Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1133
When female dealer opens the flash of cover, all people all excitedly look to that cover. Wang Bing has kept was shouting low voice: Big! Big! Big!” Sees her appearance, Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Big! Appeared, is big. Sees this result time, the surroundings immediately some people of happiness, some people of sadness, the victory and loss in the flash, the person who won naturally is happy, for example was Xia Tian, person of losing was not happy, for example by Xia Tian that China person. The complexion of that fatty is ugly, sees Xia Tian to win money he unusual not being feeling well, moreover he also intentionally detains to face each other with Xia Tian, finally unexpectedly lost. 6.4 million, the Xia Tian front presented 6.4 million chips. One side Xia Tian sees excited Wang Bing, put out 1.4 million chips to give Wang Bing directly: Plays, the watch that your body wears has the position finder, you selected the position finder to find me.” Xia Tian saw that the Wang Bing excited appearance knows she also wants to play. Which arrived here person not to play. But Xia Tian gives her money goal to not to let her wins, but to let her loses, comes to this place, once your to win money, after that will unable to control itself, thinks that here is a making money good place, therefore he must let Wang Bingwan happiness, but must make her know here danger. A more important reason is because he stared. Although he has only won two, the number that but he wins may be many, two have won 6.3 million dollars, although he has given the Wang Bing 1.4 million dollars, but now he also remaining 5 million dollars chips. Snort, dog Shi transports.” Side Xia Tian that China person cold snort said that pinching that his left hand makes an effort in the upper body of that foreign girl beauty.

Female dealer shook the dice once more. Xia Tian directly 5 million dollars chip all on big. Saw that Xia Tian detains in a big way, immediately that China person disdains looked at Xia Tian one, saw that Xia Tian unexpectedly detains all money, he thinks that Xia Tian was a lunatic. The surrounding person is also very puzzled looks to Xia Tian, normally, some people such will not detain, even if how much money cannot such play, once lost, that is one all loses all. dealer is also a face strange looks at Xia Tian: Sir, the single upper limit is 5 million dollars, you determined that can all detain?” Em!” Xia Tian nodded to say. At this time a beautiful female has arrived at the Xia Tian side: Handsome fellow, won these many, how taught the elder sister to win.” Beautiful female very beautiful, she is rubbing with oneself that beautiful body, her jade lip that the body of Xia Tian keeps wriggles near the ear of Xia Tian slightly, the sound is very light, looks like the snake that bewitches is fine. Xia Tian not polite, both hands keep feels on the female, then saying gently: My luck is good, detains with me can certainly win.” „Should I thank you? Or does my according to body permit?” Female very open saying. That how, I do not like being responsible to the wild flower.” Hand of Xia Tian very dishonest is trying to find out on the female, after touching has met, Xia Tian really to touch a miniature pistol, although the pistol is fine, but Xia Tian truly discovered. However he slightly brings, has not traced carefully. Snort!” Side Xia Tian that China person noticed that Xia Tian side unexpectedly has beauty to deliver on own initiative, that naturally was angry, the envy often came from person. Draws an analogy, in various aspects was inferior since childhood your person, the sudden two years had not seen, meets again you discovered that he compared with your ten times, you will have had the envy at heart.

But if Ma Yun became very rich, you will envy him? Naturally not, although Ma Yun's change is thousands of times of changes, but you will not envy, because he is not your person. That China person with Xia Tian same from China, moreover sits in the one side, he looks at Xia Tian to win these much money with own eyes, how possibly not to envy, moreover now side Xia Tian also big beauty on own initiative deliver. This treatment simply was good. This is each men fantasized treatment that cannot obtain, but Xia Tian obtains now. Female dealer turned on the cover directly. 456 points are big! Won! Xia Tian has won, saw that Xia Tian has won, the surrounding person all started to visit him with the strange look, the number of times that although he won were not many, has only won three, but the amount was big, he front chip turned into 10 million dollars now. Gets huge windfall wealth. unexpectedly won.” Very by Xia Tian that China person is not feeling well looks at Xia Tian. You really have also won,” that beautiful female said. Big! Xia Tian detained in a big way, that beautiful female has also detained 100,000 dollars chip with Xia Tian, Xia Tian now are most can only detain 5 million dollars chip, therefore another 5 million he has placed his front directly, one table of surrounding chairs had the number, saw Xia Tian to win these many, hurriedly the man of his side did everything to please has given Xia Tian own stool. Thanks!” Xia Tian very polite saying.

That China man of his side envied, he does not have the seat, but Xia Tian unexpectedly had. I do not believe your luck so to be good, I remand am young.” That China man one time has detained 500,000 small. He drinks on the Xia Tian bar today, he does not believe Xia Tian to win, moreover Xia Tian unexpectedly detains big, he believes that this time should also be one's turn slightly according to the probability. At this time he has prepared to with any words ridicule Xia Tian. He won on. Xia Tian made that man of seat also exploratory had detained 50,000 dollars chip with Xia Tian a moment ago. Also the part has detained with Xia Tian, naturally, part has not believed in evil doctrines, because opened three to be big, they do not believe this also to open in a big way, therefore they have made the same choice with that China fatty, detains to be small. beauty dealer brow tight wrinkle, if Xia Tian this time has won, that Xia Tian definitely has the issue, because he has won 10 million dollars, when the time comes she must report with above. Here platform is the platform that the gambling establishment is a resident buyer, therefore you won are compensate by the gambling establishment, naturally, you, if lost, was the gambling establishment has gained, was two buildings is different, two buildings were to the gambling. In other words, victory and loss both sides to the gambling, the gambling establishment only charge 5% procedural fee. Opened! beauty dealer has lifted the cover.