Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1134

346 points are big! Also is big! Xia Tian won. Bang! Side Xia Tian that masculinity must make an effort to pound on the table, he does not care about the money of losing actually, but he noticed that Xia Tian wins is not feeling well, unusual not being feeling well, he looks that the Xia Tian expression felt Xia Tian villains holds sway. 15 million. Xia Tian front chip turned into 15 million dollars. This is not a small number, many people cannot make these money for a lifetime, however on this gambling table, Xia Tian has only detained four, gained 15 million dollars, this has not calculated that he gave these that Wang iced. That with female who Xia Tian detains at present one bright, although she does not care about these money of winning, but she has not thought of the Xia Tian unexpectedly really such god, has won, although four win one after another here is not any important matters, but four turned into 15 million dollars from 100,000 dollars on a little legend. Won!” That lets on the face of seat to Xia Tian one happy, he wants to give a try, but has not thought that unexpectedly won. 15 million, were too few.” Xia Tian depressed saying. Female dealer presses the button later all people who shakes dice to start to continue to detain the note. Xia Tian 5 million detained directly once more in big above, saw that Xia Tian detained in a big way, side Xia Tian that beautiful female has also detained, but that man of his side this time followed 500,000 directly. Snort, I do not believe in evil doctrines!” Side Xia Tian that fatty took 1 million dollars chip to detain directly on small, he did not believe Xia Tian every to win, moreover can continue in a big way, this probability was really too low. Person who although detains with Xia Tian were many several, but also has few people not to be short of money, they do not believe that can also open in a big way. Therefore these people have detained small. That female dealer here situation reported that to above, sees here becomes such intense, she a little could not control, after all here victory and loss may be the dollar.

Opens!” All people all anticipate looked to female dealer there. 455 points are big! Also is big. Xia Tian won. Attract! Surroundings these no matter lost the person who or won to hold breath cold air, this simply was too terrifying, Western Paradise unexpectedly really and won. 20 million, Xia Tian here chip turned into 20 million dollars. He turned into the local tyrant instantaneously. These detain person who wins with Xia Tian very happily, but side Xia Tian that China fatty the complexion was pale. Sir, hello, I am this manager.” A male very gentleman has arrived at the female dealer side. „?” Xia Tian looked up to him. Looked person who the gentleman has the skill, wants to win the good money the words to go to above several, there truly wins the good money the place.” The words of manager are tactful, but he is also changes to telling Xia Tian, do not continue to win here, later meets to speak. Good!” Xia Tian said that carries the tray to say. You leave to me!” At this moment Xia Tian heard a familiar sound, hears this sound time, a Xia Tian brow wrinkle, runs afterward directly to the direction of that sound, that manager also heard the sound, afterward followed hurriedly. Everybody continues.” Female dealer said that now Xia Tian walked, she can also relax finally.

You dare such to speak to me, courts death!” An appearance very strong man said that a palm of the hand wants the racket to Wang Bing, Wang Bing to know one cannot shunt this, has closed the eye, but waited to meet him to discover that on one did not have any pain, when she opened the eye discovered that a fair hand held the arm of that robust man. Do not impulse!” The manager ran over directly. That robust man sees time nod of manager slightly, obviously he with this manager is the understanding. You must hit her a moment ago is right?” Xia Tian looked that asked to that robust man. How, I link you to hit now together.” That robust man wicked saying. Xia Tian turns the head to look that said to that manager: Here is your place, what to do did you say?” Brother, he is not intends, I make him accompany to you am not, this matter.” The manager said hurriedly. „It is not good!” Xia Tian and that robust man said together. Not the good apology that Xia Tian said is not definitely good, this was too light, dares to hit the person who he brings, that absolutely cannot forgive lightly, but the opposite party said is not good is because he will not apologize absolutely. I asked you a moment ago, is your face, but I am unsatisfied to your procedure, now I only give you two choices, either you ask the person to break his leg now, either I win one white hundred million dollars on your this first, do not question that I can achieve.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. Overbearing! Hears the Xia Tian words, several people all felt that left his place of ruling by force. Your unexpectedly said that can break my leg? Snort, depends on you also to match?” Saying that robust man disdains. The brow wrinkle of manager, he looked at Xia Tian, afterward put out the cell phone to dial a number, above he must ask for instructions, he could not bet, if Xia Tian has won 10 billion dollars on first, he may be miserable, above will certainly handle his. Quick, that manager has hung up the telephone, afterward gives a loud shout: Came!” One team of securities ran over.

Dares to fight the person leg that causes trouble to break to me this here, then throws.” That manager shouts. Hears the words of manager, that robust man stares immediately: Hey, are you serious with both of us?” Manager, hits really?” These securities asked. Hits, calls me!” The manager said directly. Xia Tian stared that robust man one eyes, afterward holds up Wang Bing hand to start toward two buildings to walk, Wang Bing sees the Xia Tian so overbearing appearance, on the face immediately one red, in each female heart has an overbearing president. She has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly is so overbearing. Although a moment ago that person sexually harassed her, but that person has not gone well, moreover she has not come under attack, but Xia Tian must make here manager break that person of leg, but here Las Vegas. Here person who can become the manager, which is not the hand eye Heavenly Connection fellow, but such figure cannot resist the threat of Xia Tian. Thus it can be seen they have truly feared Xia Tian. This is the so-called boldness because of one's skill, Xia Tian a few words can let the manager own friend leg interruption, this is the symbol of strength, a moment ago that manager telephoned to above, what above replies, your friend two leg value how much money? Afterward that manager understands how should do. Although the Xia Tian words listen a little to let the person to believe that but Las Vegas is a place of creation miracle, nobody can guarantee that he cannot win 10 billion. Manager unexpectedly has processed that robust man, that Xia Tian nature continued to treat embarrassed on one.