Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1135

Saw on Xia Tian two buildings, that manager relaxed, he asked people to deliver to the hospital that robust man hurriedly. He has informed afterward the managers in two buildings, reminded him to have a special fellow to come up. Xia Tian on just two buildings discovered that some people were staring at him, but he did not care, he also did not have cheat in any case, therefore did not fear that stared, this was to the gambling, in other words you chipped in many, can win many, looked that your opposite party has gotten down many. Now in Xia Tian has 20 million dollars chip, but Wang Bing lost several hundred thousand a moment ago, therefore only remaining 1 million. However she all lost, Xia Tian does not care. Wang Bing also very much wonders, she looked Xia Tian wins is relaxed, but is one's turn her time loses, how regardless of she plays loses, confident she instantaneously lost. She also thinks one were also God of Gamblers takes possession. She knows that now wants to walk Qian Ying from here is really not a simple matter, although Xia Tian makes her lose casually, but she embarrassed rich gives to lose, therefore she has not lost money. I give you mission.” Xia Tian saw Wang Bing thoughts. What mission?” Wang Bing puzzled asking. Tonight, regardless of you use any method, naturally was unable toward leaving to deliver, you must play half here gambling paraphernalia, moreover you must lose money.” What Xia Tian such does to let Wang Bing experiences the gambling establishment is. Loses money?” Wang Bing heard Xia Tian this mission on ignorant, others were to win money, Xia Tian unexpectedly want her to lose money. Losing money learned, moreover I also make you play, therefore you want to lose all are not that simple.” Xia Tian said that sat in an idle position of Baccarat directly. Baccarat in any gambling establishment is most popular that. Opposite, I play is very big, minimum that you play?” Xia Tian looked that said to the opposite party. Fuck! do tens of billions play.” Opposite party is an American, speech is impolite, and overbearing.

Plays, so long as you suffice to lose on the line.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. The surroundings one looked that this table has become, immediately encircles a person, Xia Tian detains 10 million dollars chip directly, he is the idle family, that naturally was buys to idle, surroundings these watched the fun was also starts to detain Zhuang Xian. The opposite banker lit continuously cigar, then also throws 10 million chips. dealer started to deal, the banker turned on the sign is nine, on face immediately one happy, afterward he looked on the Xia Tian tabletop: Detains 10 million again, bets you.” The Xia Tian sign surface is one five, seems suffers a loss. With you.” Xia Tian also pushed own 10 million dollars directly. Surroundings these people all are carefully looks their to the gambling, they have not thought that here unexpectedly bet such in a big way, coming up both sides on respectively came 20 million dollars. dealer deals once more! The person in gambling establishment naturally likes such gambling house, because they collected fees according to the percentage, therefore they bet was bigger, the fee that the gambling establishment charged was also higher. Finally whoever loses whom to win, Xia Tian is the biggest winner. Trilateral, trilateral!” Shouting that American keeps. 3!” American there unexpectedly has only started out one three. 22, are really miserable, I am just like you many, I am eight.” After Xia Tian lifts own that sign, shows a faint smile. Won!

The idle family won. FUNK!” The Americans scolded angrily. Was who one lost 20 million dollars, everybody will shout'mother-fucker', that American did not have to think opportunity such big unexpectedly that one won lost, and has lost all of a sudden to Xia Tian 20 million. Xia Tian front chip turned into 40 million directly. Although 200,000 taxes, but these regarding Xia Tian radically is a drop in the bucket, here tax is 1%, but the third tax was high, but the money of Xia Tian present will go to third is laughed by others simply. Also third is not every day opens, today happen, third every week opens one time, is tomorrow, the condition that enters is at least 100 million dollars, now on Xia Tian had was less than 40 million dollars, this qualification also by far insufficiently enters third. Therefore he must try harder. In China Dragon Group. Saw after allow Song and Chen Lin come back, all people all are look to them who anticipates, because before going, stole the day to say after they came back , the strengthen will be many, therefore the people also want to make them demonstrate. However after they come back, actually changed, is not willing to show off in the face of these people, therefore does not have to demonstrate. This made many people be discontented. „, Said that what strength can strong ten times, is boasts?” Immediately some people of discontented saying. I said am also, any nonsense teacher, dismisses the person time is very fierce, that many heroes openly expressed open, proper skill anything has not known then that boasted.” Also some people said. Hears these words time, allow Songdong! Xia Tian in his heart is sacred and big, does not allow anybody to insult, that is his idol, his goal, but some unexpectedly people dare to be in front of his to insult Xia Tian now, how does this let him to endure?

Therefore he fired into that person directly, the nine levels of weapons in hand has cut instantaneously! That person has not thought that allow Song said begins to begin, takes up own weapon to resist hurriedly. Bang! Flash when but he and allow Song moves, his whole person was struck to fly. What?” The surrounding all people have all been shocked, they have not thought that allow Song unexpectedly became such fierce, before the strength of allow Song and that person differed is not big, but allow Song unexpectedly strikes now strikes to fly that person. I warned you, if you dare to say teacher no again, I have killed you.” Saying of allow Song coldly, before he is not that allow Song, saw him of this world law of the jungle to understand a truth. Only the strength can stand firm. Like the present , he therefore he can be Xia Tian leaves this tone, but if he is weak, the reputation of he goal did not protect. Snort!” That person cold snort. He felt that own within the body vitality tuck dive, he has not thought allow Song unexpectedly became such fierce. „Do you refuse to accept?” allow Song coldly looks to that person. That person has not spoken. I told you, the teacher was in this world the greatest person, he was I have also seen the strongest person, I did not allow anybody to insult him, if you also want to continue to keep Dragon Group, diligently obtained the approval of teacher, otherwise do not think that the teacher does not dare to dismiss you, even if were Earth Grade Expert, the teacher can also pinch conveniently.” allow Song said. Earth Grade does Expert, pinch conveniently?