Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1132

Saw that Xia Tian walked to inside, Wang Bing was also hurriedly followed. Here gambling stage prop are many, many Xia Tian heard continually has not heard, finally he can only arrive at the simplest gambling table to go, these gambling laws he does not know, but must go to study, this regarding him simply is the waste time. Therefore he also planned that the simplest gambling table plays. He comes to win money, does not come to see lively, therefore he followed to bet the table of dice to walk directly, the person of this table is quite few, but person actually many. Is this type simple, the person are more. Xia Tian Inner Strength shakes slightly, the surrounding person seemed to be automatic toward the two sides walks. Who is? Pushes anything to push.” Although the surrounding these people keep was shouting, but they had not noticed that was who has pushed they, Wang Bing also thought very strange, she saw here to have many people a moment ago obviously, but Xia Tian drew she was forwarding, surroundings these people as if automatically make way a channel to be the same. Xia Tian comes, happen to detaining the link, Xia Tian all detained own 100,000 dollars chip directly in three on six. Sees his action, on surroundings these faces has filled disdaining. I said that you think Qian Xiangfeng, unexpectedly detained three six, how many were that probability you knows?” Surroundings these people all with despising the vision looks to Xia Tian, three six this type of points are one month not necessarily appear generally one time. Here three six percentages are 36 times, although the probability is small, but the odds are not in the too high, ordinary circumstances are nobody press the leopard, because the probability of leopard was really too low. Even if presents a leopard, at the worst sweeps the decks, nobody will care. However the big or medium probability was very big, generally is 1/2.

After all people have bought, dealer turned on the cover. Three six! unexpectedly is really three six, saw that three six presented time all people all shocked, that they seem present probability smallest digit unexpectedly to appear, three six appearances are representing, sweeps the decks! However Xia Tian has actually detained three six. All people all is a face strange looked to Xia Tian, but Xia Tian and Wang Bing were bringing the mask, therefore and nobody can see their expressions. Wang Bing has opened the mouth at this time surprisedly, she saw Xia Tian a moment ago Qian Ya, when three in six, she also hoodwinked, although she usually did not gamble, but this type of most basic thing she knew. Sir, we requested that inspects your mask, if no issue, we will provide the money of winning to you normally.” dealer is a female, very attractive, wears a unified evening dress. Ok.” Xia Tian wears the mask just to avoid running into the acquaintance, since the opposite party must inspect, he simply has taken the mask that oneself and Wang iced, then has given female dealer. Female dealer has given the following person the mask. After two minutes. Sir, coordination thank you.” Female dealer gives Xia Tian the mask. Helped me throw, wears is not truly comfortable.” Xia Tian very optional saying. 3.2 million dollars have given Xia Tian directly.

Looks such quickly, in front of Xia Tian had 3.2 million dollars time, Wang Bing does not know that should say any was good, this simply is the good path of enrichment, from 100,000 dollars, turned into 3.2 million dollars all of a sudden. On betting dice table, once presented an unusual happening, detains ten big people continually, finally left ten big, when all people think that he will detain is small, he has pressed greatly. When 12 th, this person very self-confident detaining in small above, he has detained 40,000 dollars chip. But opened later unexpectedly to be big, this does not believe in evil doctrines, has detained 80,000 dollars small of directly once more, such detained is because lost a moment ago, so long as opened to be small he to win, moreover can all-win. Finally is big! That person continued to detain 160,000 dollars small, finally big. 320,000, 640,000, 1.28 million, 2.56 million, 5.12 million. Left 19 big, this person was insane, his money lost did not have, therefore he requested to stop selling, because he was the super client, therefore the gambling table agreed to stop selling for a half hour, he lent money everywhere, as soon as finally others listened to him to gamble, nobody lent him. After a half hour, opening price. Be small! unexpectedly that opens is small, after 19 are big, finally has started out small, that person insanely fell at the scene, therefore gambles is discrete, do not fall into error. If Xia Tian does not have a few tricks, he does not dare to come to this place. Because too many Expert folded here.

His had won a moment ago 3.1 million dollars, has saying that is a legend, normal, if he receives the hand now, he gained has sent greatly, but 99.9% people will not receive the hand here. Why this is also few people from here the reason that can win money, because you have won, you think that these money are Bai to come, afterward little lost, but you, if lost, you want to fish, finally more lost is more miserable. Big!” Xia Tian own 3.2 million detained in a big way above. Surroundings these people respectively detain their, they do not have too many ideas, because they think that Xia Tian possibly walked dog Shi to transport a moment ago, will therefore detain, but this rich will detain directly him, this is the unwise procedure. Snort, you think that Qian Xiangfeng you, unexpectedly also dares to detain, loses you.” Very side a Xia Tian man disdains looked at Xia Tian one saying that a moment ago was also Xia Tian that he said that but he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly had won a moment ago, therefore he naturally was unusual not being feeling well, now saw that Xia Tian unexpectedly has all detained money, he naturally must taunt. That male left hand hugged exposed foreign girl big beauty, the right hand is detaining slightly in the chip above, he such detained intentionally, because he has won after like this, can taunt Xia Tian well. His left hand is pinching in rubbing that the body of that foreign girl makes an effort, very vigorous that rubs to pinch, although the foreign girl is very painful, but she must display the appearance that ten shares receive. That person is also the China person, chubby, he in the China language to the words that Xia Tian spoke. According to the truth, bumps into foreign country person of oneself country should be very own is right, but in fact, in foreign country bumps into the person in oneself country to be certainly careful, because in ten has eight to deceive you, wants to harm you, finally that may be the good person. Opened!” Female dealer turned on the cover once more.