Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1144

Their signs are A and K, Xia Tian do not use the X-Ray Vision eye also to guess correctly that separately the card in a hand of opposite party, these two criminals have gambled the biggest taboo, looks angry happily! Can start to detain to pour.” dealer said that a moment ago Xia Tian their detaining note way was not regular, therefore their detaining notes did not keep a promise. That two people have shown the self-confident smiling face. The signs in their hand separately are to K and to A, therefore their this has filled self-confidently, head two can attain the biggest pair, this is the good luck omen. All detains!” To A results to say directly. I with!” Said to K that person that they have prepared to spell with Xia Tian. They unite in this point, came up to detain, Xia Tian did not enrage them a moment ago, now was good, they decided that started to detain. This time all detains them to have the self-confidence. They all are the provocation looks at Xia Tian. Abandoned!” A Xia Tian sign buckle, he had seen with X-Ray Vision, these two person finally can attain three A, but he can only take one pair, therefore this time he not with. Abandoned the sign! Heard Xia Tian to say after abandoned sign, that two people gawked, they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly abandoned the sign. Imposing manner that full Xia Tian unexpectedly directly abandoned the sign a moment ago. They noticed that Xia Tian unexpectedly also recognized has instigated, was happy immediately, before they by the Xia Tian imposing manner suppressing, currently finally has the opportunity to leave this foul odor. Boy, you a moment ago were not very good?” Is, is wild, but also shouted all detains, how now to recognize instigates?” Saying of that two person hurried ridicules.

Xia Tian has not spoken, he clearly knows that must lose, how possibly to detain, these two people thorough fainting the brains, Xia Tian had not said anything now, following more than ten Xia Tian abandoned. After Xia Tian abandoned these more than ten, these two people can be said as powerful. They think that now Xia Tian has recognized thoroughly has instigated, before Xia Tian was frightening them, now saw that they dare to detain, Xia Tian definitely feared. Therefore they are also unusual unities, a person wins one. They are waiting new five. That that forcing Xia Tian has to detain. 50,000!” They have been used to it, although, because all detained lost were many, but another person lost intentionally gives back to him , he they were really the unusual peace, something people in normal gambling establishment will not believe others, was they actually unusual tacit understanding, because they had a common enemy, they currently has 350,000, had 170,000. Following two, their money already average, a person 270,000, a person 250,000. That 20,000 are Xia Tian loses. All detains!” That person came one to detain once more. They think that Xia Tian thoroughly has not dared to detain with them now, therefore their your I start all detained. Followed.” At this moment Xia Tian said suddenly. Heard Xia Tian to say followed time, that person gawked immediately, he has been familiar with this type to detain, he has even formed to be used to it, has not gone to look that the card in a hand all detained. But Xia Tian this followed unexpectedly, that person looks at own card in a hand hurriedly, after looking at own card in a hand, he relaxed finally. He nodded to another person, that person looked at an own card in a hand, then abandoned the sign. This person planned that spells with Xia Tian Xia Tian. The meaning that he nods is own sign is good.

Another people Qi is own sign is not good. Snort, you did not make the turtle finally.” That person of cold snort said. Xia Tian has not spoken, his sign surface is one five, the sign surface of opposite party is J. Continues to deal!” That person saw that Xia Tian did not answer, his continuation makes dealer deal. Since the opposite party did not have the chip, dealer also started to deal fast. Quick, their signs have sent. That person of sign surface is three J, but the Xia Tian sign surface is three five, when sees such sign, a smiling face of that person of face, he now already thorough was excited, because his card in a hand is J. In other words he is four J, but the Xia Tian sign surface is three five, regardless of his card in a hand were any he loses. You lost, boy, making you wild, you also really think what gambling king were one? I told you, this time I must make you lose unusual was miserable.” That person of excited saying. He is very really excited, he finally Xia Tian winning, although Xia Tian is impossible not to lose 600,000 all of a sudden, but after having entered this, Xia Tian also merely remaining 400,000. At this time he already excited was serious. This feeling makes him very crisp, has constrained such a long time competition, they had the opportunity to dump tray finally, another person also disdained looks at Xia Tian, they think that now Xia Tian was just the luck was a moment ago good. Otherwise is impossible to win that many. However a person impossible luck to be forever good. This Xia Tian luck did not have him to be good, he was four J, Xia Tian was changes the results, was impossible to win him. Your small too early?” Xia Tian has lifted own card in a hand: I am four five.” Four five! This was not small.

But when that person sees Xia Tian four five, the happy expression on face was thicker. Ha Ha Ha Ha, you lost, this is very miserable, I who you lose am four J.” That person has lifted own card in a hand directly. That person was waiting for others' worship and cheered the sound, was after a while, did not have the cheers. Your this clearly is three J, I won.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Em?” That person hears the Xia Tian words, a brow slightly wrinkle, looks at own sign hurriedly, his card in a hand unexpectedly is Q, is this possible? He remembers obviously one are J, but his present unexpectedly turned into Q. Leaves thousand! His first impression is the opposite party leaves cheat. He leaves thousand, I must consider him, he leaves cheat.” That person angry saying. Fool, is not I leaves thousand, but was in your hand dyed, therefore you played cards will feel that what one saw was J, actually your card in a hand was Q.” Xia Tian light saying. No. Is impossible, I must examine monitoring, I request to examine to monitor.” That People sound shouts. Examination monitoring needs 100 million dollars, you determined that can look?” dealer inquired. „, Is he cheats certainly.” That person of angry shouting, he thinks that Xia Tian has certainly cheated, otherwise his card in a hand is impossible to turn into Q. Good, Manager, here some people need to examine the monitoring.” dealer was saying to the earphone directly.