Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1131

Las Vegas is in the world famous gambling, the traveling, shopping sacred place. In the world has two ground is person's dream, that is Las Vegas and Dubai, there is the world of local tyrant. However their place has a diversity. In Dubai, if discovered that a poor person, some before that people, will run to watch the fun, what they want to take a look at poor person long, then they throw to these poor person money casually, casually they throw is several hundred thousand over a million. However in Las Vegas, you , if no money, not only nobody will pay attention to you, but also the police will also monitor you, if discovered that you want the crime, that immediately shot. Person who comes to Las Vegas to take vacation, majority is the rich men, the local police must guarantee that their securities, why this is also merely more than 100 years of Las Vegas can turn into the world from an obscure small village the well-known luxury resort paradise. Naturally attracted the tourist truly forever is the gambling establishments in Las Vegas. Here was called in the world the biggest gambling establishment. Here if you do cheat, that fate was chopped the hand to stamp the feet, you think on yourself have the high tech, actually you use possibly is others ten years ago plays remaining, so long as you dare to have thousand definitely some people to grasp you. dealer here has the male to have female, but their uniform is known gambling Expert. This can avoid others cheating. Naturally, Las Vegas itself will not have cheated, otherwise his impossible such a long time calm and steady development. Regardless of you in other place good, is the gambling king of any rank, however in Las Vegas, you are impossible to have the opportunity of cheating, the dice cover compared with ordinary cover thick ten times, inside also added the special material, therefore you cannot listen.

Even if these world-class gambling kings is impossible to guarantee own certainly here to win money, because here each superintendent is the beforehand world bets the king, they have the absolute status in the gambling establishment in Las Vegas. After Las Vegas. Wang Bing whole person was shocked. Good beautiful Ah!, although is she is a big star, but is she has not come to this place. At this moment she felt that she arrived at a brand-new world, does not need to be worried about the dog young, does not need to be worried that some people know her, she only needed relaxation heartily to be OK, Xia Tian called a car(riage), went to a Lasiweijia five-star hotel, after wanting two rooms directly, they started to stroll in Las Vegas. beautiful! Las Vegas worthily is taking vacation sacred place, here is very beautiful, Wang Bing felt that to all things that fresh, she does not have to think one one day can such relax. Xia Tian could also see that Wang Bing was very tired, therefore he leads Wang Bing to come out to relax. After taking a stroll for two hours, Xia Tian they have had a food, afterward Xia Tian started to enter the gambling establishment in Las Vegas, entered the gambling establishment in Las Vegas is Xia Tian this time arrived here goal. Prepared?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Wang Bing. Em!” Wang Bingdian the nod, pulled the arm of Xia Tian afterward. Has saying that Wang Bing is also big beauty, otherwise she is impossible to be so red, although Xia Tian on the face has some morbid states, but he very charming, as soon as they came to attract the attention of many person immediately.

However Las Vegas here gambling establishment person are many, therefore nobody cares about them. Here was not China, therefore Xia Tian can only use English. Is good because of him can the languages of eight countries'. beauty, trades 100,000 chips to me.” Xia Tian put out the bankcard to give beauty of onstage, in the gambling establishment in Las Vegas one of the prettiest scenery lines was the rabbit girl. Everywhere is the rabbit girls, other national inside these rabbit girls study with here, they saw here rabbit girl attracts attention, therefore also starts also to make the rabbit girl in own gambling establishment. It can be said that the gambling establishments in other countries all imitate here, even including interior decoration is. The gambling establishment in Las Vegas is in the world the trail blazers in all gambling establishments, they are leading the development of world all gambling establishments. These rabbit girls beauty from various countries, which country therefore regardless of you from, you can find itself to like here, their these rabbit girl wear unusual expositions. Let the person look that can have the infinite beautiful thought. Actually these solely to not let here person enjoy, comes the attention of here person in the dispersion, their attention were attracted by these beauty, their naturally impossible to win money. Hey, you also look!” Wang Bing noticed that Xia Tian looked these beauty looked must the eye be straight, immediately the unusual disaffection, has pinched in the waist of Xia Tian, no matter what she is big beauty, but Xia Tian unexpectedly sees these exposed females: You have a look at any appearances of their putting on, is really not concerned about face, these men, unexpectedly comes up to grasp, is big pervert.” These rabbit girls, although is carrying the liquor water and so on thing, but they walk one time has the man to profit at the expense of the state on them, naturally, they are not Bai Zhua, after they have grasped each time, intentionally extends to grasp the hand, then chip still in coat.

He he!” Xia Tian awkward flexure scratching the head, he is also a normal man, saw that such scene naturally much will look at two. You also looked that you have a look at them dirty.” The meaning that Wang Bing said is here woman does not know that many several thousand men have grasped, is this dirty. „It is not dirty, they very clean, I heard that here service personnel one hour must take a bath.” Xia Tian serious saying. Wang Bing has pinched in the waist of Xia Tian once more. Xia Tian felt that she again the words that continues such to pinch, oneself died, in his solemn China youngest super Expert, when coped with the great hawk and great tiger collaborates each time, must by Wang Bing pinching on the contrary. Wang Bing pinches the person to be skillful, pinches the meat of Xia Tian waist, is very pain. Sir, your chip.” The beauty onstage has given the Xia Tian 100,000 chips. Thanks!” After Xia Tian takes the chip, said to the beauty service person. You plan to gamble, I heard that few individuals can walk Qian Ying from Las Vegas.” Wang Bing looks at the chip in Xia Tian to say. That is because before , I have not come.” Xia Tian said that walks toward inside directly.