman who especially these want to become famous, they have been able not to care about any thing, even some 23 stars are with honest price tag displayed sell, all exists at imperial capital matter. Chen Zong, you do not lower oneself to the same level with her, she is young, is innocent.” The director consoles to say hurriedly. Quick vegetable on entire. Xia Tian not polite, takes up chopsticks to open directly eats.

Wang Bing also really admires Xia Tian, under all circumstances, he can eat, all that as if the surroundings have are the same with his nobody any relations, saw that Xia Tian have eaten. Surroundings these people is a face strange looks to Xia Tian, Xia Tian not only eats, but also the table is eating in that extension. Normally, this type gets together everybody to not to eat comes, but discussed the matter, even if ate , after taking a smalltalk, can eat, but Xia Tian anything had not said that opened eats. Others eat can also not transfer does not transfer as far as possible. Because turntable appears you will be very greedy, does not have the quality very much, therefore everybody will not transfer, but Xia Tian unexpectedly eats, while extension, immediately some people all discontented visits him. Xia Tian has completely disregarded their vision, but has eaten in that in gulps. Bingbing, how doesn't your friend such have the quality?” The director cannot say Wang Bing anything, but he actually really could not get used to seeing Xia Tian. He comes out with me is eats meal, what does he eat the thing to have not to be right now?” Wang Bing said that also started to eat with Xia Tian, she absolutely did not have any embarrassed feeling at this time, instead was the feeling very crisp. She finally a little can realize that now feeling of Xia Tian, can't others you have a liking for me to be what kind of again? The father is eats, you cannot have a liking for me also only to be able in that to look. Snort! This TM is any thing.” Chen Zong fell the wine class directly on the ground, the fragment collapsed everywhere was. Was eating the thing Xia Tian to anchor suddenly, his coldly looked to Chen Zong: Collapsing of your TM to me.”