Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1141

Xia Tian understood, the gambling establishment in Las Vegas this time must create a super gambling king, who has won, he will win in this world the most large amount wealth, does not lose all cannot walk, this custom makes all person hearts startled. Lost has been equal to losing all. Moreover after this custom announced that definitely some people wanted to come in least money, was 100 million dollars, but such does is obviously impossible. Because they said the following custom a moment ago. That custom is whose money are many, who gets the advantage. Previous betting Wang altogether has won 20 billion dollars, but this gambling king must win more than ten million dollars. The previous time 20 billion gambling establishments can only pull out 3 billion drawing bonus, but this time feared them to extract tens of billions drawing bonus. If everybody does not have what objection, that competition must start, show-hand, ten people of one table, naturally, if you have the objection, can walk from this gate, then discussed with outside these people.” General manager light saying of Las Vegas. All people understood. This is telling everybody, you agree to stay behind, did not agree that walks. Although this new custom sounds very harshly, but now majority of people very excited, because this custom is representing them, if became the world bets the king, they really became the super rich people. Each arrived here person, definitely bets the title and to win money of king for the world comes, they also from world bet Wang He Expert, therefore they do not think one will lose. They think that final victory belongs their. But these rich and powerful people believe that here has such advanced anti- cheat technology, moreover so many super dealer, definitely nobody can leave cheat here, these gambling technique Expert are the technology excellent does not dare to use here. The luck of therefore every so often putting together. They can start an undertaking to make one's own way, this is in itself the big destiny. Therefore they also think one is a God's favored one, this final victory belongs their.

Because is holding such idea, therefore nobody flinches, not only nobody flinches, but also some people started the add-on funds. All people all start to extract their position, after Xia Tian has extracted own position, sit on their seat directly. Custom is very simple, loses all oneself all money, everyone has the opportunity of two add-on funds, in other words your money are more, your exceed may win, let's work hard together !, the world bets the title of king to be away from you to have the one pace.” The managers in Las Vegas said loudly. Wang Bing sits in audience area at this time watches. She has never seen such big scene, although before her, has seen many rich men, but was not all rich men can say that took billions dollars with billions dollars. They need to leverage. Therefore many times they could not take how much money. But these people who now she sees are the rich men. Some people said that only then the poor person is greedy, saw that money cannot dominate, but the fact is just the opposite, these rich men greedy, they saw money time can not give a thought to the same place. Ding-dong dāng! The gambling house started. The Xia Tian this table of ten person front chips of are many, Xia Tian looked, his these 500 million chips are least, others are more than him. Here altogether 20 tables, in other words 200 people participate, in the hand only takes 100 million dollars chip has 50 people probably, but not in Xia Tian this table. In this situation, as if Qian Shao must be despised to be the same. At this time these people all despise Xia Tian, that are only more than 10 million dollars person the vision that uses to despise to look at Xia Tian Xia Tian. What Xia Tian their this tables is male dealer.

The technique that he shuffles is good, although washes to the angles of all people, but sign unexpectedly are moving, they know arrives here definitely has many Expert, can record the sign naturally also has, therefore their here dealer shuffle techniques are to let you are unable to record the sign. Regardless of you strong Expert, definitely cannot see the sign that he shuffles, moreover their techniques are also extra-superior. Please cut the sign!” dealer said. First Xia Tian is top-quality, sign that therefore he cuts. He cut away first directly. Afterward dealer starts to deal. Two, the Xia Tian sign surface is smallest, is hearts three. Yeah, does not know what Expert really you calculate, five old notified you, but you cut sign unexpectedly only to make hearts to yourself three.” Saying that immediately some people disdain. Although on their mouths said that but they know that this definitely has not closed with Xia Tian, the manpower law of but shuffling was too excellent. This also made them feel relieved. Person who shuffles is fiercer on exceed can show that their exceed has the opportunity to win. Because these gambling technique Expert were restrained, they can win by the luck, they to their luck may be unusual satisfied. I am spade A, I spoke, 10 million dollars.” That person throws 10 million chips very at will. Comes up on such violence, thus it can be seen today will certainly be one slaughters. One unexpectedly nobody abandons sign, followed, then arrives at Xia Tian. 500 million dollars!” Xia Tian has pushed in front of 500 million dollars directly.

Humph! Saw the Xia Tian shuttle, all people all gawked, his hearts small three unexpectedly dared the shuttle, this was plays the role of the pig to eat the tiger obviously, two signs, he most greatly was also one pair three. Snort, wants to fool me, I with you.” Xia Tian below family cold snort, has pushed front chip directly 500 million dollars. Although these people do not care about Xia Tian, but the sign surface of several people are quite big, therefore finally only then two continued to detain with Xia Tian, one was the spade A sign surface, one was the hearts K sign surface. Xia Tian has used X-Ray Vision to see, their cards in a hand separately are A and K. In other words they are to A and to K. Therefore they dare with. Afterward dealer continued to deal, comes up Xia Tian on the shuttle, another two also started to keep, quick, the sign sent. Now the Xia Tian sign surface is hearts 3. 5. 7. 9 are suitable. Under him the family is sign surface pair of K, pair of Q, another is pair of A and pair of J. Ha Ha, your same flower along in my this.” That takes the hearts J People to lift that sign with a smile. I crossed.” Three K that person said. My shuttle.” A that sign surface pair of A person said that he knows one must win, the Xia Tian same flower is suitable in his hands, the Xia Tian below family most greatly is also three K, therefore he won. Xia Tian did not have the chip, therefore automatic. I do not believe you am three A, I followed.” Xia Tian Xia Family has lifted own card in a hand directly, three K to Q.