Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1137
„Do you compensate?” That man took a fast look around Xia Tian with contemptuous look: Snort, that compensates, I told you not to negotiate the price to me, useless, I completely understood that your Asian, looked you came from China, China can come out either was the second ancestor, either was the corrupt official or travels.” I said that compensated your money, therefore your mouth put cleanly to me.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly, he said that must compensate the opposite party money, but opposite party unexpectedly came up China also to scold. „Were you speaking to me? You harm me to have a collision, now do you also hold true? If not I specially the car(riage) corner, directly killed your China poor devils.” That man continues to scold. The Xia Tian complexion is getting more and more ugly, an opposite party China poor devil. This lets his unusual not being feeling well, the beforehand view is the weak country does not have the diplomacy, although the China national defense capability is now strong, but the people in many countries look down upon the China person. They think China to fall behind, quality difference wait / etc.. Therefore they start to bully the China person. It looks like the present, they think that Las Vegas is the territory of their country, therefore they can bully the China person in their territory, such China person does not dare to revolt. After all here is foreign country, if Xia Tian dares to cause trouble, the police will also turn toward their. Let alone the misdemeanor they occupy the principle, taunted the China matter as for this person, did not have the evidence to the police station, he was also Bai Ma. What's wrong? Not being feeling well?” That man noticed that is angry has not dared to move his expression crisply. How much money did you say your car(riage) a moment ago?” Xia Tian asked. 4 million dollars, how is it? Frightened, do not want to drive such good car(riage) for a lifetime, depended on your such poor devil, what's wrong.” Bang! That person was saying self-intoxicated, but his words just told only half that he saw inconceivable one, the right hand of Xia Tian has taken up the trash can of roadside, afterward directly on that vehicle. Bang!

Xia Tian pounding one after another, he smashes the glass first. „Are you doing? A bit faster stops.” That man shouts hurriedly, he has flustered, his thorough has flustered, he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly was direct to smash the car(riage). 4 million? I compensate you.” Xia Tian said that threw to that man directly has opened: In this card has 5 million dollars, password six zero, remaining that 1 million dollars are used to pay you these poor devil tips of America.” Bang! Xia Tian one after another is pounding. That male time thorough was shocked, before he looked at Xia Tian not to have the car(riage), thinks that Xia Tian certainly was the poor devil who travelled ordinary, was bullied by him , this also for brought honor before side that female, but he has not thought that matter unexpectedly will turn into this. Looks that own love car(riage) was smashed the pulp thoroughly, his heart, although the opposite party has given him a 5 million dollars card, but this is his love car(riage), limited edition. He saw card time knows that this card did not have the issue, because this card was the silver card of Las Vegas, inside really had 5 million dollars. This makes him feel that was more inconceivable. Poor devil who he was looking down upon, unexpectedly has put all of a sudden out 5 million dollars. Moreover hit to enjoy he 1 million dollars tip. This makes him feel immediately one are shameful. Bang! The entire car(riage) by Xia Tian thorough pounding shrivelled, Wang Bing was also shocked shortly, she has not thought really Xia Tian said smashes the car(riage) to smash the car(riage). Hey, the poor devil in America, you have remembered to me, this time I smash the car(riage), but if you dare to insult China again, next time I must ask your life value how much money.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly.

Threat! This threatens absolutely. Xia Tian opens mouth must buy the life of opposite party. If beforehand Xia Tian said that this person definitely thinks Xia Tian is boasting B, but after the matter, that person saw the Xia Tian violence, he felt that Xia Tian is a lunatic, lunatic who any matter dares to be. You.” That man quite a while could not say incoming call. My what I? Instigates the goods.” Xia Tian said that draws Wang Bing to look like the distant place to walk directly. Wang Bing heart splash jumping, he has never had such strong feeling, although Xia Tian is overbearing, but he has strong nationalism, therefore makes her feel that Xia Tian is a hero. If each foreign person can make every effort to succeed for the country like Xia Tian, that again also nobody dares to bully the China person who the overseas traveling or takes vacation. Until Xia Tian walked, a man and a woman are in-situ. He.. Is he really the China person?” Saying of that woman coldly, they usually bullied to bully outside China person, now saw that so strong China person some did not adapt. When did the China person become such strong?” That man is also inconceivable of whole face. Wang Bing does not know how one became, just started her and Xia Tian contacts is because Xia Tian disregarded her, how her solemn big star can be disregarded, therefore she wants to attract the Xia Tian attention. Now was but good, she not only has not attracted the Xia Tian attention, is starts by Xia Tian on the contrary conquered overbearingly. Unrequited love! Her unexpectedly unconscious unrequited loved Xia Tian.

Her original manuscript thinks whom own this age was unable to like on again, she does not believe that unrequited loves this type of thing, but her unexpectedly presented this type to feel, she did not talk clearly this is anything felt. If Xia Tian is charming? She has seen too many charming male stars, if rich, she has also experienced various rich men. But she thought that Xia Tian is different from others. Was right, which do you want to go to stroll?” Xia Tian asked. Walks, naturally was window-shops.” Window-shopping and shopping of woman are the instinct that awakens inborn, arrives at a strange city, place that they can unable to find, can unable to find the place that eats meal, but must be able to find the shopping absolutely the place. Did not have the woman of any sense of direction, will turn all of a sudden into the foot to step on GPS Superman, said where looked can find where. Wang Bing quick, Xia Tian with him, had not gone out far, Xia Tian really saw a market. shit, this was also too mysterious.” Xia Tian looks in front of surprisedly own the big market. He had not seen this big market a moment ago, but Wang Bing unexpectedly seven turned had found this market that eight turned. „Had you come this before?” Asking of Xia Tian doubts. No.” Wang Bing said that directly walks toward inside. Bang! At this moment hugs a person of big bunch of things to hit on the body that Wang ices.