Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1136

Hears allow Song and Chen Lin's words, although surroundings these people do not believe that but does not dare to say anything. Because allow Song and Chen Lin had proven with fact they truly stiffened. Compared with before departure stiffened. They only followed Xia Tian, comes back the later strength becomes such, this showed that mixed with the teacher truly can stiffen, but they unusual not being feeling well, because before allow Song and Chen Lin, was their friends. Before the strength, with them almost. But they came back later unexpectedly become such strong. This somewhat made those present envy. Looks to present the expressions of these people, allow Song understands finally teacher then mood, he knows actually now Dragon Group has not being able to withstand how, if the thought of these people do not transform, they for a lifetime could not become Expert. All people paid attention!” At this moment stole the day and that female assistant walked: Starting today your trainings increase a project newly, is mission, I will send mission to each of you every day, mission must wear this clothes to carry out, I do not want to listen to any reason, I only looked at the result, the same day that mission could not complete can leave Dragon Group.” Hears to steal the day the words, all people stare. Puts on such heavy thing to complete mission, is this possible? But immediately they heard another sad news: Was right, reminded your one, mission must be a person completes, if among I discovered that who has taken off carrying a heavy load, that directly eliminated.” Does a person complete mission? Moreover is a person puts on to carry a heavy load to complete mission, this simply was too harsh. On the spot only then allow Song and on the Chen Lin two faces has excitedly, other people all look distressed, they never have to complete any mission alone, but steals day unexpectedly to make them complete mission today.

This feels embarrassed them simply. Another side of this time! Xia Tian has gained Little Tian on second, finally his fund arrived at 500 million dollars 5 million, he had in 500 million dollars an account, 5 million dollars wanted a card casually! Afterward he and Wang Bing left the gambling city. Returns to their five-star hotels to rest. In this place, wish makes the person think highly, that only then, must be rich. Many northeast local tyrants went to the south, the result have made radically the person look down upon, the southerner first thinks that the northeasterner likely was not a rich man, but after these rich men went to Hong Kong Taiwan this place, others did not buy their accounts. But these entrepreneurs in China, although is very rich, but they, once steps the international stage, others do not pay attention to them. Regardless of their enterprises are much big. Therefore the present company goes on the market in abundance, this not only can solve the turnover of capital the issue, but can also make the world see them. At this time in this five-star hotel, is the rich man from world, but almost nobody pays attention with becoming friends with other people, they as if were regarded the air to be the same. These rich and powerful people were so, do not need to raise Wang Bing this female star, she in China, although possibly a little fame, but arrived here, she was an ordinary female. Wang Bing first time realized that does not have the feeling of dog young track. She regarded here completely is the taking vacation place.

After going back, they were also tired for day, direct rest. Next morning, Wang Bing is very early, she wanted two breakfasts in Xia Tian, then went to the Xia Tian room. „Do you get up such early do do?” Xia Tian lies down on the sofa, obviously has not awaked, was called by Wang Bingying. Do not rest, you have always rested, Tiantian rests, I come out with great difficulty one time, you compensate me to stroll!” Wang Bing begged. Xia Tian truly every day most time was sleeping recently, he felt one rested quickly confused, in the morning he can get up was very early, moreover was very energetic, but he no matter how rests now rests insufficiently. Which probably arrives can sleep results. Was good, good! I get up!” Xia Tian shook own head, after getting up, downstairs server was also happen to loose the breakfast, has saying that the five-star hotel was crisp, but also brought the breakfast . Moreover the breakfast was also most nutrition. After having had the breakfast, Xia Tian they exited. You quickly, sluggish.” Wang Bing spoke with Xia Tian generally, at the same time walked toward behind direction, she such has been walking. Be careful!” At this moment Xia Tian shouts suddenly, Wang Bing backed up, car(riage) happen to after here, when Xia Tian wants to clash, that car(riage) changes hurriedly, hit directly above the guard rail. Saw that Wang Bing is all right, Xia Tian is also relaxed. Ah! Wang Bing had a scare, she considered only a moment ago was speaking with Xia Tian, has not thought that here has the car(riage) to pass through. „Are you all right?” Xia Tian arrives at Wang Bing side, Inner Strength reached Wang Bing within the body, Wang Bing felt immediately one that nervousness was better a moment ago.

Your blind Ah! on vehicle walks a man, looks at Xia Tian and Wang Bing angry shouting. Xia Tian also planned to come up the apology, but hears the opposite party words, his brow immediately a wrinkle. Excuse me, sorry.” Wang Bing apologized hurriedly, after all was her retreat time had not looked, for the enemy did not hit her, therefore hit on the guard rail. „Did sorry on the line? How much money do you know my this car(riage)? What did you have a look at my car(riage) to hit now? Do not think that the five-star hotel on extraordinary, I told you, most does not lack in Las Vegas is the rich man, you have a look at your wear, looked that is the poor devil who outside area comes, my this car(riage) often over a million repair expenses, you compensate?” That man very wild shouting. At this time on the copilot also went out of a female: Now the car(riage) hit like this, lost money, do not poor-mouth with me, no matter I you poor, must compensate our fares, otherwise I reported to the police, considers crime that you disrupted the public security.” 1 million dollars, I told you few one point not to be good.” Saying that man disdains. 1 million dollars? This suffices to buy a race car.” Wang Bing hears 1 million dollars time brows immediately a wrinkle, she knows that the opposite party this is black she, but here is foreign country, was bullied some people not to take responsibility for you. Not likely in China, if some people dare to bully you, that China government will take responsibility for you. Poor devil, you knows that what car(riage) my this is? My car(riage) value 4 million dollars, your this whole life have not seen I such expensive car(riage), I told you, today you do not accompany me to consider you dead.” Saying of that male coldly. I compensate.” At this moment Xia Tian walked from behind.