Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1140

Imposing manner! All people all feel him bet the imposing manner of king. As if here is his world is ordinary. Because many people cannot bear this formidable imposing manner, but lowering the head in abundance, this made them have the weak trend, the competition had not started them to lose at heart, moreover suffered a more disastrous defeat. Xia Tian looked at one also to turn the head to sit there, he did not look that Rowsey was not because he has feared, because in his eyes the opposite party was only a reptile. Very small and weak. Even if the great tiger and great hawk such abnormal thing he can defeat, say nothing was a small gambling king. With person who he opposes, fate, only then, that dies. Regardless of the how formidable match, before him is not anything. Treads! Third is very peaceful, the world bets the king Rowsey's footsteps to be very light, when Rowsey arrives in front of Xia Tian has shown the facial expression of disdaining: „Did boy, how many bring?” Saw that the world bets king unexpectedly to speak to a nameless boy, all people all sized up Xia Tian. Boy, how many did you bring?” Xia Tian sits there looks at Rowsey very at will.

He curls upwards one leg on the other to sit there, but Luo Xizhan there. Their imposing manners were all of a sudden obvious. Xia Tian sits in a there looks like society big brother, but Rowsey like is a little brother. Rowsey has discovered quickly also this situation, but he will be to sit now also appears very awkward. Snort, 20 billion dollars, I am the world bet the king, these money are my previous time win.” Rowsey very optional saying, Xia Tian understands, reason that he wins 20 billion US dollars is because previous time likely had any big accident, after all here wants the cheat probability to be low, therefore no one can guarantee that own luck is certainly good. Only if he has corrupt wolf that and other luck. Otherwise, competition each time is that psychological warfare and outside war, reason that was called outside defeating to comply with those words of gambling establishment, sometimes victory and defeat often on betting table. Em.” Xia Tian satisfied nod, his manner resembled this 20 billion is he was the same. Snort!” The world bet Wang coldly snort, afterward moved toward directly front. Quick, the person who coming were getting more and more, above fund also the Xia Tian imagination are more, unexpectedly has been 70 billion dollars, this just started, running water fund unexpectedly has been 70 billion dollars. It seems like imagines compared with me must.” Xia Tian light saying. The people in quick organizer Las Vegas came, is one person of head is the general managers in Las Vegas is also the first several world bets the king, he took three world to bet the king continually, but afterward probably what happened, his money all contributed, but he also arrived at Las Vegas to go to work.

He now is the chief manager in Las Vegas, enjoys the stock of Las Vegas. But enters other dealer that comes to here is also the gambling kings from world, they before were regional gambling technique Expert, therefore had the qualifications to come to Las Vegas, when dealer, this time also specifically was responsible for the third competition. Good evening everybody, we invite gambling that everybody knew today five old, is taken the notary public to come notarization competition by their five, therefore everybody can feel relieved carries on the competition, some people take responsibility to you, moreover here everywhere is the monitoring equipment, once some people were reported thousand, we will rebroadcast with the monitoring equipment, everybody can feel relieved that Las Vegas has in the world the most advanced anti- cheat technology, moreover dealer is we are selective, will not present the matter that receives money absolutely, once discovered that the fate has one, then on is the broken corpse.” The general managers in Las Vegas said with everybody. ! The front door opened, five always walked from outside, sees five old times, all people stand up with five always greet. Xia Tian has also stood. Five always arrive at side Xia Tian time has anchored the footsteps: We heard money that your boy will win all did donate China?” Volume! Has such a matter!” Xia Tian awkward flexure scratching the head. Good, does not forget one's origin, diligently, we wait to watch your performance well.” Five always said that walks toward inside, they have not notified anybody again, the world bets king Rowsey not to have. This has to reexamine had Xia Tian. Just started is the world bets king's standing like little brother before him, now unexpectedly five old also on own initiative notify him, this had the face simply, all people started to guess that who he was. Wang Bing is surprised of face, she can look at five old status definitely is very honored, but five old unexpectedly greeted with Xia Tian on own initiative, but has not notified other people.

„!” The general managers in Las Vegas coughed lightly two: It seems like this time is really blustery, came that many nameless Expert, after the discussion, we decided that the Lasiweijia super gambling house changes to for five years one time, but the custom of gambling house must change.” Five years one time! Hears here time all people to think that the gambling establishment in Las Vegas was insane? Before was annual, they can also sweep across various types of funds wantonly, but their unexpectedly said that now was five years one time, baffled them not to make money? Custom is, the fund that regardless of you bring has many, the chip has many, must lose all has been able to leave from here, even if the final final is also same, if the time arrived, is you have not lost all front money, so long as your Qian Shu was up, that also calculates to lose, the money of all people all give that winner.” General managers in Las Vegas such remarks. All people have all held breath cold air. They understand finally why Las Vegas needs five years to conduct one time, they such do, five years of one year of income in top, moreover can create a super God of Gamblers. This person will bet the goals of all people, then next five years of time, Las Vegas will certainly come a large quantities of person and a large quantities of money. However the issue came, finally is many of winning, how is to win few? Everybody was certainly having doubts, won won little has no way to weigh, moreover this did not conform to the custom of gambling was right, I explain to everybody now, the distance competition final five minutes of that game, all people must the show-hand, so long as your money were not over two times of opposite party, if you lost, represented all loses, if your fund were over two times of opposite party, that can be overtime a game, if there is a person to act smart, thinks that many belt money, just started on does not detain, on finally, that I must tell you, such. Does also loses, consecutively five not with the person regards as eliminates.” The managers in Las Vegas said. Ruthless, good ruthless Ah! Xia Tian to admire new of Las Vegas gambling establishment to be well-mannered.